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Tuesday 15 June 2010

Posted by The Coach on June 14th, 2010

3-3-3-3-3 reps
1 x 15 reps

Post loads to comments

Five rounds for time of:
Muscle-Up, 5 reps
60kg Power Clean, 10 reps
Run, 200m

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21 Responses to “Tuesday 15 June 2010”

  1. kate said

    aaaaahhhh what a nice photo. 🙂
    I haven’t been in to The Cell lately as I have been struggling with the flu. Ugly, ugly, nasty, nasty virus. I may have proclaimed a couple of times in my more dramatic moments, “that people die from this!” (Yes Storm the princess title might be fitting).
    Today I am feeling somewhat better and longing (not too strong a word) to get back to training although it is a while off yet.
    Lessons to be learned from an illness.
    1.Mostly that we are very very lucky to be fit healthy people, with the ability to reach our potential. If it is taken away for just a little while it is keenly felt.
    2. On the same note as Bliss (from yesterday), patience is a virtue and something we need to practice. Sometimes we are forced to practice.
    3. Let your body heal and rest. Sleep has been a wonderful medicine.
    4. Enjoy the soccer world cup while you can 🙂

    I hope everyone is training hard.
    k X

  2. Elliot said

    killer smile jas

  3. The Cell said

    I usually say a lot, and most of it, for the most is what most again would consider garbage. Today I simply say, I miss you Kate, You summed it up nicely. Get better as I know you will…



    PS. Jas, what a beautiful macleans smile you have.. HAHA!

  4. Steve said

    Kate- you must have that dreaded womanflu I’ve been hearing so much about…

    It can be pretty nasty; I think Stef had it not too long ago!

    All jokes aside, get well soon…

  5. Jase said

    That’s my, where’s Wally, there he is! grin :-p

    On the subject of bugs and colds, I’m still coughing about 4-5 weeks after getting a bug! First one in about 3 years and it’s hammered me.

    Jase 🙂

  6. Pete Yeates said

    WU = Dynamic mobility, Squat x 5 @ 15, 15, 45, 65kg.

    Squat 85kg x 3, 95 x 2, 100 x 1, 102.5 x 1, 95 x 3, 95 x 3, 95 x 3.

    Double Kettlebell Press 5,5,5,5,5 @ 12, 16, 20, 20, 20kg

    Handstand wall runs 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, Interspersed with
    6 x Inverted Ring Pullups (these are way fun 🙂 )

  7. Bliss said

    Oh Coach Kate!!!!

    I’m sorry you are unwell. Hurry back! I want to show you my new pullup 😉

    hey…just a thought…have you been to see Dr Pete? He is a miracle worker in my family. The herbal tonic will quite possibly be the most vile thing you have ever tasted but…let me tell you, it works EVERY time…

  8. Adam Piller said

    not strong this morning but wod went ok.

    deadlifts 120,135,150,165,180 then 15 @ 70kg

    wod as rxd 15.20mins i think

    good work by all this morning in the rain. tested the grip on the muscle ups towards the end. good mix up with the weather!!

  9. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    4mins rowing
    2mins airdyne
    4mins step up on 21″ box
    Mobility drills between

    Backsquats (in running flats)
    Practice and warm up on high bar back squat
    5×5 @ 95kg – 85% of 5RM
    1×20 @ 77.5kg – 70% of 5RM

    FOR TIME of:
    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
    120kg Deadlift
    5-4-3-2-1-1-2-3-4-5 reps of:
    Bar muscle ups
    TIME = 10.20min

    10mins Handstand practice


    All muscle ups were unbroken except the last set. Form was evenly distributed through shoulders and hips for most reps, some were favoring the right side.



    PS. Great work by morning crews today, really coming strong with those power cleans! Super happy!

  10. Tracy said

    Kate – congrats and get better soon! This was my first wod back from a week off in Brisbane. Did it on about 3.5hrs of sleep – think body is missing the endorphins from crossfitting!

    I’m babysitting for a week (3x kids) and just wanted to shout out to all of you Crossfitting Parents – YOU ROCK! (hence my first 5:30am class – only time to fit it in!)

    3-3-3-3-3 reps

    40kg – 1 x 15 reps

    Five rounds for time of:
    Muscle-Up progressions, 5 reps
    24.5kg Power Clean, 10 reps (I LOVE powercleans!)
    Run, 200m

    Time: 14:38min

    Loved running in the rain – reminded me of Vancouver! Rain or shine training is apparently good for wrinkle prevention. 😉

  11. Travis said

    5×3 @ 70,80,85,90,95kg
    1×15 @ 70kg

    Five rounds for time of:
    Muscle-Up progressions, 5 reps
    40kg Power Clean, 10 reps
    Run, 200m

    Time = 13:04

    Felt a bit flat today, I think the combination of a strenuous 5 hour dirtbike ride on Sunday and not eating enough over the weekend have dropped my energy levels. Another PB in the deadlifts though, feeling comfortable with these. Really enjoyed the running in the rain! Have a good Tuesday everyone!

  12. Nicole said

    deadlifts 3x3x3x3x3 then 15×70% max
    40-50-62.5-72.5-80 Pb + 55kg x 15

    Muscle Ups 5reps scaled
    Power Cleans 30kg x 10 reps
    Run 200m
    TIME: 11:37
    Great work Guys and Gals… Rain was refreshing 😉
    Time to place my energy into practicing, getting to know & breaking down mechanics of some of the movements untill Im unconsciously competent with them & more efficient… BUT most importantly of all Da Da DAA …… SOME BASIC MATHS PRACTICE… haha, so my random estimates of 70% is actually a true 70% … sure all coaches will be happy with this last goal.

  13. The Cell said

    Great to see you all posting your thoughts and experiences! This is super important to your growth and helping others understand where they are at…



  14. Rhys said

    WOD 1
    24kg Double KB PP 10-8-6-4-2
    Burpees after PP 20 reps
    Time 9:43

    5 Mins Rest

    WOD 2
    Cycle 500m
    20 Wall Ball
    Time 9:56

    I hadn’t done burpees since my ankle(which is still recovering) so glad to get back into them. I always wish had I moved faster upon reflection. On a better note! I try to pay for coffee breaks and meals throughout the day with push ups. I chose push ups because they needed improvment, starting at 25 a couple of months ago though
    eing pretty lazy with it. This week I have started doing 35 before a meal/break so in time 40 and so on.

    Get well Kate, and Bliss press, push up, pull up, muscle up?, as Kate said patience is a virtue. But damn I wana run and double under!!!

  15. Rhys said

    Just discovered I am doing an L sit pass through to elbow lever… Just cant get that press out yet so must continue with planche progression 🙂

  16. michelle said

    Warm up: stretch, vocal cord exercises, vuvuzela technique work, 1km walk from drop-off point to Soccer City

    WOD: AMRAP 90min
    Screams in support of the Danish team
    Frowns when the Netherlands come anywhere near the goal
    Mexican wave
    Hoots on the vuvuzela in support of great soccer

    Total = too many to count 🙂 (even though Denmark lost)

  17. Adam Piller said

    PM session

    4km run then 2.5 hours muay thai – pads, grapling, sparring, abs, bag work

  18. Bliss said

    3-3-3-3-3 reps

    70kg – 1 x 15 reps – this was tough!

    Five rounds for time of:
    Muscle-Up progressions, 5 reps – the swing type
    20kg – KB swings,10 reps
    Row, 200m


  19. Storm said

    Get well Kate


  20. Mary-Anne said

    One of my favourite WODs to date…
    WARM UP:
    10 step up racked KB 8kg / 10KB swings / 10 renegade man makers
    x 2 rounds.

    Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps 60-65-70-77.5- 85kg PB.
    1 x 15 reps @ 60kg

    WOD: Five rounds for time of:
    Muscle-Up, 5 reps (prgoression)
    30kg Power Clean, 10 reps
    Run, 200m

    Time = 13.55 mins

    I loved it.

  21. Elliot said

    5×3 @ 20,25,30,35,40kg
    1×15 @ 30kg

    Five rounds for time of:
    Muscle-Up progressions, 5 reps
    still on 1st progression, need to challenge myself more with these

    40kg Power Clean, 10 reps
    still on minimum weight to master technique. 20kg
    Run, 200m
    run would be more difficult when onto real weight with cleans


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