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Wednesday 09 June 2010

Posted by The Coach on June 8th, 2010

For time:
24kg Snatch, 20 reps each arm
Run, 200m
24kg Clean, 20 reps each arm
Sandbag Carry, 100m
24kg Snatch, 15 reps each arm
Run, 200m
24kg Clean, 15 reps each arm
Sandbag Carry, 100m
24kg Snatch, 10 reps each arm
Run 200m
24kg Clean, 10 reps each arm
Sandbag Carry, 100m
24kg Snatch, 5 reps each arm
run 200m
24kg Clean, 5 reps each arm
Sandbag Carry, 100m

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17 Responses to “Wednesday 09 June 2010”

  1. Storm said


    Except for the run this is right up your alley…..descending sets.

  2. Bliss said

    Oh yes…Most everything I love.
    Descending sets…:)

  3. Adam Piller said

    yeehah this looks like a heap of fun and games!!

  4. michelle said

    Hi guys!! I’m having a great time in S.Africa, although I seem to have missed a couple of great WODs 🙂

    Last Saturday I ran the Big Five half marathon at Entabeni private game reserve amongst the lions and rhino, so here’s a brief race report:

    We started off at about 0815, and the first 4km was a pretty easy run, steadily uphill over a dirt track in African savannah surroundings. Unfortunately, the next 2.5km was not as easy – downhill at a 45 degree angle. My quads were screaming by the time I got to the bottom. Next up was 3km of flat running in soft sand before the real treat – 2.5km back up the side of the mountain. I don’t think anyone managed to run this. We gained 600m in elevation over the 2.5km. To finish the race, the route took us through 9km of rolling track covered in loose stones, which made it very difficult to keep your footing.

    I finally made it to the end in 3hrs 7min (!) feeling exhausted and with cramping calf muscles. This placed me 17th out of 30-something women. It was an amazing experience, the setting was beautiful and the sensation of running amongst impala, wildebeest and warthogs was awesome.

    Train hard, and I’ll see you all when I get back!

  5. Lisa said

    That sounds so amazing Michelle! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you’re back 🙂

  6. Storm said

    Fantastic Effort Michelle, keep up your mintness.

  7. The Cell said

    I feel MINTOX is more appropriate to describe your efforts Michelle! Take care, be safe and absorb all the scenery and energy of Africa…



  8. Jane said

    Well done Michelle sounds like an awesome race for an awesome crossfitter 🙂

    3rd day at Crossfit Sydney
    row 30cals
    20kg thruster x 30
    pull ups x 30
    16kg KB swing x 30
    row 20cals
    25kg thruster x 20
    pull ups x 20
    16kg KB swing x 20
    row 10cals
    27.5kg thruster x 10
    pull ups x 10
    16kg KB swing x 10
    19mins 57secs

    this was a good WOD really enjoyed it and managed to finish 3rd overall 🙂

  9. Tereena said

    WOW Michelle!! That sounds so cool!!!!!!! Amazing effort:)

  10. Will F said

    Warmup – Skipping, KB Mobility Complex, Mobility, KB Snatch practice.

    WOD – 16KG KB, 17.36.

    Stuffed up on the 1st round and did a 200m sand bag carry, just made me even more awesome 😉

  11. Adam Piller said

    Will, you put the ‘awes’ in ‘awes’

  12. Pete Yeates said

    WU = Skipping, KB Mobility Complex, KB Snatch practice.

    WOD as Rx’d = 18:10

    This WOD was fun 🙂

    Finisher = 100 x pushup / elbow pushup position hovers (2 count)

    Michelle, what a fantastic adventure you are having, I wish I could also run with the Lions.

  13. The Cell said

    Warm up
    100cal on airdyne
    mobility drills
    2 x Burgener Warm up

    40kg Bar (1 x Power clean + 1 x Thruster + 1 x Back Squat + 1 x Behind neck Push press) x5
    1 x rope ascent no feet
    20 cal Airdyne

    REST 2-4mins

    45kg Bar (1 x Squat Clean + 1 x Push press + 1 x Back squat + 1 x Behind the neck Push press) x5
    1 x rope ascent no feet
    20 x 21″ Box jump

    REST 2-4mins

    50kg Bar (1 x Power clean + 1 x Front squat + 1 x Push press + 1 x Back squat + 1 x behind the neck push press) x5
    1 x rope ascent no feet
    20 x push ups

    REST 2-4mins

    55kg Bar (1 x power clean + 1 x Thruster + 1 x back squat + 1 x behind the neck push press) x5
    1 x rope ascent no feet
    20 x 32kg russian swing

    REST 2-4mins

    60kg Bar (1 x Squat clean + 1 x Push press + 1 x Back squat + 1 x behind the neck push press) x5
    1 x rope ascent no feet
    20 x cal on rower


    * We did not rest much at all within the BB complex, not quite touch and go, but VERY close, followed by a quick scale then whatever explosive movement was at hand! Had the opportunity to train with Steve today! Was great mixing it up with the elite, it is not often you rub shoulders with the big boys, when you do you are definitely humbled! Good session brother! Thank you!


  14. Steve said

    Had the privilege of training with the fittest bloke in the state today (Counting that weghted pull-up from the games). Was a tough session, something different but a lot of fun…

    Good work from the lunchtime crew today…. Bliss, your attitude and effort today on one leg was fantastic, and you will heal that much faster because of it. Toughness has nothing to do with physical size or strength, it truly is a mindset. Just like the body needs training to reach its potential, so to does that attitude. Bring it with you every time you train. Otherwise we may as well just take the dogs for a walk and then go sit on the couch.

  15. gus said

    squat: 3x5x112.5 – happy with this… have never squatted that weight before even for 1RM (looking forward to saying this every session now!)

    press: 45kg 5-3-3. Had a bit of a blow out on press, probably tried to progress too fast, but i don’t have 0.5kg plates yet

    clean: 3x5x65kg… happy with getting through all the reps at that weight but the sets weren’t fluent enough to really be sets of 5

  16. Anthony said

    Hey great to see you having a blast Michelle. Awesome effort!

    WU = Skipping, KB Mobility Complex

    WOD scaled to 16kg KB = pretty sure less than 17 mins? I forgot to record time again. too busy catching up with Vicki and Willow.

    Finisher = 100 x pushup / elbow pushup position hovers (2 count)
    broken into 20/20/10’s for the remainder. Quads caning from Monday’s tabata squats after 2 weeks of no training whatsoever.

    really enjoyed today, this was a fun WOD to do. 16kg was perfect weight for me to be fluid and unbroken. I will have a crack at 20kg next time.

    Anth 🙂

  17. Adam Piller said

    Sweet wod today!!! Got to train by myself tonight which meant storm was playing crossfit Nazi on me!!!

    As rxd 15.42

    did the finisher in 5’s and 10’s coz sore from push ups on Monday and the wod nailed me aswell!!!

    Good work all!!!

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