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Sunday 06 June 2010

Posted by The Coach on June 5th, 2010

I do not think the measure of a civilisation is how tall its buildings of concrete are, but rather how well its people have learned to relate to their environment and fellow living being. Sun Bear of the Chippewa Tribe.


5 Responses to “Sunday 06 June 2010”

  1. Jason said

    I attended a course during the week entitled “The most effective leader on the planet” The course teaches you to have balance and symmetry in your life. Balance between personal and professional and symmetry in that all important categories within those two parts are constantly moving forward. One of the things you do for each of these categories is to define a 1 year outcome. I would like to share with you all, my outcome in my health and fitness category or “Jumping out of my skin”

    “The date is March 2011 my shirt is off and I lift the bar over my head for the final time, and with that secure my place in the Crossfit regional finals. The crowd is characterised by head shaking and disbelief in what I have achieved over the 2 days. I can’t help but smile especially when I look at Nicole and the kids in the crowd clapping and cheering.”

    I am extremely grateful to be able to share this journey with you all.

    No excuses now!

  2. The Cell said

    Brilliant Jason! Hope to be an integral part of that! Honored that you are sharing your thoughts, aspirations and wisdom! Your clear sense of direction will be inspirational to many and I have no doubt that you will achieve all you aim for.

    Training today:
    50min run, run includes the following:
    25min road and beach running
    2mins sprint / 2min walk (recover)
    12min run +
    1min uphill backwards sprint
    Walking recovery – 500m

    On the minute every minute complete 20 push ups

    10min Handstand practice


    *Pushed the run a little today and felt better than before, as i have seemed to have lost touch with my longer distance running of late. Have briefly been discussing with Steve running and it place in performance and conditioning. I value it highly, whether it is being able to run effectively over 50m, 400m, 3km, 10km or whatever in whatever manner. We are constantly on our feet, we must be efficient in our movement patterns when it comes to this, we should be able to sprint up hills, on awkward terrain, difficult conditions, sprint some, steady some, run with weight, run without. Various combination’s will only make us stronger and better! The more I run, the better I feel I am becoming, the better I become the more I enjoy the difficulty and the head space running places me in…

    Have a great time in England Jas and Carol, be safe and post your training (if you are doing any, which I am sure you will) whilst over there! Train HARD!!!



  3. Rhys said

    G’day Gang,
    Rolling into melbourne today looking forward to more thanthan 5-6 hrs sleep. The second day out after 5 hours broken sleep I got up at 3 started work, at lunch snuck in a WOD.

    3 RFT
    25 25kg sand bag get ups
    25 Pull ups
    25 24kg KB American Swings
    19:35 (pretty slow)

    Finally made it to bed that day at 1am… then up at 6 🙂 I also got some funny looks yesterday when I was beating up some shot mats with a sledge hammer then dragging it accross the deck with 30kg on it. On the plus side i’m finding KB swings are getting easier, therefore do more. Thinking up different types of WODs of varying times and intensity can be complicated so I think I should think less, it shouldn’t be complicated, it should be fun and painful, I’ll just do whatever…

    Catch yas 🙂

  4. The Cell said

    Rhys, champion efforts mate. I would not say your time was too slow brother! Great efforts, keep it moving. Will have to give that one a crack, I like it!

    Be safe and keep posting!!!


  5. Pete Yeates said

    Just took it easy with training today, mainly worked on form.

    Squat x 5 @ 15, 15, 45, 65, 65, 65, 65, 65kg

    Snatch, about 20 singles @ 15 & 25kg

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