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Monday 31 May 2010

Posted by The Coach on May 30th, 2010

Overhead Squat
5-5-5 reps
1 x 15 reps
Focus is on form. Do not concern yourself with load.

3 rounds for time of:
Double Under, 50 reps
25kg Sandbag Carry, 200m.
Row, 300m

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19 Responses to “Monday 31 May 2010”

  1. Storm said

    AAAAWWWWHHHHH the cutest crossfitter ever.

  2. gus said

    so andrew has been usurped from the top position then, storm?

  3. Storm said

    One of our crew will be away for some months due to work, his presence will be missed.

    It has been great coaching you Rhys your energy and enthusiasm has made it a pleasure.
    I know you will keep up your training and will no doubt show us when you return a few new moves.
    Stay safe my young friend keep posting and continue to join in the banter as you usually do.

    Dont forget to email Jason photo’s of the exotic locations or wierd spots you can pull a handstand.


  4. Storm said


    By the time you return Willow will be swinging that bell…..

  5. Bliss said

    See ya Rhys. Good luck and stay safe.

    It’s always a pleasure training with you.



  6. Andrew said

    gus – willow has more hair so guess i lose out on the cutness quotient…

  7. Rhys said

    Thanks guys I’m definetly going to miss The Cell, i have the fitness standards printed off and a few other goals to aim for and knock over plus a few workout ideas. My jobs not as exciting as Dans or Steves but several weeks at sea gets boring.

    Seeyas one day in september.

  8. Biljana said

    Good Luck Rhys!! Look forward to seeing your smiling face back at The Cell. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Willow – Just cute as!!

  9. Elle said

    Little willow is soooooo adorable! She’ll be swinging that KB around before we know it. Will have to get her a teeny tiny “Cell” t-shirt too!

  10. Jase said

    Great work by all the Cell crew at the CrossFit level 1 on the weekend. It was a looong, tiring weekend, but you all performed extremely well. A draining day 1 was finished with Fran and an even more tiring day 2 finished with a pretty tough exam. We know how to mess with people in CrossFit.

    This was the first time in Australia, the level 1 has been assessable and even I had to do it!

    Good job guys, it was a pleasure being there with you all.

    Jase :-p

  11. The Cell said


    Warm up: Skipping practice, mobility, Burgener warm up x 3 (b/stick x 1, tech bar x 2)

    Strength: Overhead Squat
    5-5-5 @ 37.5kg
    1 x 15 @ 32.5kg – man, this made my wrists hurt!

    WOD as Rx’d

    Time = 12.17

    Took my ages to recover from the last row – Andrew was hot on my heels going into the last row, and I really gave it everything I had. Nearly puked ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. andrew said

    Thats the effect I normally have on women… ๐Ÿ™‚

    WU – skipping, mobility, burgener x 3

    OHS – 5/5/5/15 x 15kg

    WOD – must have been 12:20 something

    I got my Buddy lee rope but need to adjust for length (for once too long) and then i will be invincible on DU’s (or maybe not…)

  13. Pete Yeates said

    WU = Skipping, Mobility, Skipping, Burgener x 3, OHS x 5 @ 20, 30, 40kg.

    OHS 5,5,5 @ 47.5kg
    OHS x 15 @ 40kg

    WOD as Rxโ€™d = 10:30

  14. Vicki said

    I cannot begin to tell you how great it is to be back ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have to scale a bit SO:
    Bergener warmup with broomstick
    OHS broomstick then
    15 push ups (knees but aiming to graduate!)
    100mt sandbag carry 15kg
    15 calories on Airdyne


    Good luck to Michelle for her upcoming epic adventure ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Will F said

    Got to love copy and paste from a mobile phone ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Warm up: Skipping practice, mobility, Burgener warm up x 3 (b/stick x 1, tech bar x 2)

    Strength: Overhead Squat
    5-5-5 @ 20kg
    1 x 15 @ 15kg – this was easier than the 5’s

    WOD as Rxโ€™d

    Time = 14.10 – slow on the bag runs and got my new rope which I’m getting use to…doesn’t have the same flick as the old, but the bearings are schweet!

  16. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    1000m row / mobility drills
    20min Handstand practice / butterfly kip progressions / paralette work / wall runs

    Max sandbag get ups in 10mins with 30kg bag
    REPS = 80

    5-5-5 @ 70kg
    1×15 @ 55kg

    Jingle jangles with a 11kg weight vest (not touching the floor with hand)
    TOTAL REPS = 153 reps

    Cool down


  17. Biljana said

    Thanks for the comments re. the Level 1 Cert Jase

    The Level 1 Cert was a tough but awesome experience!! Challenging, intense, intimidating with the test but very informative and a great opportunity to mix it up with others from our our Perth CrossFit community.

    I had a great time with my Cell Mates and got to experience some awesome coaching from a variety of Australian & International Coaches. It made me stop and reflect how lucky we all are that all of our coaches at The Cell are equally as talented and as highly skilled as those I was fortunate to work with on the weekend.

    If you’ve thought about doing the course – do it next time it comes around. The Level 1 Cert isn’t just for those who aspire to’s so much more. I went to do the Level 1 Cert to improve my skills and technique as an athlete and I definately gained some invaluable tips, refined my skills and experienced some awesome moments. (Unashamedly ran into Commando Steve in the toilets and asked for his autograph and to have a photo with him later in the day! LOL!!)

    Looking forward to hitting it out back at the gym with a renewed energy and enthusiasm and catching up with all of you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Luke F-J said

    Warm up: Skipping practice, mobility, Burgener warm up x 3

    Strength: Overhead Squat
    5-5-5 @ 50kg
    1 x 15 @ 30kg

    WOD as Rxโ€™d but with a 30kg bag.

    Time =11 mins flat

    Happy with this even managed to get the first set of double unders unbroken.

  19. Kenno said

    3×5 @ 50,55,60kg
    1×15 @ 40kg

    WOD as Rx’d

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