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Sunday 23 May 2010

Posted by The Coach on May 22nd, 2010

Something to ponder…

We often wander through life asking questions of what is life like for others out there? Those who take tremendous risks, in order to help others to live a better life. Or those whose lives are truly in despair,whose basic needs are not met. We should perhaps often think how blessed we are to live in a space where our lifestyles are enhanced (to a large degree, but not in fullness) by the society we are a part of. Sure no society is perfect, but for the vast majority of us in this space our basic necessities of life are at hands reach, now that is something to be thankful for… SS.

Below is a pic of a good friend of ours who lives a different life to most, but seems to know where his inner strength lies…


10 Responses to “Sunday 23 May 2010”

  1. Andrew said

    betcha he doesnt keep his balls in his purse…

  2. Jason said

    According to our friend Maslow, the fact that many of us are in a position to even consider our emotional and self actualisation needs, puts us in a place that others dare not even imagine. And for those who defend those feedoms and afford us the opportuntity to pursue these higher level needs, I am sincerly greatful – Now more so than ever before.

  3. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Dynamic mobility, Back squat x 5 @ 15, 15, 45, 65kg.

    Back squat
    85kg x 3
    95 x 2
    100 x 1
    102.5 x 1
    105 x 1
    107.5 x 1
    110 x 1 (PB) 🙂
    90 x 5
    90 x 5

    I woke up not feeling like exercising this morning, so I lay in bed for about an hour, then my mind was like saying “there is never a day when you can’t squat the bar”, so that’s what I did, then felt alright so kept going to get a PB. 🙂 Yesterday I felt good but failed the 107.5 kg squat, go figure!

  4. The Cell said

    Abraham Maslow is quite good, his hierarchy of needs diagram and philosophy is something I value highly! Does anyone know who the gentlemen in the picture is???


  5. The Cell said

    Jeez, I’d have to hazard a guess, but I won’t as it may burn him 🙂

    Though I did see him carry his balls in a purse once. I let him have a crack at a dealift a bit above where I wanted him and I have it on good authority he spent the next 3 days moaning about his sore back 😉

    Jase 😉

  6. Elle said

    Maslow was onto something: his motivation theory is that human beings are motivated by unsatisfied needs, and that certain lower factors need to be satisfied before higher needs can be satisfied.

    Our general types of needs (physiological, survival, safety, love, and esteem) must be satisfied before a person can act unselfishly.

    He called these needs “deficiency needs.” As long as we are motivated to satisfy these cravings, we are moving towards growth, toward self-actualization. Satisfying needs is healthy, while preventing gratification makes us sick or act evilly……hmmmmmm…..

    By the way, the gentleman in the photo HAS carried his balls in his purse more than once….put him near a spider and you’ll see 😉

  7. gus said

    squat: 3x5x95
    bench: 3x5x57.5
    dead: 1x5x125

    squats were heavy today!

    had to miss open gym session yesterday due to client meetings. ergh. if you’re going to make me work on a saturday, don’t be late!

  8. Andrew said

    elle – maybe those spiders have weapons of mass destruction… 🙂

  9. Storm said

    I am sure we all hope to see that gentleman, who is not that brave around spiders, home safe and sound soon.

    Great picture which depicts so much about who he is……….

  10. Amith said

    Elle, I’m sure the mystery man will have his balls, zumba outfit & hair gel all stowed & squared away correctly ;-0

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