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Friday 21 May 2010

Posted by The Coach on May 20th, 2010

1 x 5 reps

Post load to comments

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
20kg Kettlebell Snatch, 20 reps
21″ Box Jump, 15 reps

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18 Responses to “Friday 21 May 2010”

  1. The Cell said

    Steve, you have thrown down the gauntlet! I will do what you posted yesterday with a 10kg vest on for the first section (Helen). Mate, what a time you pumped out, if I can even get close to that, I will be ecstatic! And the 150 wall balls, enough said, your times are animal!


  2. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = 500m row, then some squats, jump squats, KB swings, pushups, situps, interspaced with mobility. Press x 5 @ 20, 30, 35kg.

    Press x 5 @ 45kg

    WOD scaled to 16kg = 12 rounds + 14 snatches

    Finisher = Muscleup practice.

  3. Steve said

    Stef you will smash it…
    I tried to go nice and hard on the runs, “recover” during the swings, but make sure they are unbroken. The pull ups went 8 and 4 in the first 2 rounds, then 6 + 4 + 2 in the final.
    I have been training a lot with a 15kg vest, so when I put the 10 on I knew it would be quick.

    It also has to be viewed in context; these sort of wods are “my bag baby”, tonight I’ll be back to training things I suck at, which will keep me very busy..

  4. The Cell said

    Sorry to disappoint (again) Steve…

    Warm up
    5min airdyne
    400m jog
    Mobility drills

    Helen with a touch over 10kg in the vest
    21 american 24kg swings
    12 pull ups
    3 RFT
    TIME = 9.09min

    5-7min recovery

    150 x 10kg wall ball for time
    TIME = 8.31min 😦

    Handstand / Muscle up practice / GHD sit ups work

    Helen was all unbroken across all movements and I made a point to have immaculate form through out! I was laughing when I stopped my clock!

    Karen burnt me, I was happy with Helen, not with the wall balls though, disappointed there… On a positive note, though my bar muscle ups are coming along very nicely!!! 🙂

    You are an inspiration Steve, powerful work on those wall balls mate, and Helen!!! I need to get stck in to using the vest more!


  5. michelle said

    Warm up: 500m row, mobility interspersed with 3 x 20 squats, 2 x 10 squat jumps, 2 x 15 pushups, 2 x 10 situps, 2 x 15 American KB Swings

    Strength: Press
    1 x 5 @ 35kg

    WOD: 12 kg KB

    12 rounds and 7 snatches in 20 min.

  6. michelle said

    Oh, and thanks Nicole for taking me through more mobility stuff at the end of the session 🙂

  7. Andrew said

    WU – 1st for the eyesy & brain trying to decipher stef’s handwriting then for the body – squats, jump squats, press ups, KB swings, situps with mobility in between

    Press – 5 x 65 kg

    WOD – as rx’ed 12 rds 20 snatches + 5 box jumps.

    Jumps as usual were whta slowed me down – unlike Pete who is a box jumping machine.

    My hands ripped up (must be cos i had a week off as this is 1st time its happened) which made the last 4 rds a bit painful but hey I dont carry my balls in my purse…

  8. Anthony said

    sorry to bail on you all 5.30 crew. not feeling the best with a cold. Just been burning the candle at both ends for a while and I am run down.

    Anth 🙂

  9. Rhys said

    Hey Rhys you should do 500 KB swings for fun… Ok I will…

    500 24kg American KB swings. If the bell goes to ground 10 pushups
    40 somthing minutes of Joy

    I shouldn’t listen to myself, I’m not the best at them so I needed some practise. I thought my arms were going to drop off. To finish I did 100 unbroken sit ups.

  10. The Cell said

    Great job Rhys. That’s like the day I suggested we do 1000 swings. Fortunately I had clients come in when I got to 750! Stef and Storm went on to 1000. Sometimes we are all just a little stoopid 😉

    After seeing Pete this morning and avoiding training all week due to a man cold, I took my balls out of my purse and manned up for a sesh with the 12 o’clock crew. (great crew by the way, with Storm and Adrian dropping in for a sesh, Kate being her usual “bad girl of Australian women’s hockey” self with mind firmly planted in the gutter and Carole and Luke wondering WTF we were all on! 😉 )

    5RM PB @ 61kg
    Went up easy. Pretty stoked with that as I haven’t pressed in a looong time. Actually I haven’t done anything in a loooong time.

    Scaled up to a 24″ box
    KB as Rx’d
    9 rnds plus 11 snatches.

    Really struggled with breathing due to my sinusitus. But wanted to try and push my body temp up and burn whatever bug is infecting me. Still feeling shite now but will hopefully be all the better for it tomorrow.

    Jase 🙂

  11. The Cell said

    Quote of the day by Capt Smash. Balls in the purse! Does balls in my bum bag fly??? Or must it be the purse???



  12. Andrew said

    Its purse – you should know!!!

    Does that wipe out my burpee penalty for chalking my KB handle w/o water as demonstrated by Steve Kotter??

  13. The Cell said

    Andrew – NO! 😛


  14. Andrew said


    Chalk is integral to maximizing training. You do
    not need to always use it, but use it if you can;
    chalk the handle of the bell and chalk your
    hands thoroughly; don’t leave any openings for
    the sweat to go to; this becomes more
    important the more advanced you get



  15. Will F said

    Warm-up = 400m run, + mobility drills then:
    2×20 airsquat, 2×10 jump squat, 2×15 pushups, 2×10 situps, 3×15 American swings (light) – Mobility between each keeping constant movement.
    Press Warmup

    Press x 5 @ 30kg – went nice a light today, worked on my ‘mind’ – holding focus.

    WOD scaled to 12kg = 9 rounds + 20 pushups + stepups. My lower right hand side back was very sore so I had to back right off 😦

  16. The Cell said

    Andrew my friend, there is a method to chalking a KB handle, failure to follow the correct method results in ineffectual chalking and fcking chalk everywhere! 😉

    Burpees will continue to be awarded to those who fail to follow the basic principles of chalking.

    Jase 😛

  17. Steve said

    Stef- we will have to go head to head on a weighted Helen when I get back…

    I suffered in Karen too… Quads are pretty tender today!

    Saturday mornings I have been heading to the Dandenong ranges to do some weighted and unweighted hill work. Fantastic venue, highly recommend it and its only about 40 mins out of the city. They have a kokoda track there which is probably 4 x the size of kings park kokoda… Solid.
    Just a tip though- when training there in winter, no matter how hard your working on the way up, leave your shirt on. Your sweat will freeze on the way down!

  18. The Cell said

    Stef and Steve, you’re both on! Heavy Helen when Steve is back. I reckon it should be a 32kg Swing though 😉


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