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Thursday 13 May 2010

Posted by The Coach on May 12th, 2010

7 rounds for time of:
Rope Climb, 1 ascent
10kg Wall Ball, 10 reps
10kg Russian Twist, 20 reps
Run, 200M

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10 Responses to “Thursday 13 May 2010”

  1. michelle said

    Sorry to late cancel, guys. I’ve got a cold that’s been hanging around, plus it’s pouring and I don’t think getting soaked through is the best thing right now 😦

    Should be good to go for tomorrow morning’s 0530 outing 🙂

  2. The Cell said

    No prob’s MIchelle. Stef’s struggling with something similar. Bloody planes! 🙂

    Take care

  3. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Dynamic mobility, Back squat x 5 @ 15, 15, 45, 65kg.

    Back squat
    85kg x 3
    95 x 2
    100 x 1
    105 x 1 PB 🙂
    85 x 5
    85 x 5

    Then some gymnastics training:

    10 x Hollow Rocks, 10 x Spinal rolls, 10 x Supermans.

    On the Parallettes:
    10 x Planche progressions (held for 5 seconds), passing through into a L sit (held for 5 seconds), passing back through and extending legs out.

    Then onto the rings:
    10 x Front Lever progressions
    10 x Back Lever progressions

    Back to the floor:
    10 x V Situps, holding for 5 seconds in the V sit position

    Handstand wall runs x 30, 30, 30

  4. Nicole said

    500m row
    mobility drill

    7 rounds for time of:
    Rope Climb, 1 ascent (scaled)
    5kg Wall Ball, 10 reps
    5kg Russian Twist, 20 reps
    Row 200m
    TIME : 18:45

    Was late for session after being locked in by own security gate ;-/ ?? … Grt work everyone !!! ( Im sloowly…. finding the right balance w my depth, control & speed w squats… thank U for your help Jase… Michelle n’ Stef hope your both feeling better really soon. Congratulations again guys on your awsome efforts at the games….

  5. The Cell said

    Good work Nicole, the more you analyze your movement patterns then reflect upon them, the greater insight you will gain regarding the efficiency of how one should move for greatest benefit and how you specifically move for greatest benefit! Keep chugging away, your constant thirst for knowledge will take you to a good place!

    Get better Michelle, I know how you feel!



  6. Tracy Lydiatt said

    Hey gang,

    I am going for a DEXA scan tomorrow to get an in-depth analysis of bone density, fat % and muscle %.

    I’d like to use it as my baseline and am committing to going back to a focused Paleo diet (I find myself drifting away these days…) and to be accountable I’m going to keep a daily food diary. I won’t bore you all with posting my daily diary and just wanted to let you know what I was doing.

    I’m going to give myself 3 months and then go for another scan to see improvements (decreased fat % and increased muscle %).

    Also, there were some mighty tasty Paleo snacks at the fundraiser so if you are willing to share links to recipes again I’d appreciate it!

    So tomorrow I will share my results with you and then again on August 6th~ so I’m challenging myself! If anyone wants to join me, let me know.


  7. michelle said

    Tracy – count me in on the challenge!! Eating a good diet has always been a real challenge for me (curse the person who invented chocolate and fruit loops!). Where are you getting the DEXA scan done? Any special referral required?

    Stef – sorry, it would have been me who gave you the cold (and probably infected half the plane on the way back from Sydney!) 😦

  8. Tracy Lydiatt said

    Biljana told me she went here to get hers:

    Vario Wellness Clinic – Edith Cowen Uni

    I just called and booked an appointment. No referral needed.

    Yeah – thanks for the company! I agree about chocolate….

  9. gus said

    that sounds interesting… may have to book in and find out exactly how fat i am 😛

    also battling the onset of a cold today so in two minds whether to train or not. figured i would as weights are still in my ramp up phase

    squat: 3x5x85
    bench: 3x5x52.5
    deadlift: 1x5x115

  10. Biljana said

    Nothing like sharing Michelle!! LOL!!

    DXA scan I did gave me some interesting results (not as bad as I thought but lots of room to improve too!!) and a good baseline to work from. Most happy about my bone density which was above average for my age group!! Awesome given I don’t eat dairy! 🙂

    Tracy – Good Luck tomorrow! 🙂 Oh – and I’m in with you on the challenge honey!!

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