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Tuesday 20 April 2010

Posted by The Coach on April 19th, 2010

“The Cell Kettlebell Complex”
With a 24kg Kettlebell perform 5 reps for time where 1 rep =
Slasher to Halo x 10
Deck Squat x 5
Swing x 10
Snatch x 5/5
Clean and Press x 5/5
Run 400m between reps

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Compare to 02 Oct 2009

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19 Responses to “Tuesday 20 April 2010”

  1. Steve said

    Another good session with Scott and the boys at CF Victoria…

    WOD 1: 5 x squat cleans (60kg)
    10 x toes to bar
    400m run
    5 RFT

    WOD 2: Wall ball, pullups, kb swings, sledge strikes, burpees, box jumps.

    2 mins per exercise of tabata protocol (ie 4 rnds) with 1 min rest between exercises.
    Kind of a hybrid FGB and tabata…

  2. andrew said

    WU – skipping (gee thanks michelle), KB complex

    WOD – 24kg KB. all exercises as Rx’ed (deck squats are usually an issue for me so happy I was getting thru them)

    26 mins dead

    was trying to keep up with michelle through the WOD but she gradually pulled away from me so i went from looking at her tailights in the fog to seeing her headlights coming in the return leg of the 400 m run

    and stef yes we do REALLY appreciate you, the other coaches and the facilities at the Cell. Just remember and tell your new mates at the Mill that…

  3. The Cell said

    Not sure you should be looking at MIchelle’s headlights Andrew!! πŸ˜‰


  4. andrew said

    jason – mind out of the gutter please. as well… me chasing young women is like a dog chasng a car – wouldnt have a clue what to do if i ever caught it!!

  5. michelle said

    That’s enough talk about my headlights….. πŸ˜‰

    Warm up: Skipping (sorry Andrew), 1 x KB mobility complex

    WOD as Rx’d

    Time = 24:37

    Happy with this – time from Oct last year was 23:40 with 12kg KB for some movements.

  6. Luke FJ said

    42.5kg Thrusters
    pull ups
    time = 5:03

    Rest 10 mins then

    5 rounds of
    100m swim
    6 strict pull ups
    6 dips

    happy with todays effort, beat my old FRAN time by over 2 mins.

  7. Will F said

    Toes to bar Steve, AWESOME!

    WOD 12KG 20.50 – Slashing about 5 minuts from the old time.

    Tried 5/5 16kg KB Snatches after to see if I could do them, came out a treat.

  8. The Cell said

    Training with some Sectionals champs, Stef, Andrea and Bec.

    AMRAP/12 mins
    20kg Pull Up x 3 reps
    Run 25m

    Rnds: 12 rnds

    Good sesh. The pull ups with the 20kg vest hurt. Didn’t waste time strapping the vest on so it swung about and crashed into my chest on each rep taking the wind out each time. Could’ve done without that πŸ˜‰

  9. Anthony said

    That’s a good article and I couldn’t agree more.
    I think there is room for everyone to train at home but not only at home. It takes mental strength when you are sore / tired to get yourself out of bed and go hard thru a session of whatever, especially when you have small babies / children that need your time and devotion.
    Aside from the 1% – Pete this is you – a lot of people including myself would skip days as they are too busy or too tired etc and need a coach to drive them harder to explore their potential.
    Now that I train at The Cell regularly, I get that drive, I am constantly inspired by others and their achievements and I want to do the same. This in turn spurs me on to also train at home when before I NEVER have.
    Plus, if it ain’t Stef or Jase, who else is going to tell me to harden the f*** up! πŸ™‚

  10. kate said

    Warm up: Skipping, 1 x KB mobility complex

    WOD with 12kg KB

    First session back after a two week break. In a world of pain!!!
    Good to be back . . . . . I think.

    Time = 23:17

  11. Tracy said

    Warm up: Skipping, 1 x KB mobility complex

    WOD – 10kg KB. All exercises as Rx’ed and had fun with deck squats – they were new to me!

    Time = 29:33

    Had some serious challenges today emotionally and felt like I was the “fat chick” back in highschool while on the 400m run portions of the workout. Mentally, I don’t believe that although sometimes emotions bubble up that could be stored somewhere in at my cellular level.

    I really struggled with this and was on the verge of crying a few times – mostly because I find it frustrating to feel that way and have the emotions dominate the rational thoughts….

    Stef you are a champ and I focused on just finishing the WOD and allowed myself to swear and yell when I needed to! I would have loved to drop kick or punch something too so perhaps next time I’ll wail on the punching bag to get through it!


  12. stef said

    5min airdyne
    Mobility drills
    2 x cf warm up +shoulder mobility

    5×5 box squat @72.5kg

    20kg weighted pullup,3reps
    50m dash
    AMrap in 12mins
    Rounds= 9 or 10 rounds+3+50m

    Not happy with performance today,left shoulder acting up, got a lot of internal work to do ova the next couple wks…

    Solid Anthony,solid my friend…


  13. stef said

    tracy, you are more rhan welcome. Anytime. I am posting from my fone on break at uni, you proud Jas??? And thanku for the training today…


  14. The Cell said

    I love you Stef. Next you’ll be doing Facebook status updates and Tweeting on Twitter too!! πŸ˜‰

    Trace, awesome stuff. It’s interesting how training can bring out deep emotions and even more so, amazing how training can help us to process and deal with those emotions. Increasingly, I am finding training to be so much more than lifting heavy shit and trying to beat the clock.


  15. gus said

    was very lady like today and did the wod as rx’d for women haha (16kg, 5 rounds)

    saw gary russo yesterday about my shoulder, we agreed to get cortisone injected into it. seeing a sport doctor tomorrow to get that sorted and so gary told me to give the shoulder hell down at the gym.

    did the wod… shoulder didn’t seem to hurt at all? weird.

    anyway, did the wod in 27:49.

    i checked the history and i did the wod with same weight but subbing 200m runs in “about 21 mins or so”. So an extra 6 or so minutes for another 1km of running – i’m happy with that.

  16. Bliss said

    Warm up: Skipping (sorry Andrew), 1 x KB mobility complex

    WOD – mixing it up with 12/16 – mostly 12

    Time = 23…something

    I love this WOD!!!

    Was interrupted by a child in the last round. Storm sorted her out and all was good. Thanks Storm.

  17. bec said

    Thanks for having us guys.

    14(ish) rounds of:
    3 HSPU
    50m Run (jase – you cheated – you said you did 25m!!)
    3 Weighted pull ups (8kg)(nice grazed legs to prove it)

    Cheers again, catch you next week.

    Stef – The sydney link below –

  18. Rhys said

    I made the decision yesterday to pull my finger out on runs in a WOD and sprint/run as hard as I can. I tried this again today… Tried

    WOD as Rx’d
    27:13 I think

    Bliss, still no high fives…

  19. The Cell said

    Good on you for getting on and posting Bec! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the link! Keep training hard!


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