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Friday 09 April 2010

Posted by The Coach on April 8th, 2010

Back Squat
5-5-5-5-5 reps
Ascending sets
1 x 20
@ approx 75% 5RM

Post loads to comments

For time:
2km row

Post time to comments


25 Responses to “Friday 09 April 2010”

  1. andrew said

    hmm squats & rowing – can’t wait!! what about you michelle??

  2. The Cell said

    Hahahahaha!! 🙂

    The perfect remedy for sore legs. More of the same.

    Jase 🙂

  3. The Cell said

    Harden the F**K up Andrew! Is that why you late cancelled this morning???

    Not impressed! You should be here sweating blood!



  4. The Cell said

    Did the small red writing on the white board from a couple of days ago scare you off today Capt Smash??



  5. michelle said

    Hahahaha, those were my feelings exactly, Capt. Smash!! At least I turned up, though – I hope you have a note from your mother 😉

    Warm up: Skipping practice, 3 rounds of (10 x OHS @ 15kg, 10 x lunge, 10 x hindu pushup, Samson stretch)

    Strength: Back Squat (didn’t go too heavy this morning – legs and hips feeling stiff and sore)

    5-5-5-5-5 @ 50-55-60-65-70kg
    1 x 15 @ 57.5kg

    WOD: 2km row

    TIme = 7:54

    I really wanted to get 7:30, which is the intermediate standard on the Cell’s grading chart. I think I could have done it if I’d paced myself differently – can’t wait to try again 🙂

  6. michelle said

    Oooops, that should be 1 x 20 @ 57.5kg, not 1 x 15, for the squats.

  7. andrew said

    if I’d known there was going to be this much sh*t hung on me i would have come..i thought about it but was worried my ITB would snap as its feelling a bit tight..although i late cancelled I forgot my wife was booked in as well so got a bollocking from her this morning when i went to the beach instead..just cant win sometimes.. 😦

  8. Lisa said

    Warm Up –

    Skipping, 3 rounds of (10 x OHS, 10 x lunge, 10 x hindu pushup, Samson stretch)

    Strength –

    Back Squat
    5-5-5-5-5 reps @ 25/27.5/35/42.5/50 PB


    1 x 20 @ 37.5kg but by this stage my legs were like jelly. I was not impressed with my effort and probably only completed 14 good reps.

    For time:
    2km row

    7.49 mins – I was really happy with this time. My rowing is feeling great at the moment and hopefully when I regain feeling in my legs I can go for 7.30min…… LOL!!!

  9. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Dynamic mobility, Skipping, Back squat x 5 @ 40, 60kg.

    Back squat 5,5,5,5,5 @ 80, 85, 90, 95, 100kg PB 🙂 (This is also my new 1RM PB :mrgreen: )

    Row 2km = 7:45.1

    Hey Stef, and everyone interested in what “drag factor” to set for the rower.
    The following is a chart regarding recomended drag for the C2 rower:

    250lbs (113.4kg) – 139
    200lbs (90.7kg) – 132
    175lbs (79.4kg) – 125
    150lbs (68kg) – 120
    125lbs (56.7kg) – 114

    I cut and paste this from a really informative Crossfit thread, also added the metric conversion:

  10. Jase said

    Thanks Pete. But guys, don’t touch the drag factor on our C2’s.

    Change the damper (the little lever on
    the side) as much as you like but drag factor is affected by numerous things including whether we have the fans on or not! 🙂

  11. Glen Lewis said

    Hey, how does the late cancel stuff actually work? Do people on the waiting list get automatically notified by the site, or does it have to be manually done?

    Just curious?

  12. Will F said

    Andrew, sounds to me like your pink blouse was dirty and still in the wash 😉

    Warm up: Skipping practice, 3 rounds of (10 x OHS @ 15kg, 10 x lunge, 10 x hindu pushup, Samson stretch)

    Strength: Back Squat – these were totally awesome today, I figured out what was wrong…my hands were too far apart.

    5-5-5-5-5 @ 40-45-50-55-62.5kg (PB)- aiming for a B/W backsquat next week (68kg)
    1 x 20 @ 45kg

    WOD: 2km row

    Time = 8.15.4 – I think my rower (or myself?) needs a service, wasn’t very smooth.

  13. andrew said

    do i have my “kick me” t shirt on today or something??

    glenn – yes you get notified automatically by email and usually jason or stef will send a sms as well (not sure if sms is automatic)

  14. Glen Lewis said

    andrew – sorry, didn’t mean to kick. I am a newbie and just didn’t understand how the system works.

  15. The Cell said

    Warm up
    MObility drills
    1 x round of 12kg KB mobility warm up

    Planche progressions to L-Sit
    7 x 1 (1 rep = 1 x 6sec planche hold to 1 x 6sec L-sit hold)

    Front lever progressions on the rings
    5 x 3

    3 x 7 @ 80kg with a 10 x breath rest between.

    1 x rope ascent
    10 x ring dips
    15 x GHD sit ups
    10 x Ring push ups
    5 x Big Tyre Donut jumps
    TIME = 9.51min

    5 x 10 HSPU Wall runs

    2 x 25 GHD sit ups with a 10 breath rest between



  16. The Cell said

    Glen just tell Andrew he is soft! And that will be the end of that!


    I will ring you to explain thelate cancel process shortly mate!


  17. Pete Yeates said

    Jase, that’s the point of checking the drag factor. The Damper will vary from rower to rower and be, as you stated, dependent on factors such as dust, overall wear, and humidity affecting the fly wheel.

    The Drag factor is non adjustable, it is a calibration / function of the C2 computer to give correct figure for wherever the damper is adjusted to. I.e. On my C2, a drag factor of 120 is achieved by adjusting the damper to 5 3/4. On the C2 I used this morning, I checked 5 3/4 damper setting and it gave me a drag factor of 129, so I adjusted the damper to 5 and rechecked at 119, which I rowed at. 🙂

  18. gus said

    i’d prefer if the C2 remains in the dark about my beer gut, personally. 😛

  19. The Cell said

    Gus I love you, but I no longer love Capt Smash, although he still is the Capt (as nothing or no one can take that title away from him), his weakness of mind this morning devastated me internally. My belief in the strongest being know to humanity (well what was the strongest being) has now been shattered. How will I dig myself out of this deep destructive hole of confusion I am in?

    Capt Smash I once looked at you for inspiration and refuge, I now look at you in sorrow and pity.. Please do something amazing to restore my faith in the one walking Demi God I know…



  20. andrew said

    glenn – my comment was for will f who was joing in the fun and having a dig at me

    stef – “A pedestal is as much a prison as any small, confined space.” Gloria Steinem

  21. Bliss said

    Sorry Andrew… 🙂


    Am I correct in saying that you didn’t come this morning because ‘you were tight”? That you wanted to go for a little ‘walk along the beach’…Seriously???

    Today, I was wait-listed. Excited and a touch nervous at the prospect of perhaps joining today’s class. Indeed, well considered was the mental strength required in the light yesterday’s strategic game.

    I missed out.

    But though sore and tight, I won’t be going for a saunter along the beach…

    I think I will instead do a few rounds of the KB mobility we have being using for warm-up the last few days with 12kg…

    Sorry Andrew 🙂 🙂

    ***Your score yesterday was amazing***

  22. The Cell said

    I still love Gus more than you atm Capt; wonderful true to the heart comments there Bliss, beautifully written…



  23. The Cell said

    Soft, very soft Andrew.

    I think we need to introduce a handbag award. Although, that may unfairly label some of our female athletes as soft when they are in reality much harder than a fair chunk of the blokes at The Cell, especially Andrew 🙂

    Correct Pete. But the PM3 can be calibrated. That said, we have never calibrated ours. The PM3’s at the Sectionals were calibrated. I believe it makes little difference in our setting as most of our athletes would be better served listening to their coaches about how to row efficiently 🙂


  24. Bliss said

    Skipping – 3 minutes
    Ring Dips x 10 – red band
    Situps x 10
    Pushups x 10 – on toes
    3 rounds

    3 rounds for time with 12kg kettlebell

    American Swing x5
    Goblet Squat x5
    Russian Swing to Goblet Squat x5
    KB Clean to Front Squat x 5 each side
    KB Clean to Thruster x 5 each side
    KB Clean to Squat + Sotts press + Squatup x 5 each side – couldn’t do this with 12kg kb
    KB Clean to press to OHS x 5 each side

    Untimed – iphone is not reliable and polar watch no longer working due to kettlebell injury!

    This is a good, hard workout

  25. Adam Piller said

    good sesh today!!

    squats – 5,5,5,5,5 @ 80,90,100,115,130 then 20 @ 80kg

    row 7.10mins

    its already getting hard to walk!!

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