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Thursday 08 April 2010

Posted by The Coach on April 7th, 2010

“Lactic Acid Hell”

For time:
Row, 500m
Max Effort Back Squat for reps
Row, 750m
Max Effort Back Squat for reps
then Row

Score = Weight x Reps / Time. Highest score wins.

Post score to comments

Reminder: If you’re participating in this Saturdays Real Fitness Grading and you haven’t yet advised Jason, please do so ASAP via email. For those of you not participating, please come on down to spectate and support your Cell mates. Bring your esky and your best heckling game!


13 Responses to “Thursday 08 April 2010”

  1. Amanda said

    UMMM – Hold on I think I might enjoy the heckling and esky more ???

  2. Amanda said

    In fact I think I would be quite good at the esky grading!

  3. Storm said


    Bring your A game for both


  4. michelle said

    Warm up: 750m row, mobility, KB mobility drills as per yesterday

    500m row
    45kg back squat, max reps = 28
    750m row
    45kg back squat, max reps = 30
    500m row

    Time = 12:30

    Total score = 212.2

    I paced myself of the first 2 rows, then rowed the last 500m as an all out effort.
    The limiting factor in the squats was keeping the bar on my back rather than actually squating. If we do this again (and I really hope we do), I’ll use a bit more weight, and should be able to improve my score significantly.

    This was probably my favourite WOD so far this year 🙂 🙂 🙂 My legs are smashed, I’ll be surprised if I’m not hobbling around tomorrow.

  5. andrew said

    WU – putting the tyre away fm last night x 1 rep – dirty hands now 😦
    row 750m, KB complex as y’day

    WOD – 85kg BS 30+22 reps. time 12:34

    Stef calculated 358 but I got 352

    52 * 85 = 4420kg
    12;34 = 12.56mins

    Like Michelle says you need to strategise this one. If I had done one more BS rep out but taken 15 secs to do so my score would have been slightly less (351). Rowing I suggest a strong pace but not falt out until final 500m. Definitely need to do this one again and i am starting some regression analysis and am setting up a spreadsheet for next time to derive the optimum weight/reps/time mix.

  6. The Cell said

    Warm up
    100cal Airdyne
    Mobility drills
    1 x CF Warm up

    Handstand wall runs
    5 x 10 (Nailed these this time, worked out the correct technique)!!!

    Back squat
    5-5-5-5-5 @ 100kg

    300 Spartan workout
    Pull us, 25 reps
    60kg Deadlift, 50 reps
    Push ups, 50 reps
    24″ Box Jumps, 50 reps
    60kg Floor wipers, 50 reps
    16kg KB Clean and press, 50 reps (bell must touch floor every time)
    Pull ups, 25 reps
    TIME = 13.10min



  7. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Dynamic mobility, Back squat x 5 @ 15, 45, 65kg.

    Back squat 80kg x 5 – rest 10 breaths, 80kg x 5 – rest 10 breaths, 80kg x 5.

    Then some gymnastics training:

    10 x Hollow Rocks, 10 x Spinal rolls, 10 x Supermans.

    On the Parallettes:
    10 x Planche progressions (held for 5 seconds), passing through into a L sit (held for 5 seconds)

    Then onto the rings:
    10 x Front Lever progressions
    10 x Back Lever progressions

    Back to the floor:
    3 x 20 Handstand wall runs
    10 x V Situps, holding for 5 seconds in the V sit position

    Holy cow Stef, that’s a cracking fast time for the 300 workout!

  8. Will F said

    I thoroughly enjoyed this WOD, maybe because I enjoy back squats so much. Having said that my back was starting to hurt, most likely due to poor posture. Will get my form checked out tomorrow.

    WU: Row 750m, KB mobility drills as per yesterday

    500m row (2.30min)
    40kg back squat, max reps = 25
    750m row (4min?)
    40kg back squat, max reps = 20
    500m row (2.05min)

    Time = 11.08

    Total score = 162.4 (I think Stef’s calculator is broken, he put me down as something different too).

    It will be interesting to see your spreadsheet Andrew 😛 Some interesting alternate results I worked out:
    (assuming 4.3 seconds per back squat and same speed for row)
    40KG + 5 more reps – 176.9
    35KG @ same reps – 142.1
    35KG @ 60 reps – 169.6

    So I think for me, my weight was good, just had to get in more rep’s.

  9. Rhys said

    60kg BS

    And I was two hours early 🙂

  10. Biljana said

    Awesome job Rhys!! Those double unders are looking good too!! 🙂

  11. WU: Row 750m, KB mobility drills as per yesterday

    500m row
    30kg back squat, max reps = 33
    750m row
    40kg back squat, max reps = 26
    500m row

    Time = 13:38

    Score: 132.3

  12. Bliss said

    Nice Work everyone…Andrew you are a machine!

    WU: Row 750m, KB mobility drills as per yesterday

    500m row
    30kg back squat, max reps = 33 – I think that I should have gone heavier
    750m row
    30kg back squat, max reps = 30
    500m row

    Not sure of the score or the time.

    I like this wod. I think next time I will approach it differently. Heavier mainly…

  13. Jane said

    AM WOD was 4 x 5km bike intervals 1 min rest, was disappointed with the times of these but I felt really strong on the bike

    PM WOD was AMRAP of 5 x burpees 10 x press ups 500m row, back to physio today and happy with progress of my body but not happy for me to do burpees (honestly!) so swapped these to box jumps on 18″ box managed 6 rounds 5 box jumps 10 press ups 180m row – enjoyed this WOD rowing was hard as legs were tired from the bike session, box jumps were ok managed 3-4 continuous reps others were single jumps and press ups were great, all on toes, good depth and felt strong

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