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Monday 08 March 2010

Posted by The Coach on March 7th, 2010

Power Clean
3-3-3 reps
Use ascending sets

Post load to comments

5 rounds for time of:
140kg Deadlift, 7 reps
Knees to Elbows, 21 reps 2

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Some Aspects About Restoration of Work Capacity By L.S. Homenkova

What do you do to recover from your training sessions? Read the above article and discuss via comments.


19 Responses to “Monday 08 March 2010”

  1. Pete Yeates said

    Sunday 7th March: Active recovery = 1 hr MTB ride through some local trails, easy to medium pace. Found 2 more fig trees, yum, yummy. πŸ™‚

    Some of my thoughts on the restoration of work capacity article:

    “” At the same time, an overly hard load fails to spark positive changes in the athlete’s body. Instead,excessive loads over stress certain organs and systems, aswell as exhaust the nervous system. In such cases restoration can drag out over several months.””

    This is just utter crap.

    Excessive loads are REQUIRED to spark positive changes in the athletes body. The overloading causes the adaption on the Neuro Muscular Skeletal System, and a well trained athlete can adapt in hours, not months.

    “”Keep in mind that the restorative value of a given technique fades away when it
    is used regularly over an extended time period.”” This made me brain dead.

    Routines like daily foam rolling, and stretching are MORE EFFECTIVE over time, because one gets proficient, and the nervous system no longer resists the pain caused by these techniques. This allows a deeper stretch or trigger release.

    “”In prescribing training exercises coaches should place more emphasis on creating a positive emotional background.””

    WTF – Stef, from now on you must not ever say “Harden the F*ck up”, but instead massage our backs lightly and ask us, in a very light tone, to go over and lift that heavy weight please. πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  2. Calen said

    Sunday: the little chipper
    400m row, then,
    10kg wall ball
    21″ box jump
    20kg overhead plate walking lunge
    then, 400m run, then,
    45kg deadlift
    45kg hang power clean
    45kg push press
    then, 30 burpees to finish
    time: 23:24

    I definitely agree with everything Pete said about the article, as for excessive loads I think I read on here a couple of days ago “saving your strength is a waste of your potential” which sums up my opinion.

    “If intense exercises are followed by considerably different exercises it might be necessary to perform some transition work to bridge the gap and to reduce the load gradually.”

    I dont agree with that one bit, I think performing considerably different intense exercises straight after the other is great metabolic conditioning and helps restoration over time to the trained athlete which also results in an increased work capacity during workouts involving different exercises. As such I’m far better at doing considerably different exercises together now after having trained that way which has also helped my restoration in other areas too, but I guess that’s just the metabolic conditioning doing its thing.

    However I do agree with some of what the article says. About a good warm-up promoting restoration in the workout to follow, and the varying of equipment, training sights, running surfaces, lighting etc.

    Anyway that’s just my 2 cents worth.

  3. Jase said

    2 comments on the article thus far and I love them! Keep them coming guys. We’ll all learn something from this and it will involve far more than recovery πŸ˜‰

  4. Rhys said

    Well I appologise then Jase for my thoughts.
    “Restorative processes can be further helped by varying lighting, wall coloring and flooring at the rest site and using music during workouts”
    I was thinking you could apply some of the principles of Feng Shui into The Cell, perhaps a running water feature by the door with some nice plants insted of those mean looking tyres. That way we are more recovered before the work out AND in between reps we can look at them. Perhaps some pan pipe music to also aid recovery in the seating area…
    Just throwing ideas out there.

    I agree with the two previous comments though, changing location, getting out doors, and the article saying mixing up completely different exercises being a bad idea? The training that we carry out and the results seem to suggest otherwise.

  5. andrew said

    WU – 1km row, 30 x pushups. mobility

    Strength – Power clean 3x 75kg, 2 x 77.5 (F on 3rd), 3x 75kg

    WOD – 125kg DL 9:33

  6. michelle said

    Warm up: 1km row, pushups, mobility

    WOD: 5 rounds of
    80kg deadlift x 7
    K2E x 21

    Time = 11:59

    The knees to elbows took forever, but I got some cool tips from Pete at the end of the session that will help with this from now on πŸ™‚

  7. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Muscle activation drills, Dynamic mobility, Row 1k, Pushups x 30, Power Clean x 5 @ 20, 30, 40kg.

    Power Clean 3,3,3 @ 55, 60, 62.5kg PB πŸ™‚

    WOD scaled to 90kg = 8:34

    Finisher = Muscleups x 5, rest 10 breaths Muscleups x 2, rest 10 breaths Muscleup x 1.

  8. Kate said

    Hey Michelle and Pete, share the love with the tips on K2E. This would have to be the worst exercise – ever!!! πŸ™‚ Almost brings tears of frustration.

  9. michelle said

    Oops, I forgot the power cleans…

    3-3-3 @ 40kg, 42.5kg, 45kg

    Kate, it’s a bit hard to explain the K2E technique without a demonstration. What Pete showed me was Stef’s method, which involves engaging your lats rather than just haning limply from the bar. It’s probably best to get one of the coaches to show you, or come in at 0530 for a demo from Pete πŸ™‚

  10. Pete Yeates said

    Tips on Knees to Elbows:

    First of all you need a certain amount of strength to be able to perform these with fluidity. If you can perform 5 x kipping pull-ups in a row you should be fine, otherwise there may not be enough strength to hold the hollow rock position.

    Practice Hollow Rocks for a couple of minutes.

    Now hang from the bar and hold a hollow rock position, pull from your lats and explode your knees up. On the way down keep that tension in your body until you are in the hollow rock position, and explode back up.

  11. kate said

    Thanks Pete, this is great.
    I am fairly familiar with the limp hanging technique that Michelle mentioned, so I am excited to give this a go.
    One can only improve πŸ™‚


  12. The Cell said

    Knees to elbows involve your whole body. Don’t just think of it has trying to raise your knees up. And swinging just makes it harder. Knees to elbows do not involve a kip.

    For those of you struggling with hand issues. Fix them!!!

    Here’s the most useful article I have ever come across on hand care. I’d write one, but that would just be reinventing the wheel. Keith at CrossFit Virtuosity has done the job so well, no one else needs to.

    This link will also be on our Further Reading page.

    Jase πŸ™‚

  13. Will F said

    W/U – 1000m row, 30 pushups, mobility
    Strength – Powerclean 3-3-3 @ 40kg,50kg,50kg. My form took a dive at 50kg and some suspected nerve damage from a recent operation didnt help either. Really I should have gone up by 5’s.
    WOD – 5 RFT: Deadlift 50kg x7, K2C x 21.

    Great post Jase, my hands do need some TLC.

  14. Bliss said

    Warm up:
    1km row, pushups, mobility

    Power Cleans – 35-35-35

    5 rounds of
    70kg deadlift x 7
    K2E x 21

    Time = 12??? maybe 13?? can’t remember

  15. The Cell said

    Oh and if you want tips on any movement, ask your Cell coach or one of our fire breathers. There is an abundance of knowledge floating around The Cell and not just from the coaches. Like you, we are constantly learning.

    Ask for help after a class, schedule a 1-on-1, get a few of you together and schedule a group coaching session (don’t tell anyone but its cheaper that way πŸ˜› ) anything to learn more.

    We are here to help πŸ™‚


  16. Bliss said

    Oh! Thanks for the hand stuff Jase! I am making up some of those hand thingys!

  17. Rhys said

    Power Cleans – 55,60,65
    100kg DL 7 reps
    21 K2E
    Time 13.44
    I just went to the body shop and got a hemp oil and lanolin moisturiser, aswell as a pumice stone. Next i’ll get a salmon shirt and blonde tips in my hair.

  18. Jane said

    2 x WODs today
    5 x 800m run @ 80% with 2min recovery – had to sub these with rowing as there was no way I could run after the weekend’s races 😦

    Managed 3.20 / 3.23 / 3.24 / 3.22 / 3.23 done at 80% effort

    Tonight I had 7 x 1 DL – was really looking forward to these & hoping to beat what I had done in January – no such luck !! The loss of stability that I have through the trigger point stuff has definitely affected my power & strength – managed to do the same weight as January but every lift was a real struggle

    Saw the physio at lunchtime & he needled my back & glutes & went over the stability exercise that he wants me to do – he does think that I will recover pretty soon, but need to keep up with the stability stuff & no trigger point work for another week!

  19. The Cell said

    Hey Jane, great effort with the races on the weekend. Looks like the training is going really well, despite some minor injury irritations. Remember, more is not always better πŸ™‚

    My training
    Dble Unders 3 x 20
    Pistols, 10/10 x 16kg

    Back Squat
    5-5-5 reps

    Good Morning
    8-8-8 reps

    AMRAP/15 mins
    60kg Overhead Anyhow x 5 (from the rack)
    Push Up x 10
    Glute/Ham Raise x 15
    6 rounds

    Jase πŸ™‚

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