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Wednesday 10 February 2010

Posted by The Coach on February 9th, 2010

Back Squat
85% 5RM x 5 x 5

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21-15-9 rep rounds for time of:
45kg Thruster
Pull Ups

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Vicki has continued to hit up a WOD at 5.30am, 3 x week throughout her pregnancy. Inspiring!!

19 Responses to “Wednesday 10 February 2010”

  1. Vicki said

    Good lord I look Like John Candy …

  2. The Cell said

    No you don’t Vick!! John Candy is all dead and decomposed!! 😛

    Jase 🙂

  3. Vicki said

    Well that just gave “pissing myself laughing” an almost literal meaning – Jase DON’T do that to a pregnant lady!!!!

    If not a dead and decomposing John Candy, then I think ole Rosanne Barr makes the grade. EEK!

  4. The Cell said

    Forget the picture Vicki

    Look at the WOD…Back Squats and then the F%$#@ B%$#& FRAN


  5. Bliss said

    Vicki…you are amazing. Incredible!

  6. Damon said

    100x100kg Back Squats for time

    Havent been able to use my hands to grip a bar since Saturdays olympic lifting trainng last Saturday as ive ripped them up pretty good, so been on a diet of push-ups, core work, squats and sprinting over past couple of days.

    In Oly training last week, have been increasing the weight on the snatch, still working with light weights/training plates and concentrating on technique mainly getting the second pull smooth and catching the weight overhead in a deep squat position. What got the hands was some strength work at the end with bar travelling from knee to chest high pulls with 75kg. End up doing 10 sets of 4 reps of this which is why hands got exposed at the end.

    Today hurt a lot, this weight represents about 105% of my bodyweight so not too heavy relatively speaking but after about 60 reps this was a really deep challenge.

  7. Vicki said

    Hehehehe thanks Bliss 🙂

    BSQ: 21.5kg (I think)

    WOD: modified FRAN –
    14kg push press
    Jumping pullups

    The jumping PU’s were quite deceptive in the end! Awesome effort by all this morning.

  8. Jane said

    First things first – Vicki – you are amazing and there is no relation to John Candy at all 🙂

    Only 1 workout today 10km run TT – this will be the 3rd 10km I’ve run since January – the 1st was in training & the 2nd in the Tri race, so I was aiming to run faster than either of these runs – which I did so very happy – time was 45mins 35secs

  9. Will said

    Arggg!! Slept through my alarm today! Spewing 😦 quads were still killing too, double sessions killed me yesterday (wid and footy).

  10. Storm said

    Well Done Jane


  11. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Stretch band Muscle Activation, Row 1km, Dynamic mobility, Back squat x 5 @ 20kg, 40, 50, 60.

    Back Squat @ 67.5kg x 5,5,5,5,5

    WOD = Scaled the thrusters to 35kg (I still need better shoulder flexibility to lock these out fully overhead)
    Time = 5:14

  12. The Cell said

    Warm up
    50 cal airdyne
    500m row
    Mobility drills

    10 dislocates
    10 push ups
    6 sec pigeon stretch
    10 air squats (fast)
    Hip mobility

    Front Squat
    90kg straight sets


    Pull ups, 10 reps
    10kg Wallball, 10reps
    TIME = 4.28min
    Every wall ball rep was above the second bar, aiming for the higher the better

    Stretch / foam roller


  13. The Cell said

    500m Row
    1 Round Crossfit Warmup

    Back Squats 85% 5Rep Max
    55kg 5/5/5

    FRAN 21/15/9 Reps
    As prescribed for the first time ever……..

    Time was nothing flash and she was hard on me.
    I can now play with the big girls and my time will only come down as my pullups get stronger.


  14. Bliss said

    You are a dead set legend Storm!!!

  15. Jase said

    Great stuff Stormer!! You’re only gonna get faster.

    Jase 🙂

  16. Rhys said

    Well done Storm thats a top effort!!!

  17. Storm said

    Thanks guys


  18. Jane said

    Storm – you rock!!! 🙂

  19. michelle said

    Awesome work, Storm! I’m envious 😉

    Warm up: 1km run, mobility, paralette play, Burgener warm up -just so I could try out my new weightlifting shoes 🙂

    WOD: 21-15-9
    30kg thrusters

    Did this untimed, with 1min rest between sets and the goal of completing all sets without putting the bar down. This wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, the sets of 21 and 9 were unbroken, the set of 15 was completed as 9 and 6 with a few seconds rest with the bar in rack position in between.

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