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Wednesday 03 February 2010

Posted by The Coach on February 2nd, 2010

As many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:
Row, 12 calories
35kg Thruster, 12 reps
Burpee, 12 reps
Walking Lunge, 12 steps

Post rounds to comments

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Congrats to Bliss and Gavin on their recent engagement. Well done guys. All the best for your future together.


25 Responses to “Wednesday 03 February 2010”

  1. rory said

    “im getting back surgery just so i can train at THE CELL!”

    Rory Cubitt.

  2. The Cell said

    Congrats Bliss and Gav!! Great news and awesome place to pop the question Gav you romantic you!

    Jase ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The Cell said

    DO NOT get back surgery Rory only as an absolute LAST option! You should not require it! The are other methods that can help you


  4. Adam Piller said

    congrats bliss and gavin! best wishes

    Rory, i agree with Stef, the right physio had me 1 rep maxing again in 8 weeks after bulging my L5. I cant recommend Gary Russo from Northbridge Physio highly enough, he did wonders for me and others in the same position as you!!

    todays wod as rxd – 8 rounds + row + thrusters + 6 burpees
    i was glad when this one was over, hurt me a bit, awesome work by all this morning.

  5. Chanel said

    Congrats Bliss and Gavin! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Change of pace today – trained with the 5.30 crew: I’m buggered now, so I only feel sorry for my patients ๐Ÿ˜›

    warmup 800 m run, CFWU, mobility

    AMARAP 20 mins
    rower 12 cals
    box thrusters 15kg, 10
    back extensions, 12 round 1-2; 12kg kb swings, 12 round 3-6
    situps, 12

    6 rounds and 6 calories

  6. gus said

    more outdoor antics at cottesloe with steve and elle this morning!

    was a good session

  7. gus said

    also, congrats bliss and gavin!

  8. Storm said

    Rope Order Udate

    The Buddy Lee Rope that I have got a price on is for the Master Jump Rope.

    The Aero Speed Jump Rope (the one vicki, pete and michelle have) is out of stock till April.

    The Master Rope is the next one down similar to the one that we have at the CELL.

    You can view what i am talking about at this link.

    I have coverted the cost which inlcudes shipping to Aus Dollars and the Master Jump Rope will come in at 37.40 approx give or take for fluctuations.

    Names who have requested a rope;
    If you want a rope or decide you have changed your mind please let me know before Monday the 8/2/10 as this is when i will be placing the order.


  9. michelle said

    Warm up: 800m run, CFWU x 1, mobility

    WOD as Rx’d

    7 rounds + row + 8 thrusters

    I enjoyed this one – in hindsight, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ The thrusters were heavy but okay, and the burpees sucked as usual. I really need to try and get better at these.

    It was fun to have you as part of the 0530 crew this morning, Chanel. Great effort from everyone, as usual ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Muscle activation drills, Run 800m, Dynamic mobility, CFWU x 1.

    WOD as Rxโ€™d = 8 rounds.

    Congrats Bliss and Gavin ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Kate said

    Hi Rory,
    I’m with the boys on back surgery. I was going to have to retire in 1999 due to chronic back injury.
    Peter O’Sullivan is literally the best in the world and lives in Perth. Really hard to get in to see him, but worth it!

  12. Brad Rogan said

    Hey Coach,

    This arvo-
    Air Dyne 12 Calories
    35kg Press
    Burpee 12
    20kg Weighted over head Lunge 12 steps

    Rory there are other ways to fix the back. The doctors want me to get surgery also. Pysio, Osteo, Acupuncture, Yoga, Pilates all help with recovery and strengthening the back along with rest and smart training. Surgery should not be an option at all. Love You.

  13. Will F said

    Storm, I’m still down for a rope ๐Ÿ™‚

    warmup 800 m run, CFWU x1, mobility

    AMARAP 30 mins
    Rower 12 cals
    Thrusters (techbar) x 12
    21′ Box Jumps x 12
    Walking Lunge x 12

    8 rounds and 10 calories

    Very sore from yesterday, morning WOD and Footy training.

  14. Storm said


    Surgery should be an absolute last resort.
    Please research and get further opinion on how to rehabilitate your back.
    There are people speaking here from experience who only want the best for your physical and mental wellbeing.


  15. Adam Piller said

    hear hear storm!!

    also, i confirm i will take whatever rope you are ordering.

    brad why dont you do AMRAP in 30 minutes – hand stand push ups. just coz your shoulders need more meat!!

    go fly a plane top gun

  16. Will F said

    Just in continuation of my post earlier…I’ve really started to feel the effect of working out at The Cell now that I’m back on the footy track. My mobility and strength is awesome, I’m running around like an ace! Thanks coaches for all the help in my training. Keep it up!

  17. The Cell said

    We only develop Ace Athletes

    Well done Will

    Your MINT

  18. Bliss said

    Thanks guys for the well wishes.

    It was absolutely perfect…suffice to say there was not a tea light or the eiffel tower in sight…he may have received a different response if there was. I am happy to bore anyone with the details if you are interested.

    Thanks Storm for ordering the rope.



  19. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    row and mobility work

    10km row

    TIME = 41.27min
    AVG = 2:04.3 / 500m
    AVG Stroke rate = 18 s/pm

    10 ring dips
    10 K2E
    7 rounds


    I really was not focused today so I decided to deviate form my scheduled training regime (which I did not really have one planned, hence me not being focused, plus a little tired) so I did the above instead. Worked out well as it was a good time for me and was not really difficult. Felt good!


  20. Anthony said

    Hi Everyone,

    Back from holidays in New Zealand. What a beautiful country. Loved every minute of it. Can’t wait to get back into training, and yes I trained a few times on the hols but no where near enough – had a beautiful 4km run through Queenstown and climbed a 3000 mtr mountain, some swimming etc.

    Storm, please put Tereena and myself down for whatever rope you get. I need as much practice as I can get. Thankyou.
    Names who have requested a rope;

    Congratulations Bliss and Gavin.
    Rory – I highly recommend Roy Warner Osteopath in Claremont.

    I look forward to seeing you 5.30 crew!

  21. Jane said

    Many Congratulations Bliss & Gavin

    WOD today was
    500m row 50 x KB Swing 12kg
    500m row 40 x KB Swing 12kg
    500m row 30 x KB Swing 12kg
    500m row
    Last did this on 6 Jan in 13mins 24secs completed this today in 12mins 45secs – very happy and I managed to row really well for me, 1.58 / 1.59 / 2.01 / 2.04

  22. The Cell said

    Welcome back Anthony and Tereena

    Got ya for the ropes


  23. rory said

    i am going to see another physio next week and i will go and give gary russo a try as well

    i am willing to try anything but its already been 3 months and i dont know how much longer i can go on in pain every day, and not being able to train or work or virtually do anything at all

    being patient for a year or 3 months might be a waste of time. but i will give it at least another month or two before i more seriously consider surgery

  24. rory said

    hi kate,

    i have tried to get an appointment with peter osullivan but his waiting list is 4 months, however i have been booked in to see one of his colleagues who treats his patients and also consults with peter

    so i will be seeing that fellow and gary russo on top of an existing physio ive already been too

  25. rory said

    gary russo said ive got a week or two to try this stuff and see if it gets better but make my appt with the neurosurgeon now

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