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Wednesday 13 January 2010

Posted by The Coach on January 12th, 2010

5 rounds for time of:
Row 750m
10kg Wall Ball Shots, 25 reps

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31 Responses to “Wednesday 13 January 2010”

  1. Shoulders Mgee said

    My kinda workout!
    Crossfit Upper Body Games.

  2. The Cell said

    I love you Shoulders and damn you for not returning my call!



  3. Adam Piller said

    today’s (tuesdays wod) was your ultimate workout mcgeek!! check it

  4. Jase said

    Hmmm, I’m thinking the legs will be hurtng far more than the shoulders on this one. But neither as much as the lungs! πŸ˜‰


  5. Damon said

    What weight for the ball?

  6. The Cell said




  7. Will said

    Keep up the good work all, pump out those WODs! My collarbone op went well, should be back in a couple of weeks to smash them out with ya!

  8. The Cell said

    Excellent Will, great to hear mate, if you need anything, check in with us!


  9. Adam Piller said

    Great news will! All the best for recovery!

    Killer wod after squats and deadlifts on mon and tues, legs were smashed. Good work by all today! Everyone pushed hard!

    Wod as rxd 19.36mins

  10. Damon said

    Row 10km
    time: 43:30.7

    no 10kg medicine ball at globo gym, so decided on a SMMF row inspired by Stef effort early this week. Nearly convinced myself to give up at the 7km mark, but just kept focused on each row rep, and maintain breath and form, which got me through in a time less than I was originally contemplating. To be consistent with the WOD I’ll do 125 wall balls with 5kg ball for time tonight at home

  11. Vicki said

    This was quite fun!
    500 rows with 25 5kg wallball/WB push press.

    Stef, pete is on his way with a present for the Cell πŸ™‚ Michelle will like it!

    Good training this morning all!

  12. michelle said

    What’s the present????

    Warm up: 800m run, mobility, 2 rounds of 10 x overhead lunge, 10 x russian twist and 10 x front squats with 5kg med ball

    WOD: 5kg ball
    Time = 22:56

    I really enjoyed this workout. Wall balls and rowing are 2 of my favourite things πŸ™‚ I paced myself on the rows because of the volume, but in hindsight should have gone a bit harder.

  13. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Glute activation, Mobility drills, Run 800m, plus some Russian twists / lunge / squats with a 10kg med ball.

    WOD as Rx’d = 23:15

    After seeing Michelle power through the wod with the 5kg ball, and knowing she likes to go as Rx’d, I gave the CELL my disused (very dusty) 7kg Med ball. It’s the basket ball type so don’t drop this one on your head.

  14. Adam Piller said

    pete you are a very dedicated athlete and friend to everyone. props to your generosity!

  15. michelle said

    You’re awesome Pete πŸ™‚

  16. The Cell said

    We scale up for animals. Michelle should use a 10kg ball!! πŸ™‚


  17. andrew said

    WU – 800m run, mobility, 10 x lungers, 10 x russian twists, 10 x squats all with 10kg med ball and all zx 2

    WOD – bit of a f*ck up here in that i rowed only 500m on the 4th set so had to do another 250m at end. i must have been asleep when we did the 750 x tables at school. i wondered how i got from being behind adam to neck to neck…

    so when do we get 15kg med balls?

  18. The Cell said

    We’ve got one Andrew. Feel free to use it mate πŸ˜‰


  19. andrew said

    aah was worried you might call me out..ok next wall ball WOD then watch me crash & burn

  20. Adam Piller said

    happy to watch you use the 15kg wall ball mate! 10kg is plenty by rep number 125 or should i say 25 haha. i carry a pocket calculator when doing the cell wods as i didnt get to do the 750 times table at school either.

  21. The Cell said

    F/Sq 82.5kgx4x5
    Snatch Pull 62.5x3x4
    Jerk 52.5kgx2x2, 57.5kgx2x2, 60kgx2x2, 110kgx1x1X

    WOD (W/Stef)
    AMRAP/20 mins (w/10kg Weight Vest)
    1 rnd =
    100kg Deadlift x 1
    10kg Weighted Pull Up x 1
    100kg Deadlift x 3
    10kg Weighted Pull Up x 3
    100kg Deadlift x 5
    10kg Weighted Pull Up x 5
    Jase Rnds: 9 rnds+1+1+3+3
    Stef Rnds: 10 rnds+1+1+3+3

    Stef did a bunch of strength stuff beforehand as well. I’ll let him post that.

    JD πŸ™‚

  22. gus said

    i went for a run this morning

    gusman wasn’t built for running…

  23. The Cell said

    Snatch Complex @ 45kgs
    1 rep every 30 secs for 10 mins
    B/Sq 90kgx5x5
    WOD with Jase as above


  24. Kate said

    Another fantastic outdoor session this morning. Doing tough tasks together forges genuine respect and admiration.
    Thank you Tracy and Steve for a great morning.
    Such a sense of achievement:-)

  25. The Cell said

    Kate you are mint! For you to say that means a lot considering the things you have done in your life and achievements you have made!



  26. Will said

    Managed to do a 1km “walk the dog” today. Trying to get the horrible hospital drugs out of my system.

  27. Biljana said

    Warm Up – 800m run, mobility work, 2 rounds of:
    10x 5kg OH MedBall Lunges, 10x Russian Twists, 10x Medball squats

    WOD – 5 rounds for time of:
    Row, 750m
    5kg, Med Ball Wall Ball x 15 reps

    21.06 min

  28. Thank you Pete.

  29. dan said

    Awesome WOD,

    I had some serious DOMS in the legs from the B.Squats so there was a serious deep burn in the legs, however excuses are not results!

    WOD as RXD: 21:17
    great work to everyone for a solid few days.


  30. Jane said

    Just one session today – thankfully – that 10km run really took it out of me, so had an extra hour in bed and choose to do the session in the evening.

    Today;s WOD was 7 x 1 rep max DL

    So with my “new” olympic bar πŸ™‚ I did the following and I’m very proud of my efforts, especially because I was on my own and I tend to get a bit scared about lifting on my own

    60kg / 65kg / 70kg / 75kg / 80kg / 82.5kg / 85kg

    The most I have ever lifted is 75kg so I’m stoked with this effort, but I couldn’t lift 85kg more than once!!!

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