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Friday 08 January 2010

Posted by The Coach on January 7th, 2010

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
Overhead Squat, 10 reps (Choose your load)
Sit Up, 20 reps

Post load, rounds, and score to comments.

To find your score, multiply load by rounds
The higher your score, the better
Eg: 10 rounds with 45kgs = 450
12 rounds with 35kgs = 420
Partial rounds count as a % of a round
Eg 12 rounds + 10 OHS + 2 Sit Ups = 40% of a round. Score = 12.40 x Load


15 Responses to “Friday 08 January 2010”

  1. Adam Piller said

    nice one!!

  2. Steve said

    I know it’s not sunday but I felt this passage from Mark Twight could provoke some mid-week thought… Stef I know you will like it.

    “Others discuss and even argue about which training method is the ‘best.’ I’ve participated in that conversation. I won’t now though because – the way most people do it – it is only physical training and therefore, for my purposes, one-dimensional and shallow. To me the point is growth, and to be specific: psychological growth. Building strength and endurance is dandy. Hell, it’s an admirable objective and pastime in a society of the mostly indolent and obese. But it’s EASY. The hard part is what comes next. The hard part is using one’s acquired physical capabilities, and testing to learn whether those skills are as meaningful or valuable as all the ‘atta boy’ gym patter pretends. And the really tough part is translating physical capability into equivalent mental horsepower and psychological growth. Nice muscles decorating a 4-bit CPU are (like) lipstick on a pig. And in my opinion, if one develops his or her own multi-core processor, then the rest, i.e. the decoration or the physical capability will follow as a consequence. Every meaningful physical achievement that has occurred in or around the Gym Jones project has originated in the mind. And I believe it’s the only muscle worth training.”

  3. The Cell said



    And Steve there is always time for Sunday if you know what I mean my friend…

  4. Damon said

    3×3 Power cleans @ 80kg
    for time:
    30 Back squats @ 80kg
    30 push ups
    30 Back squats @ 80kg
    time: 4:48

    Squats less than bodyweight (83%), but the weight felt about right for my progression. Fatigue is setting in from the weeks loads, but will get through 2 more sessions before the end of the week and then enjoy the recovery process before engaging in another week of intensity.

  5. gus said

    800m run, mobility, OHS practice, kb stuff

    AMRAP 20min:
    10 x OHS – single arm 12kg KB (coz of shoulder)
    20 x sit up

    = 11 rounds + 10 + 13

    stef said to count kb at double, so score is 11.77 * 24 = 282.4

    i’m relatively weak at sit ups so was in struggle town with those after about 5 or so rounds

  6. Rhys said

    I’ve read a few articles by Mark Twight and found alot of them very helpfull, such as learning from failure and psychological growth, very good reads all written by a man whos talking from experience. They’ve helped me reflect on performances that were not good enough(in my eyes) aswell as pushing past when the body says no more(because there is sometimes no other way to get home) Sometimes I find helpful to think “what if there no other way out than another 100 metres of lunges with these freakin dumbells”. Sore buns…

  7. michelle said

    Warm up: 800m run, various mobility drills, KB OHS practice

    WOD: AMRAP in 20min of
    20kg Overhead Squat x 10
    Sit up x 20

    Did 17 full rounds and 5 OHS = 17.16 rounds at 20kg = total score 343.2

    It would be interesting to do this again with a heavier load and compare scores…..

  8. michael a said

    w/u;800mt run
    o/h squat
    k/b squat
    wod;amrap in 20mins
    10 o/h squats(25kg)
    20 s/ups=12 rnds,score 300.

  9. The Cell said

    Steve just read your post from yesterday, you are f…ing quality!!!



  10. kate said

    Warm up: 800m run, various mobility drills, KB OHS practice

    AMRAP in 20 min
    10 OHS (8.25kg)
    20 sit ups
    22 full rounds and 3 OHS = score of 182.3

    OHS are my nemesis. Moved quickly through the rounds but just don’t have the strength to increase the weight . . . yet.
    Thanks to the boys at lunch for support and inspiration!

    Michelle you are awesome, You are my new hero.

  11. The Cell said

    Right, time to harden up, wasnt going to train today but due to unforeseen circumstances and the fact that Kate told me to toughen up; so I did!

    “A day of KB’s”

    Warm up:
    100 cal on Airdyne
    Mobility drills
    KB drills

    KB Single arm OHS
    1min right arm @ 24kg
    1min left arm @ 24kg
    2min rest
    2min right arm @ 20kg
    2min left arm @ 20kg
    4min rest
    3min right arm @ 16kg
    3min left arm @ 16kg

    4min rest

    KB Single arm front squat
    1min right arm @ 28kg
    1min left arm @ 28kg
    2min rest
    2min right arm @ 24kg
    2min left arm @ 24kg
    4min rest
    3min right arm 20kg
    3min left arm 20kg

    4min rest

    Single arm shoulder press
    1min right arm @ 24kg
    1min left arm @ 24kg
    2min rest
    2min right arm @ 20kg
    2min left arm @ 20kg
    4min rest
    3min right arm @ 16kg
    3min left arm @ 16kg

    4min rest

    Single arm Push Press
    1min right arm @ 24kg
    1min left arm @ 24kg
    2min rest
    2min right arm @ 20kg
    2min left arm @ 20kg
    4min rest
    3min right arm @ 16kg
    3min left arm @ 16kg

    4min rest

    KB Two handed swings
    3mins @ 24kg
    3min rest
    2mins @ 28kg
    2min rest
    1min @ 32kg


    The purpose of this work out is volume and conditioning with Bells, at no point are you allowed to place the bells down, for each movement there are specific and allocated resting positions (I wouldnt call them rests though) For instance for the presses, you are allowed to rest in the rack position or over head locked out, that is it!

    Before I knew it, from warm up to finish I had done about 2hrs of work. Felt good and enjoyed this! Laughed when I was doing the shoulder presses at 24kg and only got like 3 reps per arm in the minute and the rest of the time was racked. haha!


    *No time for appropriate cooldown as I had clients…

  12. Kate said

    Wow!!! Nice work Stef. I guess you didn’t slack off. You’ll be one of the big guys before you know it:-)

  13. Adam Piller said

    solid effort coach

  14. The Cell said

    Dble Unders
    Mobility Drills

    High bar Back Squat
    Clean Deadlift
    Push Press
    Jerk Dip Squat

    12-9-6 reps of:
    70kg OHS
    Burpee Pull Ups
    Time: 11.17mins

    JD 🙂

  15. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Run 800m, Mobility drills, KB OHS practice.

    WOD with 20kg bar.
    18 rounds plus 3 OHS = 362

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