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Thursday 07 January 2010

Posted by The Coach on January 6th, 2010

Power Clean
3-3-3 @ 75% 3RM

Post loads to comments

For time:
B/W Back Squat, 30 reps
Sprint 200m
B/W Back Squat, 30 reps

Post time to comments


19 Responses to “Thursday 07 January 2010”

  1. Biljana said

    Whose cruel sense of humour to pop this little beauty in after the lunges today????

  2. michelle said

    Biljana – have you seen what’s planned for the Jacob’s Ladder session??? Yikes!

  3. andrew said

    you ladies will have buns of steel..10 rds of jacobs ladder in 30 mins minimum please

  4. Adam Piller said

    that pic is awesome, pete is thinking, f@$k this 20ft target is way to high!!!

  5. gus said

    thursday is supposed to be a rest day, but power cleans programmed and i just picked up my oly bar and bumpers.. hmmmmm

  6. Adam Piller said

    Nice one G I reckon it’s time to see if the bounce more than the cell bumpers! In the living room of course!

  7. The Cell said

    How is everybody’s arse today???



    P.S. Adam you are super fast bro, you smashed yesterday, you are almost as fast as our friend and yours, Brad… haha!

  8. Damon said

    Forced rest today on account of the gym not opening.

    Sit outside closed gym for 40min practicing non attachment

    Will work one day behind The Cell schedule for the rest of the week.

  9. The Cell said

    Steve mentioned yesterday that every individual should engage in something that evokes fear within their own personal being on a daily basis. I reflected upon this and have meditated upon it also. I strongly agree with this and understand the benefits of this, today, Damon my friend to some degree you practiced something that potentially many are fearful of; and that is losing what we perceive to be ours. We create these psychological attachments to our loved ones, material belongings, our houses, cars, etc. We attach ourselves to relationships and due to our emotional component of our being it makes it difficult. when we get an idea and it sticks in our mind and it fails to see itself through to completion this is when we must practice the art of non attachment…


  10. The Cell said

    NIkk, I heard you were inspirational yesterday and you encouraged those who were really struggling. My young friend I am proud of you, very proud of you! And on top of that I heard it was a real slug for you! It is days such as those yesterday that assist you in finding what you are truly capable of…

    There are great things to come for you…


  11. The Cell said

    Warm up
    100 cal on Airdyne
    Mobility drills
    Burgener Warm up, 2 rounds with 20kg bar

    Power Cleans
    75kg (B/W) straight sets

    60kg Thrusters, 5 reps
    K2E, 10 reps
    25kg Sandbag Half moons, 10 reps
    2 x Rope Climbs, 1 rep/ascent
    Paralette push up to pass through, 10 reps
    Muscle ups, 3 reps
    TIME = 31.17min

    Stretch / foam roller

    *Was in the hurt box for this one
    Thrusters all unbroken, except for round 2 and 3
    Muscle ups all unbroken
    Ascents all unbroken
    K2E all unbroken
    Paralette work and Half moons broken reps

    I would say this is definitely a sub 25min WOD, perhaps even a sub 20min WOD


  12. Adam Piller said

    bum is sore.

    brads legs are too short, i would have smashed him. BAM!!

  13. Will F said

    Well done Nikk.

    My glutes are hurting today, squats didn’t help this morning.

    W/U: 1000m row, mobility, 1x cfwu
    Strength – Powerclean 39kg 3-3-3

    Now I’m becoming better at deadlifts I enjoy being able to incorporate them into other movements.

    Backsquats (29kg) x 30 reps
    Run 200m
    Backsquats (29kg) x 30 reps

  14. Biljana said

    Warm Up – 1km row, CFWU x1 round, Mobility drills

    Power Clean
    3-3-3 @ 75% 3RM

    45/50F/50/52.5kg PB

    After a really tough week of training, I had the best session for a long time today. Got to learn and practise some new skills and got a PB in the process. Oh Yeah!! Life is good!! 🙂 Thanks Jase!!

  15. Steve said

    Very good work from the outdoor crew tonight- 30 solid minutes of work.

    It is always fun to train amongst the poor unfortunate souls who have not seen real fitness being developed. They trudge up and down the ladder trying to stay in some magic heart rate range that will help to “tone the thighs” making sure their ipod is at full blast so they can avoid acknowledging the pain of actually doing something slightly difficult.
    It was quite amusing to see peoples faces as Michelle, Phil and Paul powered up the ladder and then grabbed a kettlebell and swung it like crazy, and then did it all again.
    Embrace the pain, thrive on doing things others view as “too hard”, and have the quite confidence of someone who knows that when “that day” comes we will be ready for anything… Only the strong survive.

  16. Chanel said

    1000m row, mobility, cfwu

    3 x 20 kg power cleans
    3-3-3 25kg power cleans

    30x 15kg power cleans
    200m run
    30x 15kg power cleans


    150 situps


  17. The Cell said

    Steve, that is awesome! Love it 🙂


  18. michelle said

    I’m going to post my results from outdoor training here because it won’t let me post on the outdoor training blog (any ideas why, jason?? It won’t publish my comments and says they’re waiting for moderator approval)

    Anyway, it was a great session. Anyone who has being considering going and hasn’t yet should definitely get down there!!

    WOD: AMRAP in 30min of
    Jacob’s Ladder descent/ascent
    20 x American-style KB Swings, 12kg

    Managed 6 rounds even

    Finisher: Flying burpees up Cliff St
    Time = 4:15 (I think)

    This was super tough, especially after Wednesday’s lunges, but a whole heap of fun!! Thanks, Steve 🙂

  19. Amanda said

    The power clean beat me yesterday. All head mostly. First bit of fear I have felt in a WOD.

    3-3-3 Power Clean
    40 kg

    Back squat , 30 @ 35kg
    200 m run
    Back Squat, 30 @ 35kg


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