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Wednesday 06 January 2010

Posted by The Coach on January 5th, 2010

For time:
Cover 400m as follows –
Walking Lunge, 10 reps
8kg Dumbbell Push Press, 10 reps

Do not put the Dumbbells down.
Doing so earns you a 10 Burpee penalty to be paid at the end of the WOD

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23 Responses to “Wednesday 06 January 2010”

  1. Damon said

    WOD as rx, 5 3/4 times around the tennis court = appox 400m
    time: 29:43

    went paleo with this one in bare foot, have nice momento with blisters on big toes. Form on the lunges deteriorated while trying to protect feet in the last 50m but otherwise felt good through the process. No burpee penalty at the end. if attempting this again would go heavier with the DBs set between 10 to 12kg.

  2. andrew said

    WU – bear crawl, 10 x push ups, 10 x squats – all x 3

    WOD – as rx’ed 18:35.

    was more a pain threshold thing rather than cardiovascular or strength (psst dont tell stef but i reckon the 12.5kg DB’s would have been ok)

    I will need a hoist to get me out of my chair tommorrow tho…

  3. michelle said

    Warm up: Cycle 20km (hard pace as I was running late), skipping, mobility, lunge practice

    WOD: As Rx’d
    Time = 26:51 (I think)

    The push press was fine, I could have used heavier dumbells like Andrew and Damon. It would have made the lunges hurt more, though.

    I ended up having to cycle most of the way to work (about 15km) after being kicked off the train. And after about 5km I was really wishing I had run off with Stef’s beautiful new Monster, which had crossed my mind earlier in the morning πŸ˜‰

  4. andrew said

    all the girls want a shot on stef’s monster πŸ™‚

  5. michelle said

    We’ll have to wait for the guys to finish with it first πŸ˜‰

  6. Shoulders Mgee said

    Hope all you Big Boys are training Hard!!!!!!

    I have given you all a head start to the year. Maybe each of you can work on that mental capacity, beacuse when I get back the games will begin and you will need everything you got to chase me down.

    WOD: 1 round for time

    Wake Up- IN PAIN
    1. Body roll to stomach into a half push up
    2. Single leg tuck-pause to catch breathe(repeat with other leg)
    3. Extended leg thrust to ground- pause to catch breathe (repeat with other leg)
    4. 1/8 squat Body Weight with core stability
    5. 10m “duck walk” with wall assistance to toilet
    6. Half body weight lean with wall assistance-pause to catch breathe

    Time 5 min 33 secs

  7. Steve said

    Second outdoor session at Cottesloe Beach and the first with a swim component was rudely interrupted by a 3m tiger shark…
    The beach was pretty much empty, but I put it to a vote and in true warrior spirit we all said f*#k it, we dont get out of the water for anything less than 5m… so we cracked on and got the job done.
    They say to do something everyday that scares you, and Tracy you got yours out of the way before 7am!

    Nice work by everyone. Swimming with sharks is a lot more fun than lunging your way up a service road in cockburn….

  8. The Cell said

    Brad that sounds painful mate! Good to see you posting though. What’s the latest on the back?

    Love it Steve! F&%k the shark! Although not sure our insurance company would share our attitude!! πŸ™‚

    Everyone that did the lunging WOD. The dumbbells were light for a reason. They were really just to distract you from lunging. Great effort but good luck walking tomorrow! πŸ˜›


  9. Peter Yeates said

    Warm-up = 5 minutes of Skipping, some Bear crawls, Push ups, Squats, shoulder mobility.

    WOD = as Rx’d
    Time = 24:36
    The 8 kg DB’s felt like the correct weight for the amount of reps.

  10. stef said

    Warm up
    Stare at the Ocean and send a telepathic message to the all the little hidden carnivores ou there that if they come near me I will unch them straight in the throat and gauge their little eyes out (with respect for their own environment ofcourse)


    3km Ocean swim at Coogee

    Some treading water drills as a finisher, nothing to involved though.

    Beautiful water today, the current was strong on the return.

    Regarding the lunges, you are all going to be sore tomorrow, enough said about that, BAM!

    Brad I love you, you are inspiratinal, I believe that is your first post ever! If it takes you to be injure (temporarily ofcourse) to post, then it is a sad day! Keep posting brother, before you know it you will be good to go again.

    Great work by all this morning, the mental strength shown by all this morning was intense, well done to the Cott crew also!

    “When we think we know, we usually do not, and when we are sure we know, maya (illusion) plays her fiddle and sweeps us off the suposedly concrete foundation of knowledge we are standing on…” SS


  11. Adam Piller said

    brad tell them about the time you sneezed on the toilet and nearly fell in because your shoulders weigh too much…

  12. kate said

    loved the outdoor workout today! so fun being outside and working hard.
    i’m with steve; i love a lunge as much as the next person, but sharks are way cooler.

  13. Biljana said

    Warm Up – 5 min skipping, mobility drills then 3 rounds of Bear Crawl 15m, 10 Push Ups, 10 Squats

    WOD: 400m lunges,
    every 10 lunges perform 10 push presses – Push Press 6kg (ladies)

    As Rx’d – 43:16

    OMG!! This WOD was tough enough to do but to make it interesting I stupidly chose to do it at lunch in the heat of the day!!LOL

  14. Will F said

    That beach WOD would have frightened the hell out of me. Well done to the beach goers.

    WU – bear crawl, 10 x push ups, 10 x squats – all x 3. mobility

    After feeling faint and almost spewing I decided I really needed to stop. This WOD got the better of me.

    WOD – 200m 8KG DB, 19.39 – the walk back with the weights was almost as painful as the lunges were at this stage.

    When I told Stef I was going for 8KG DB’s I should have taken better attention to the look on his face of “*pause* what? yeah give it a shot” – what doesnt kill me makes me stronger πŸ™‚

  15. gus said

    if you see a shark, punch it in the face then do some burpees

  16. Jane said

    are you guys serious about the shark???

    I gave approval to shut Swanbourne Beach yesterday because of 2 x shark sightings and it was reopened this morning, apparently all clear??

    I have an open water swim session with my swim squad tomorrow morning at Cottesloe and I can tell you now there is no bloody way I am getting in any ocean if I can see a shark or even get a sniff of one!!!

    Crossfit has it’s limits

  17. gus said

    yeah, they sounded an alarm, but steve told us it was the “everything is ok alarm” πŸ˜›

  18. Rhys said

    Haha everything is ok alarm… thats gold!

    My day
    AM: 7km run at a moderate pace to make sure the knees are good.
    1200: Todays WOD as Rx’d 40:45
    Sarv: Swim 1km first 500 at 85% secong 500 at 95%

    Knees are fully tip top for some stupid running in the future. The lunchtime workout was difficult, our times look bad but it was hard going. Well done to the younger lads for their efforts, and Nik for still blowing bubbles with his gum while lunging. Swim ended up being wholly crap my shoulders are sore I wana sleep now.

  19. Vicki said

    Ah, a 3m is only going to taste you πŸ™‚ Crossfitters are too tough to chew on anyway. WISH I could do the beach sessions… Don’t want the Japanese whalers coming for me tho πŸ˜‰

    Did 300mt this morning, with a 4KG set of DB’s at one end and the groovy 6kg pink KB’s at the other end of a 10 mt stretch (carrying them might have been a little silly!) The 4’s were definitely too light.
    26.6 (I think). I actually really enjoyed this – def could have gone to 400 but a) I’d still be there and b) gotta listen to the body a bit more now.

    Stef, that is one sexy bike – Michelle’s face said it all when you ride in – WOW!

  20. Biljana said

    Hey Rhys…who cares about the times at the end of the day…we finished that sucker to fight another day..albeit a little sunburnt and bruised and what’s more…we had our own shark at The Cell circling us as we lunged – STORM!! πŸ™‚

  21. Adam Piller said

    good work by all this one was tough. hit a steady pace off the line and stuck on it.

    wod as rxd 14.02mins (no burpees)

  22. Chanel said

    First session back in a while due to injury and chest infections!

    warm up
    5mins skipping
    3 rounds 15m bear crawl, 10 x squats
    65m 2x6kg barbell walking lunges (had to give em up due to hip flexor)

    6 rounds
    50m 32kg KB farmers carry, 15 squats
    2 rounds
    50m 32kg KB farmers carry


    it’s gonna be a long way to the top to get my sausage rolll….

  23. Biljana said

    Chanel..glad to hear you are back training!! πŸ˜€

    Adam..You’re an animal!…That WOD time is insane!!! 😯

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