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Wednesday 02 December 2009

Posted by The Coach on December 1st, 2009

Running Drills
Stable Arm Drill 2 x 25m
Carioca 2 x 10 each direction
Exaggerated Foot Pulls, 2 x 10 each side
Wall Drill, 2 x 20 each leg

Run Throughs
2 x 1.30 min repeats (or 400m) @ 100 cadence
1 x 6 mins (or 1 km) @ 94 cadence

As many rounds as possible in 10 mins
24kg Kettlebell Thruster, 15 reps (Right Arm)
24kg Kettlebell Thruster, 15 reps (Left Arm)
Sprint 100m

Post rounds to comments

Running Skills and Drills (mov) (wmv)


22 Responses to “Wednesday 02 December 2009”

  1. andrew said

    WU – 1km row, mobility


    WOD – 24kg KB looked a bit ambitious so scaled it down to 20kg but after 1 round Jason scaled me down further to 16kg which was still a struggle. last rd was in sets of 5 reps. 4 rds, 15r, 10l.

    Just call me Shoulders McGee this week.

  2. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Glute activation, Mobility drills, Row 1k, POSE practice.

    WOD = Scaled to 16kg
    3 rounds + 15 right arm thrusters, + 6 left arm thrusters.

  3. Vicki said

    Pose stuff
    Mobility, row, and another row while the crew were running.

    Push Press 8kg
    5 rounds + 6 PP

  4. andrew said

    bianca – if you are looking for sympathy it’s in the dictionary between sh*t and syphillis – but you won’t find it at the cell (especially not from jason…)

  5. Steve said

    I hope the 6:30pm crew appreciate the sacrifice of missing the Danny Green fight tonight. Might have to relocate the WOD to my house or the nearest licensed venue…. Kb thrusters and beers- I wonder what the end result of that would be..

  6. The Cell said

    Hmmm, sympathy. Hi Jase, I’m sore. That’s nice, I totally understand, I just don’t care πŸ˜› hahahaha

    I’ve done some psych tests through work before and before you lot say anything, yes I passed. But they found I had a “feelings” score of 0!!! Perfect for my line of work! πŸ™‚ hahaha

    Seriously though, I do care if you’re injured, ill or just plain sore. The first 2 we can work around. The soreness, well that sucks, but we’ll get through it. (Add group hug here)


  7. gusman said

    nice work, andrew, on doing the third shoulders wod in a row! i did the previous two and am glad i’m up to a rest day

    also, i have a bruised vertebrae from dropping the barbell on it during every.single.push press, lol!

    p.s. hi jase, i’m sore, can i have a hug? πŸ˜›

  8. The Cell said

    1 mile jog to warm up + mobility drills

    2-2-2 reps
    70/75, 75X/80X, 80kgsX

    “Death by Tabata”
    Alternating 85kg Deadlift and Burpees for 16 rounds
    Total reps: 119
    (67 Deads, 52 Burpees)

  9. Will F said

    Steve – the gate it down the road, have a car park session there. KB Thursters WITH beer πŸ˜‰

    WOD – 12KG KB, 4 rnds

    The left was difficult, will start working strength of my left at home.

  10. The Cell said

    Pint thrusters x 15 Left
    Pint Thrusters x 15 Right
    Scull Pint
    Sprint 25m to Bar, grab another pint
    5 rounds for time

    Penalty: Spilt beer earns you 10 burpees to be paid off at the end of the WOD!


  11. Adam Piller said

    g-star i hear ya, i have a blue neck too

  12. The Cell said

    Warm up
    1000m row
    Mobility work

    Cash in
    Max dead hang strict pull ups (overhand grip)
    12 reps


    Shoulder press
    50-50-50kg (should of gone heavier)

    β€œDeath by Tabata”
    Alternating 85kg Deadlift and ‘Lateral’ Burpees for 16 rounds
    Total reps: 123

    Finisher (with 15 pound weight vest)
    24kg right arm overhead carry, 50m
    24kg left arm overhead carry, 50m
    GHD sit ups, 10 reps
    Hip Ext, 10 reps

    Cash out
    max dead hang strict pull ups (under grasp grip)



    *Want to really improve my dead hang strict pull ups, feel I need to become stronger with these!

  13. Dan said

    Hey Gus and Adman,

    I too have a lump on the back of my neck. I might try out for a part in the musical as Quasi e Motto. I can sing ” My lump, My lump, my lovely barbell lump, check it out!”

    It’s all good, I’m just trying to shake this fleu, anyone got a magic potion or ancient voodoo remedy, besides ‘a nice warm glass of hard the $%^& up’



  14. Dan said

    sorry Adam,

    I called you Adman, a silly typo



  15. gusman said

    if only i’d listened to wu tang a bit more…. protect ya neck!

    dan – loads of vitamin c and echinacea seems to be the ticket for the flu… for more detailed info get on to your local crazy naturopath, pete!

  16. Elle said

    Dan, you’re a weirdo…:) (wow, this is my first comment):)

    I have a lump on my neck too – Jace, the Cell is producing some serious deformities πŸ˜‰


  17. The Cell said

    BAM! lumps everywhere! We love it, I have 2 cures!

    1. Harden the F*$k up!

    2. Be patient and once you learn more of the olympic lifts and naturally (with intent ofcourse) become more mobile, will avoid dropping that bar fiercely too high up on your neck and your traps will absorb the shock!

    Dan, rest mate, it really helps! Sleep, the body recovers best when rested and sleep is truly magical, bite the bullet and rest!



  18. Biljana said

    Hey Steve…. sorry on the late cancel tonight – really disappointed…just couldn’t get myself and the boys there on time for 5.30 class with a few unexpected things happening this afternoon (…and there was no way I was going to get a burpee penalty for being late or no show!!!!! )

    See you tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  19. Adam Piller said

    im taping the green fight so will check it out when i finish up in the 6.30 crew.

    Dan i hit the USANA vitamin C and Garlic when i cop the flew, rest and water are mandatory.
    no probs about the “Adman” call, i have had worse haha!!

  20. Adam Piller said

    Wod as rxd 3 rounds plus 15 thrusters

    very deceiving wod! Tomorrow looks like an absolute bull-tearer!

  21. Jane said

    omg – I can hardly move today after Mon & Tues WOD’s – its been a long time since I have had this much muscle soreness, its all I can do to bend down and put my shoes on – hope I can squeeze myself into my wetsuit in the morning for ocean swimming πŸ™‚

    P.S. Jason, I’m not looking for sympathy, well, maybe just a little!

  22. The Cell said

    Adam: I do believe you called 7 rounds last night mate. Looks sooo much easier on paper hey?? πŸ™‚

    Jane: Here’s some sympathy πŸ˜›
    I’m sore too and I haven’t done much so it must be sympathy soreness. Who says I don’t care.

    Good to see you posting Elle. You’re always welcome here. And keep running during the POSE run throughs. Yep, I saw you walking πŸ˜‰ hehehe

    Dan: Echinacea and Vit C. Smash it down. Go see Pete and he’ll tell you about things you never knew you had wrong with you!! Plus it takes all the guess work out of using natural therapies. Just make sure you leave any preconceived views about that sort of thing at the door. I was initially a sceptic. But Pete found all sorts of things such as, I’d eaten too much lead on the range over the years and had high lead levels. Lesson: Wash your hands after handling rounds and don’t hold your spare round between your teeth when racking one up the spout! Hmmm, basics πŸ˜‰


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