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Tuesday 24 November 2009

Posted by The Coach on November 23rd, 2009

12 rounds for time of:
25kg Sandbag Thruster, 15 reps
10kg Russian Twist, 20 reps

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17 Responses to “Tuesday 24 November 2009”

  1. Adam Piller said

    No sand bag or med ball in home gym so had a “sub” fest

    swapped sand bag for 30kg barbell
    did Russian twists with 10kg plate

    only broke 2 sets thrusters, reps as rxd


  2. craig said

    22mins 40secs for the WOD….am losing it!

  3. michael.a said

    thought id do my own wod;4rnds 4 time
    500mt run
    100 skips
    25 situps
    15 pushups
    10 forward lunges 5ea leg(8kg)31.43

  4. andrew said

    5:00 am – walk fm port beach to cottesloe and back. swim 500m

    09:00 steve cotters KB course – excellent & dare i say good value. 4 hrs of intense tuition, exercises and drills by a true professional who knows his stuff and brings across his genuine love for what he does. inspirational

    BTW no KB drills or pullups in tommorrows WOD hands are red raw

  5. The Cell said

    Talkl about red raw! You should see my hands, and Jason’s are not too far off mine!


    Warm up
    Mobility work
    KB warm ups

    RULES – Single arm or two handed swing permissible, russian swing only.
    24 KB swing, 1000 reps
    TIME = 40.16min

    50 Burpees
    TIME = 2.20min

    * Left it too long before I taped up hands, silly me, it let me down, lungs were fine, grip was ok also towards the end, the hands were just rotten!

    Burpees were easy!


  6. The Cell said

    Warm Up
    Skipping – Mobility Work- Sanity Check (which i failed)

    Then for time…………
    1000 KB Swings – 16Kg
    Time = 42.06


    Then finisher for time……
    50 Burpees
    Time 3min + something
    Hard, I lied down after 35, the little fairy on my shoulder (Stef) motivated me appropriately to get up and finish the 50.

    My hands are sore and while there was some movement, they remain intact.

  7. The Cell said

    DUH did it again forgot to put my name to my Workout.


  8. Jane said

    Did this at home in my garage gym with the following subs

    12 rounds for time of:
    12kg Kettlebell Thruster, 15 reps
    10kg Russian Twist, 20 reps with weight plate

    20mins 57secs

  9. Will said

    What a great WOD…to finish and hope to never do again 😛

    W/U: 800m run, mobility

    12rnds for time
    15kg sb thrusters x15
    5kg med ball russian twists x20

  10. Dan & Elle said

    AM Session Port Beach

    Dan 3km run /Elle Bike
    max dead hang pull-ups (28reps)
    straight to max push-ups (50reps)
    Dan 3km run / Elle Bike
    Time: 30:11 min

    WOD As Rxd
    12 rounds for time of:
    25kg Sandbag Thruster, 15 reps
    10kg Russian Twist, 20 reps
    Time: 17:30 min
    8 rounds
    4kg d.bells, 15 reps
    5kg R. Twist, 20 reps
    Time:13:50 min

    post WO: roller

  11. Bliss said

    Warm up:

    800m run, mobility
    2 rounds
    10 x Push ups
    10 x Lunges
    10 x (imaginary) Thrusters


    12rnds for time
    sub Pushups for thrusters x15 (knee issues)
    10kg med ball russian twists x20

    *** very frustrated at not doing the thrusters.

  12. The Cell said

    Did the 24kg kb swings with Stef and Storm
    but only got through 750 before my 5pm
    clients came in. Phew, that was lucky!!

    Grip was ok. Hands are blistered, swollen and sore but intact. Woohoo. Felt this one most in my lower back. I’ve never actually had a cramp in my spinal erectors, but got one today. It sucked 🙂 Im pretty stoked that this is my 3rd day in a row of training. Haven’t done that in

    We like to test out WOD’s before throwing them into our program. Needless to say, this one won’t be appearing on the 23rd December as planned. Consider the bullet dodged guys :-p hahaha

  13. Biljana said

    Warm up – 800m run, mobility drills, 2 rounds of 10 push ups & lunges, 1 round air thrusters LOL

    WOD – scaled – 8 rounds for time of:

    15 x 15kg Sandbag Thrusters
    20 x 5kg Med Ball Russian Twists

    12:05 min

  14. Biljana said

    Jase, Stef & Storm …that KB WOD was mad today..props to you all for giving it a crack and even better- you’re not giving it to us!! MINT!!!!!

    Paul – Watching you grind through to the end of tonight’s WOD as Rx’d made me reflect on these quotes I read recently:

    Man imposes his own limitations, don’t set any!
    If it comes easy, it’s not worth having.
    Pain is temporary…Quitting lasts forever!

    So proud of you digging deep in the hardest moments of tonight’s WOD to get it done. Awesome!! 🙂

  15. Warm up
    800m run (so good I kept up to Luc and Will!) whoo hoo!
    mobility drills


    12rnds for time
    10kg med ball thrusters x15 (knee issues)
    4kg med ball russian twists x20

    A sign when you need some crossfit in your life

    (this one is for you Gus – could pair up with the “why you are fat” website you posted awhile back!) 🙂

  16. whoops, no knee issues for me! I borrowed Bliss’s text and forgot to delete that part!

  17. Paul said

    Thanks Biljana,Dan,Elle,Bliss and Stef
    for helping me through it felt like eternity

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