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Monday 23 November 2009

Posted by The Coach on November 22nd, 2009

Running Drills
Stable Arm Drill x 3
Carioca 2 x 10 each direction
Exaggerated Foot Pulls 2 x 10 each side
Wall Drill 2 x 20 each leg

Run Throughs
2 x 1:30 mins repeats @ 98 cadence
1 x 5 mins @ 93 cadence

5 rounds for time of:
B/W Front Squat, 5 reps
21″ Box Jump, 10 reps

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26 Responses to “Monday 23 November 2009”

  1. andrew said

    You’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder!

  2. graeme said

    hey gus, dom and i were going to kayaking next saturday morning.
    if your interested theres a trainer in freo we know starting “summer kayaking classes” next saturday. you can trundle down the river enjoying the morning whilst you decide if you like it without damaging your wallet. ill get some details and post them for anyone thats interested


  3. gus said

    sounds good, graeme… let me know, i may well be interested

  4. Damon said

    Summay of training for the past four days:

    Burgener Warm-up
    10 Sets of
    70kg Back Squats + 7 dips + 5 pull ups

    Friday at Crossfit Singapore
    Mobility Drills
    Tabata Something Else
    305 reps
    see Fridays session on Crossfit Singapore site for photo post WOD (me wearing The Cell Tshirt)

    Burgener Warm-up
    5 sets of
    3 Front Squat + 3 Push Jerk
    Friday The Cell WOD
    For time
    60kg thrusters + knees to elbows

    Burgener Warm-up
    One Arm DB power snatch
    2×5 sets
    40lb, 60lb, 80lb, 90lb, 100lb (failed on last rep on left arm)
    12 x 1 Full Cleans
    60kg, 65kg, 70kg, 75kg, 80kg, 85kg, 85kg, 80kg, 75kg, 70kg, 65kg, 60kg
    5×4 BW Bench Press (100kg)

    First full week of training for sometime and probably the hardest week of training ive had since ive been up in Singapore (past 15 months). My knee is feeling up for the more intense workload and good progress after having the operation in September. Fitness at the moment is still a constraining factor, but enjoying the process of developing an increased capacity in my body again. Rest tomorrow and will attempt Mondays WOD on Tuesday morning.

  5. dan said

    Hi team,

    We’re new to some of the TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms), could someone please tell me what B/W stands for? Also what is the Crossfit standard height for box jumps?

    Cheers and enjoy the session.

    Dan & Elle

  6. Damon said


    B/W = bodyweight

    if you go to the CF main site

    in section 1.12 contains reference to all the CF acronyms

  7. michelle said

    Hmmmmmmmmm…… I’m in at 0530 tomorrow, but am under strict instructions not to run, squat or jump 😮 That’s going to make this WOD interesting….

    Dan/Elle – I don’t know if there’s a standard height for CF box jumps, but at the Cell we generally use the large tyre, which is around 21″ 🙂

  8. The Cell said

    Generally crossfit standard I believe (but do not quote me) is 24 inches. Jason is the man to ask for that, but do not concern yourself too much for the crossfit standard (although your inquisition is appreciated), concentrate on the blood, sweat and tears you will expel training at The Cell.



  9. Biljana said

    Oh.. and I can’t help but throw this one in there following Stef’s comment…

    It’s not sweat..It’s my body crying!!!!

  10. The Cell said

    C’mon Dan, you should be used to using stoopid acronyms for everything!! 🙂

    Also check out the front of your Performance Log, that has many of the acronyms and abbreviations in it.

    Our standard box height at The Cell is 1.5 metres! 🙂 hahaha. Nah it’s actually 21 inches


  11. gus said

    pose running drills
    2 x 400m run at 98 cadence
    1 x 800m run at 91 cadence

    wod: 5 rft
    5 x 55kg front squat
    10 x box jump on to big tyre

    = 6:08

    front squats got pretty heavy!

  12. The Cell said

    You didn’t mention the 5 dead hang pull ups you knocked out Gusman!!! I was so proud 🙂


  13. Vicki said

    POSE stuff.

    WOD 26.5 then 17.5kg (over estimated a tad)
    21″ step ups
    Gasping like a dying fish at the end. Goodbye, lung capacity 😦
    Was awesome training with the 6.30 crew this morning!

    Top effort gusman – those DH pullups rocked. Anth – think you need the red band!

  14. michelle said

    Warm up: 1km row, mobility, CFWU (minus squats) x 3, L-pull up, ring pull up and ring dip practice.

    WOD: I’m still unable to use my left leg, so did 5 rounds for time of
    12kg seated KB Snatch, 10 each arm
    10 pistols (assisted, right leg only)

    Time = 6:45

    The seated snatches were hard!

    Awesome work on the pull ups, Gus!!

  15. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Glute activation, Row 1k, Shoulder mobility, Pose drills and running, Front squat x 5 @ 20, 40kg.

    WOD = Scaled the Front squats to 55kg, all else as Rx’d.
    Time = 3:42

    GusMan, brilliant work on the 5 dead hang pull-ups. 🙂

  16. gusman said

    thanks, guys! i’ve got 10 in my sights for the end of the year.. let’s see if it can be done

    jase – today is certainly a long way from when i started with you… purple band pull ups and 11″ box jumps!

  17. The Cell said

    Barbell Complex – 4 rnds (6 reps each of Deadlift, Bent Over Row, Hang Power Clean, Frint Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Push Ups)


    3 reps every minute on the minute for 15 mins,
    55kg Power Snatch

    This one was easy until about round 7. I was going to go 60kg but dropped my first attempt warming up so went back to 55kg. Glad I did. 55kg is around 75% 1RM. My snatch technique felt bloody awful. I haven’t done much snatching in a while and I was all over the shop but got through them. Not much of a gasser. Just tough to keep exploding over that time period.


  18. andrew said

    WU – 1km row, mobility

    Pose stuff incl 800m runs 😦 god how it hate that distance

    WOD – dialling it back thsi week so went for 55kg (same as pete & gus) which is 50% BW but still ate pete’s dust. big tyre got a bit congested at times and my knees cant take the jump down and back up ie I have to step down. 4:48

  19. Steve said

    Hey Gus-
    great work on the pull ups…
    Also are you aware of this website
    Found it on CF Football… pretty interesting, dont really know if they’re taking the piss. Either way it’s pretty funny

  20. Steve Sevenson said

    Yianni Sifandos is my hero

  21. Dan said

    Hey guys,
    light soft sand jog 500m
    ROM Drills

    WOD @ Leighton Beach 0630

    10 times
    50m sand sprint
    10x 10kg/med ball front squats
    10x box jumps on wall (approx 18inch)

    Dan time: 10:44
    Elle time: 12:40 (with Air squats)

    cool down in the glassy IO (Indian Ocean, for you acronym lovers!)

  22. The Cell said

    Warm up
    mobility work
    Bergener warm ups
    BB complexes (light weight)

    Snatch triplet every 30sec for 10mins consisting of:
    Snatch + OHS + HPS @ 45kg


    2 x 24kg KB Floor press, 5reps
    21″ single box jumps, 5reps each leg
    GHD sit ups, 10reps
    TIME = 6.49min


    *The snatch complex felt a touch heavy, deadlifts smooth and ok and the last WOD flowed at a good pace for me, after a whole week off, feel ok!


  23. michael a said

    warm up;1000mt row,mobility,pose(feeling more normal)
    wod;5 rnds for time-50kg front squatx5
    -10 box jumps 21inch 5.10

  24. Rhys said

    WU – 1km row, mobility
    Pose Running drills
    2*400 at 98 cadence
    1*800 at 91 cadence
    55kg front squats 5 reps
    10 Tire Jumps

    Mike is a machine doing BW front squats and all under 4 minutes. For kicks this arv I thought I needed some dead hang pull up practise and push up practise so i did…

    4 rounds of for time
    Swim 100m
    10 pullups
    25 pushups
    20 Double unders
    =23 Minutes

    Thats was hard and i wanted to do it quicker… Practise makes perfect i gues.

  25. Adam Piller said

    Wod as rxd 3.17mins

    felt strong and had bounce tonight. Good work all!

  26. The Cell said

    Rhys you are an animal!!!

    Well done mate!


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