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Tuesday 17 November 2009

Posted by The Coach on November 16th, 2009

10 rounds for time of:
Dead Hang Pull Up, 5 reps
Ring Dip, 10 reps
24kg Kettlebell Swing, 15 reps
10kg Wall Ball, 20 reps

If you have a weight vest or body armour, wear it.

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IKFF CKT Course @ The Cell 14/15 November 2009

IKFF CKT Course @ The Cell 14/15 November 2009


14 Responses to “Tuesday 17 November 2009”

  1. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Glute Activation, Dynamic mobility drills.

    WOD as Rx’d

    10 rounds for time of:
    Dead Hang Pull Up, 5 reps = all unbroken
    Ring Dip, 10 reps = broken into sets of 4,3,3
    24kg Kettlebell Swing, 15 reps = Russian style all unbroken
    10kg Wall Ball, 20 reps = split into sets of 5

    Time = 31:53

  2. Damon said

    Warm Up
    Burgener Warm Up

    10 Rounds
    5 Dead Hang Pull Ups
    10 Ring Dips
    18 KB Swings (20kg KB)
    20 Wall Ball (5kg Ball)
    Time: 36:16

    Had to dust of the rings for the first time in a long while and reget not bringing them out sooner while I have been recovering with my knee. Another long grinding workout that has Stef programing written all over it – not that I mind and enjoy the challenge of getting through sequences with this volume of work. Time wasnt quick and I was aiming for about 30min which I obviously exceeded.

    Will also start Oly lifting again and I am to work on an 9 week program of technique and progressive build up of weight in the basic lifts. Hence the Burgener Warm-Up at the beginning.

  3. andrew said

    WU – skipping, mobility drills (skips, karoake,lunges)

    WOD – subbed bar dips for ring dips and used BB for last 5 sets. Otherwise as posted. 22:43

    Felt like someone was running a blowtorch on my medial delts during later sets of wallballs.

  4. Adam Piller said

    nice work everyone this morning, andrew you were flying! good pace.

    wasnt overly thrilled about todays effort. only broke the ring dips in sets 2-10 though but had a fair rest in between movements.

    no vest, all as rxd – 32.39min

    good work pete, goes to show that it doesnt matter if you break things up, its all about the time!! nice work mate!

    great to hear you are back on your knee Damo! keep it up mate.

  5. Jane said

    did my first 5.30am class today I am a morning trainer, but usually swimming, cycling, running or yoga rarely CF in the morning so thought I should give it a try – what a workout to start with!!!

    WU – skipping, mobility drills

    WOD – 28.06
    used orange band on pull up sets 2 – 10 managed 1st set without band
    ring dips with orange band on all sets
    16kg kb
    5kg wall ball

    enjoyed this WOD – I like the longer ones 🙂

  6. The Cell said

    Andrew, even Superman had Kryptonite… You know what I am referring to! Everybody has areas that are better than others, the trick is to work those areas in full range of motion with lighter loads to improve neuromuscular function and coordination, strengthen neuro pathways and increase flexibility and mobility. Do this properly with intent, patience and be extremely diligent in being repetitious with this and you will succeed. Eventually what was difficult is now pleasant and quite easy! You must stat at the bottom to reach the top… Condition yourself slowly and do not be consumed with number, loads and volume, but rather be concerned with quality of work.

    Damon; we love you, keep hitting it hard brother!

    And note that all swings today are Russian! It is only American style if stated!



  7. Will said

    Warmup: Skipping, General and specific mobility.
    WOD: 10 rnds for time…
    5 DeadHang Pullups – BB
    10 Ring Dips – BB
    15 Russian Swings (16KG)
    20 Wall Ball (5KG)

    Broke the wall balls up into 5’s, these were killers, espically after a Jacobs Ladder run from the weekend…man I was glad to finish this WOD!

  8. andrew said

    stef – once you have achieved yr mission on snatch & jerk then we need to turn attention in making me the dip and OHS king

  9. gusman said

    you need some kind of epic OHS/dip montage in prep for the cell games 😛

    i will give this one a crack at home tonight i think. what’s a good sub for wall balls? i think i read somewhere you can do thrusters but twice the weight of the wall ball?

  10. Rhys said

    I was trying to think of something to do today so i thought I’d see how long it’d take to ride to The Cell, took an hour(in the rain which made me laugh) then i turned around and rode home.

    Stef-I tried focusing on my hydration and fuel for the fire even though it was only a bit over 60km. I had some strong powerade, water, carbo shots, and a apricot and sultana mix, I had one of them every 15mins interchanging as i went. I felt tops the whole way which was good.
    Do you reckon that sounds allright for nutrition on a ride? or to much or anything?

  11. michael a said

    warm up-skipping,lunges
    wod 5 dead hang pullups(blue band)broke up most rnds afta
    10 dips(blue band 1st3rnds)purple there afta broken(4,1,1,1,1,1,1)
    15 swings(16kg)
    20 wall ball(10kg)

  12. Adam Piller said

    gusman i usually sub wall ball for thrusters, use same weight or just a bit heavier because you aint throwing it.

  13. Bliss said

    Warm-up = Glute Activation, Dynamic mobility drills.


    10 rounds for time of:
    Dead Hang Pull Up, 5 reps – RB
    Ring Dip, 10 reps – BB
    16kg Kettlebell Swing, 15 reps – all unbroken
    5kg Wall Ball, 20 reps = split into sets of 5 and 10

    Time = 30:54

    The freaking wall ball killed me!!!

  14. Tracy said

    WOD – 37.22
    10 rounds for time of:
    Dead Hang Pull Up, 5 reps – BB (these are tough!)
    Ring Dip, 10 reps – RB
    16kg Kettlebell Swing, 15 reps – all unbroken
    5kg Wall Ball, 20 reps

    My neck muscles hurt today – like right under my chin! Must be all the struggling I was doing on my pull ups – scrunching the face works you know! 😉

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