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Friday 13 November 2009

Posted by The Coach on November 12th, 2009

Run Drills
Ball of foot hops with forward lean 3 x 3
Wall Drill: 2 x 20 each leg
Exaggerated Foot Pulls: 2 x 10 each leg

Run throughs
2 x 30 secs @ 94-96 cadence
1 x 2 min @ 91 cadence

12-9-6 rep rounds for time of:
60kg Overhead Squat
21″ Box Jump

Post time to comments

The Overhead Squat – Greg Glassman
Overhead Squat


23 Responses to “Friday 13 November 2009”

  1. andrew said

    The Cell – always at least one day ahead of the pack…

  2. Adam Piller said

    that guy is massive, no wonder he can squat so much! look at his legs

  3. andrew said

    Quadzilla he ain’t

    The Cell having repaired the glitch in the space-time continuum we blasted off at 05:30

    WU – 200m run, pose sh*t

    WOD – a pathetic 25kg on the bar 6 big tyre jumps. 12/9/6 of each – 3 mins something

    Then as an added bonus (thanks storm..) 3 x 500m rows with rest equal to time. Think it was

  4. Vicki said

    I second Andrew – POSE Sh*t BUT … Storm was aces with it – actually understood a little better, even if I am too flippin lame to put it into practice.

    WOD 12/9/6 OHS 11.5kg
    24/18/16 Step up

    500mt rows 2:14 each time 🙂

  5. Yeah box jumps…my favorite! 😛

  6. The Cell said

    Thank you Vicki…….your MINT

    Okay no more being nice…My RANT is about TAPE….the type you use to wrap your delicate little hands with.

    NO 1. Athletes if you have calluses on your delicate little handsy’s you need to read up a bit on Callus Maintenance, this will help alleviate tears.

    NO 2. All Athletes are now required to have there own supply of TAPE, last night i went through half a role of my own tape to protect little delicate hands.

    At the Cell all the tools we provide to conduct our workouts are looked after and treated with respect. So i expect as your hands are a tool, you should look after them and treat them with respect or they will not go the distance when you need them to.

    If you have your own tape, prior to a workout like last night where there were 100 pullups and 200 KB snatches in total. You might have said to yourself (if you have delicate hands) HOLY S%#T that is gonna tear me up I HAD BETTER TAPE MY DELICATE HANDS.

    No i am not going to provide one on one instruction on the most effective way to tape your hands so it stays secure and does not roll back, you are going to google, you tube or research it for yourselves.

    Rant over……


  7. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Runing and Pose Running Drills, Shoulder mobility, OHS practice.

    WOD with 40kg’s

    Time = 5:07 Slow coz kept dropping the bar. 🙂

    Finisher 3 x 500m row with equal rest.

    These 2 vid may help with hand care and taping.

    How to take care of calluses on your hands from CrossFit Los Angeles on Vimeo.

    Taping your hands for pull-ups from CrossFit Los Angeles on Vimeo.

  8. michelle said

    Warm up: 20km cycle to the Cell, 200m run, POSE drills, mobility, OHS Broomstick x 10, 15kg x 3, 25kg x 3

    WOD: 12-9-6 reps of
    30kg Overhead Squats
    Big tyre jump

    Time = 4:02

    I’m glad I used 30kg for the OHSs. The first set was unbroken, then I lost control of the bar once in each of the subequent rounds. It was tough! But I love overhead squats 🙂

    Then: 3 x 500m row
    Times were approximately:

    Then cycled 24km to work.

    Okay, so I was going to rant about this because I’ve noticed it in about 95% of posts, but decided it would interupt my breakfast-eating too much. So, I’ll simply point out to everyone:

    Your = ‘belonging to you’ e.g. “Get your own tape!”

    You’re = ‘you are’
    e.g. “Vicki, you’re mint” or “Stef, you’re slow”.

    Some people call me the grammar nazi 🙂

  9. andrew said

    just dont get me started on dangling modifiers…

  10. gusman said

    hahaha awesome, michelle – just don’t get me started on the use of apostrophe s

    i just kept going on last night’s wod and worried about my delicate little handsies after… it’s suffice to say that it was hard driving to work today

    mine wasn’t a callous maintenance issue as they held up fine as i look after them… it’s just tears in places that don’t usually get worked (200 kb snatches i believe are the culprit)

  11. Storm said


    You’re MINT – Im not the best at grammer due to the fact my mind goes 100 mile an hour and i just want to get it on the page…..

    Thank Pete everyone for his links……

    From now on those that cant or do want to participate in the drills for Pose Running that is fine, I will not make them if thier interest and heart is not into learning this style of running.


    Dont let me catch anyone walking during the run phase of a WOD (there will be a penalty), and dont think I will give you any form of the sympathy for sore feet, heels or hamstring strains due to it.

    And while others are outside doing the drills that i wish to teach, am alternative warmup will be issued.

    This may seem a little harsh but I am interested in this style of running and would like to help those that are interested to improve the efficiency of thier running.

    (This applies to those classes that i am taking and cannot speak for the other trainers)

  12. Storm said

    See typing to fast

    it should read “that cant or do not want to”


  13. The Cell said

    I support our coaches whole heartedly! I strongly believe Storm is justified in what she is saying is passionate and sincere and ultimately is looking after all athletes best interests! What hurts you, what bothers you, what haunts you, what scares you and what you despise or wish not to tackle is effectively what will strengthen you, build you and develop you as an athlete and a person!


  14. gusman said

    if you lot were any more mint you’d start sh*tting money

  15. andrew said

    storm – that should be “too” fast not “to” fast. 150 burpees please.

  16. Vicki said

    Or peppermints Gusman:)

    Michelle heheheee I too am a grammar nazi. I cannot abide people saying “pacific” instead of “specific”.
    Not to mention too, to and two, loose and lose (you “lose” weight people, not LOOSE it! Many others I will not mention!

    Storm – you are mintox! Pete get back to work!
    While I find POSE very hard – especially now, I really want to master it as I have a hankering to want to learn how to enjoy running… I must be going insane. Storm – I have a stockwhip for the walkers, if you want to borrow it 🙂

  17. Damon said

    First workout at Crossfit Singapore this morning with Kevin (Level 2 Crossfit trainer).

    40kg Bag cleans 5×2
    Wall squats x 5

    7 rounds
    100M sandbag sprints (40kg)
    10 Sledgehammer smash on the big tyre
    time: 8:45
    mobility drills 15min

    Great to be in a Crossfit environment again, pouring with rain this morning while doing the WOD but at least it kept the heat at bay. Conditioning still a long way to go before returning to pre injury but enjoying the process of getting back there.

  18. andrew said

    damon – whereabouts is the crossfit singapore located?? is it CBD??

  19. Damon said


    Its outside the CBD near the National Stadium opposite Kallang Leisure Park open carpark

    82 Jalan Bennan Kapal, Kallang Park

    Kevin indicated that his lease is up for renewal and will have to move soon. Location is not ideal for me as its difficult to get to especially in peak hour when the APEC summit is nearby like it was this morning.

    Maybe the new location will be easier to get to.

    If you are ever in Singapore drop me a line and we can always train anywhere in Singapore as ive got some equipment here – which applies to anyone else from The Cell


  20. andrew said

    Kallang suits me fine. Address doesn’t come up on google maps tho’ Is it by People’s Association?? Anyway I may be up for a week or two in Dec. Will be in touch

  21. andrew said

    found the website and have the location and locked in my sights

  22. gus said

    someone better ring and tell them to start bolting their C2s to the floor

  23. andrew said

    hey gus one for you…If God didn’t want us to eat meat, he would’ve made cows run faster. – Aisha Tyler

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