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Thursday 12 November 2009

Posted by The Coach on November 11th, 2009

10 rounds for time of:
24kg Kettlebell Snatch, 10 reps each arm
Walking Lunge, 10 reps
Pull Up, 10 reps
Double Unders, 20 reps
Sit Up, 10 reps

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28 Responses to “Thursday 12 November 2009”

  1. The Cell said

    Andrew is this the type of singlet you are referring to???



  2. The Cell said

    Gus I know you want a singlet like that also!


  3. andrew said

    stef – this one is better and I always thought serge nubret carried these off better than most (cant embed but you can click the link)

    I might be able to squeeze into a xl of one of these and suggest you offer a combo pack with the red & black stripey lyrca shorts. oh and you have to wear a belt ALL the time with this outfit

  4. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Glute activation, Skipping.

    WOD as Rx’d = 20:58

    The 24kg snatches were hard, but still managed to do these unbroken.
    DU’s only broke the sets a few times, and all other exercises unbroken.

    My Traps are sore 🙂

  5. gus said

    i think i would scare a lot of people if i wore a singlet like that, stef. hahahah

    maybe when i get 70s big…

  6. Damon said


    7 rounds
    20kg KB snatches (12 reps each arm): No 24kg for me in Singa’s
    Walking Lunge, 10 reps
    Pull Up, 10 reps
    Skipping Singles, 40 reps: No coordination excuse
    Sit Up, 10 reps

    Time: 39:01

    Learnt a couple of things this morning:

    Lacked the will and the conditioning to do as rx this morning

    Need to sand back my KB handles as these seriously messed up my hands this morning

    Even at 5:00AM Singapore humidity and temp is a tough environment to work out in. Two hours after and still sweating.

    Good luck to the rest of The Cell for attempting this today,

  7. Pete Yeates said

    Aww Who changed the Snatch reps from last night?
    I am sure it said 5 reps each arm for the snatches, well that’s what I wrote down.

    So Not as Rx’d only did 5 reps of snatches each arm.

  8. The Cell said

    Our apologies there Pete, slight typo. It would of only been up for a few minutes (obviously the time in which you seen it). This workout is tough but was originally a lot tougher (in a different sort of way). Jas and I decided for what effect we were after and decided to alter it slightly, regarding rep range and weight of KB and a couple of other factors, you should find with 10 reps each arm for the 24kg snatches and all else as is, this should become quite challenging for 10 rounds!

    Good luck all, I will give this a crack later!


  9. The Cell said

    I must express something, but I shall do so with what i consider to be diligence and poise… Something has upset me and I feel it requires reflection and discussion.

    I will keep this as short as possible:

    Whilst studying and finalising reports and documents for university, my grandparents have the ‘idiot box’ blaring in the background (this now sets the scene for the core of the tale). I now ask the question; why is it that the morning shows have nothing of greater importance to speak of than David Letterman and his fucking affairs, taht is his private life, who really cares? The sadness of it is; the masses do. Or Britney Spears and her lip syncing ways, the hosts interview ‘fans’ who state that when within 200m of her presence they quiver and shake with nerves, because she is so beautiful and such a role model. A role model???! they are captivated by an individual who apparently is a role model to all!

    How naive of me, I totally forgot that Nelson Mandella, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Ghandi, all the Saints, Sages, Swami’s and genuine people (which no one has heard of) who have contributed to society even exist! These are individuals worth hearing about, these are inspiring human person’s whom which others can base their lives upon (not an entertainer that makes millions of dollars, creates an abundance of wealth through computer voice enhnacement and digital alteration; is that talent)???

    Thank you Morning show for pointing out to me real role models of the world. The universe forbid you speak of real pressing issues of the world, such as the exploitation in Africa on all levels, or the Aids epidemic in again, Africa, or the world wide poverty in developing Nations, or the corruption in nearly every governing body in the world, or even the thousands upon thousands who are fighting for the freedom (if that even exists in the political world we live in) of themselves and others they do not even know.

    Why would the media and it’s discourse wish to make aware the public of what reality truly is? Let us just keep focusing on Britney and the fact that she lip syncs! What a quality service she is providing those who invest hundreds of dollars to see her…

    I think we all get the picture, and I am well aware of the other side of this story, I personally place greater value on other elements of life outside of an entertainer that is false and I do not appreciate what the media is doing.
    1. Taking people’s intelligence for granted
    2. Dumbing down the masses
    3. Being dishonest & false
    4. Plain FUCKING stupid

    If I appear arrogant that is not my intention, and those who know me know that i am passionate, but there more we succumb to the weakness of media discourse the more we become like drones and are shaped to somebody else’s tune…

    I am done for now!


  10. Pete Yeates said

    No need to apologise mate, you just saved my hands from being busted up, plus my traps and forearms from melt down, Thanks. 🙂

  11. Pete Yeates said

    Stef, that is why, years ago, I gave up taking any notice of main stream media.

  12. michael a said

    warm up-500m row,mobility,snatch prac
    wod;16kg k/bell snatch 5 each arm
    10 lunges
    10 pull ups pb
    60 skips
    10 situps
    10 rnds 23.08

  13. Rhys said

    I hear ya Stef, one could really go on for a very long time about what is thrown together and called news, important news even. With a bit of knowledge into the workings of the Navy it makes me laugh when they get things way off. Gets me wondering what information is right. But it is FACT that britney was lip syncing. Just disgraceful… Oh and by the way it was rememberance day yesterday, any kids know what that is? Anyone notice Mark Donaldson meet the Queen…

    I tried not to add my bit, so I guess my bad.

  14. andrew said

    stef – FWIW i dont watch TV *AT ALL* at home. Shows like you describe make me want to put my foot thru the screen.

    Plent to do of an evening – books, music, posting silly comments on The Cell Website..

    In my day we used to make our own entertainment..

  15. Anthony said

    Too right Stef. We also do not watch main stream media as it is just NOT reality. In fact I have not even installed an aerial on my house as I am over the same old crap on tv. ( saying that I do enjoy a bit of MMA on foxtel though! hahaha )
    I would much rather spend quality time with my beautiful wife and my twin boys than watch tv. How many people sit and eat dinner as a family every night anymore. We do and I wouldn’t miss it for anything. I am with you Andrew, entertain yourselves, talk about your day, read your child a bedtime story etc. Then discuss how hard tomorrows WOD looks like – you know its gonna be otherwise what is the point right?

    by the way, hats off to those who did today’s WOD – that looks tough.
    see you tomorrow 5.30 crew


  16. Vicki said

    Now seriously people – you aren’t actually ENCOURAGING the general masses to communicate and spend time with each other are you? Heaven forbid the children of this last 1/4 century actually learnt something that didn’t come from TV, Xbox etc etc … I mean, that would mean that more kids would get outside, be fit and healthy and have active imaginations – could you IMAGINE having a communicative teen that actually DISCUSSED their social issues- with their PARENTS?????? Or a spouse that actually cared to listen in between the Bold and the Beautiful about your day, or sat moronically watching a car go round, and round, and round a racetrack?
    I mean, isn’t the majority happy to sit on their lardy asses with their 6527 channels and spend “qulaity time” together?
    Wonder what would happen to divorce rates is every home spent 6 month without the tube… Wonder if parents would discover the wonder of their kids… Maybe even the poor bloody dog might get a walk.
    *steps off soapbox*

  17. The Cell said

    Can’t recall the last time I watched TV, any TV. I’ve got better things to do and last time I watched the news I wanted to put a round through the screen!!

    Couple of things I’ve learned.
    Most shit on the news is not news worthy
    The rest of the shows on TV, bar a few doco’s, are worse than the news
    Actors and so-called sporting heroes are overrated and overpaid
    There’s no justice in the justice system (dont get me started or it’ll be a huge comment hijack)
    There are 30 reps in Grace! 😛
    Men who wear skins should ALWAYS wear courtesy shorts!! :-O

    And no Rhys, most kids wouldn’t have a clue what Remembrance Day is. Most adults probably forgot.
    I did actually stop for a minute yesterday at 11am to pay my respects. (I was washing the car at the time and I’m sure people driving past were wondering what I was doing) And Mark Donaldson is a true hero but no we’re not related! The most heroic thing I’ve done is enter the Cell toilet after Stef!!!! hahahaha 😛


  18. The Cell said

    Fukin BAM!



  19. gusman said

    LOL nice one, jase!

    why would i watch tv when i can sit around being a smart ass on the internet anyway

    plus A Current Affair has got to be the biggest misnomer of all time!

  20. The Cell said

    Just got to The Cell and had a look at some of the times up on the board! Well done to all, Tereena you are absolutely flying girl! Great work, keep it up!!!


  21. Storm said

    Yes Yes Yes Yes and Mint

    Where do people get time to camp in front of the TV, I dont get time to even camp in front of the computer. Except work where apparently it is part of my job description.

    Pete we both must have looked at the WOD before it got changed. I just walked straight in an wrote her up on the board without even giving it a second thought or look. Im Bad……3 people this morning got off light good thing they gave me a 100%.

    If Craig had been in he would have corrected me…..

  22. andrew said

    I think its burpee time for all the coaches – 150 each

    you do the crime you gotta do the time…:)

  23. andrew said

    and you guys got the date wrong again – 13th is friday

  24. Will said

    Stef, Sounds like you need “TV BE GONE”, just point it at any TV and in a matter of seconds it’s…OFF, always works a treat 🙂

    W/U 500m row, mobility, Snatch practice
    16KG KB
    Red Band (First time using the RB during a WOD, yay)
    Broke the skpping into 10 Double Under, 30 Single

    Followed by a track day, hands held up well, the blisters didn’t pop whilst driving which was good 😀

  25. The Cell said

    Don’t know what you are talking about Andrew…


  26. gus said

    10 rounds:
    20 (that’s right, 20, 10 each arm) snatches – 16kg
    10 lunges
    10 pull ups – red band (which sucked today for some reason)
    60 skips
    10 sit ups


    far out, what a grinder. 200 snatches in a wod? epic.

  27. gus said

    goodbye all the skin on my hands

  28. Biljana said

    Warm Up – 800m run, mobility drills

    WOD: 10 rounds for time of:
    20 12kg KB Snatches (10 each hand)
    10 lunges
    10 Pull Ups (red band)
    20 Double Unders
    10 sit ups (abmat)

    32:09 min

    Thank God it’s over!!!!!!

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