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Sunday 08 November 2009

Posted by The Coach on November 7th, 2009

It has once again come to our attention that as always the human condition ‘wants’, feels or thinks they ‘require’ more and this more must be achieved quickly! This has been the demise of human kind  since the dawn of  existence and if this attitudinal focus does not shift it will continue to occupy us in a destructive way. Allow me to put all of this in to context…

We move, we train, we perform athletic endeavors; we experience observable changes within ourselves, both aesthetically and organically within. Performance indicators increase and adaptive phases begin to call to action. Our bodies demand more and more from us; why? Because they can, because what was once weak or weaker, is now stronger (not necessarily strong by definition, and please pay close attention to this statement). Now we begin to further self educate, we begin to hunger for more, more power, more strength, more speed, more balance, more of everything that we perceive to make us better, we want it more and we want it faster, now, yesterday!

This is where we begin to fall off the face of the cliff’s edge… It is not about reaching some place in our minds at a quicker place, if we should have learned anything as a species it is that adaptive changes take time and in some cases millions of years, now that could be taken out of context but the important point is that we nourish what we have and move through the processes of adaptation slowly and humbly, be proud of our current achievements, remain in that space for a period of time that is substantial enough to allow these changes to solidify and become somewhat more permanent or rather stronger in foundation and then move on to the next stage of our multifaceted development (whatever that means for the individual; YOU)!

Do not rush to smash previous best efforts every week or every day, be patient, understand what it is that you are doing and why? Set goals (realistic goals), plan, trust yourself and your coach and most importantly enjoy your achievements and listen to your body. Relish and reflect in the fact that at a certain point in space and time you were somewhere far further behind than where you are now, that you have come so far, rather than focusing on where you ‘could’ be if you did this and this and that. Balance and rest is part of true and effective adaptation. You will reach where you need to, trust us in this, but overwork, stretching one’s capacity will result in negative adaptation. You must first know and understand yourself before you take yourself to new limits or new places…

Finally I leave you with these critical truths; if we are patient with ourselves, trust in our environment and then focus on the moment, nothing else matters too much. Enjoy where you are now, fore tomorrow may never arrive… Remember that greatness is not only measured through means of performance but through strength of character, via means of determination, perseverance, humility, selflessness, humbleness & the ever willingness to personally succeed…


The heights of life


3 Responses to “Sunday 08 November 2009”

  1. andrew said

    “Do you really think that the reason most guys don’t have big arms is purely because of a lack of doing curls?” – Alwyn Cosgrove

  2. gus said

    i liked this post, stef. it’s hard sometimes to ignore “conventional wisdom” that to lose my fat i simply need to eat less and exercise more. obviously it works to a point but suffers from the law of diminishing marginal returns.

    Mark Rippetoe on adding bike riding and leg extensions to the program:

    The program in [Starting Strength] is not designed to be supplemented with anything. Neither of you — old guy or young kid — are in a position to recover optimally, as would be a 21 year-old genetic freak. Just stick with the program and let it work for you unsullied by the trappings of muscle magazine silliness or a desire to gild the lily. If you want to ride your bikes, don’t be gone too long. In fact, be back before supper.

  3. Pete Yeates said

    Active Recovery = 2 hrs road ride at a medium pace along the freeway bike path.

    On my ride this morning I was pondering on what this internal drive is, which motivates and fuels my desire to keep striving for even more fitness. I have a suspicion it is not just the need to improve upon my inherent athleticism but to reclaim what I should already have. Due to living in a society which rewards most people who are superior in intellectual pursuits and almost specialising in sustained periods of inactivity, our bodies are not nurtured to reach full capacity. I know it is an uphill battle and the closer I come to achieving my potential, the steeper the hill gets. Is it all worth it, shit yeh!

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