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Saturday 07 November 2009

Posted by The Coach on November 6th, 2009

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
140kg Deadlift, 7 reps
Double Under, 21 reps

Post rounds to comments

Handstand Time @ The Cell


9 Responses to “Saturday 07 November 2009”

  1. Damon said

    Stef/Jase and the rest of The Cell community

    Ready to start working on The Cell WOD again as my knee is fully recovered after the op. Will start blogging on The Cell my progress from Singapore.

    Looking forward to being a part of this community – even if it is just remotely for now.

  2. The Cell said

    OH F*#K YEAH! Great to have you on board brother! Anything you need just ask! Look forward to hearing from you on the posts!!

    Much love to you!


  3. gus said

    welcome, dude. knee problems suck, what kind of surgery did you have to get? when the doctor explained the process of fixing up my patella via surgery i suddenly discovered i could run… right out his door!

    open gym today:
    clean practice – worked up to 50kg, both squat and power. need to work on catching it in the squat position (amongst other things such as elbows and shrugging)
    rope climbing – i made it to the top! well, almost – i made it about 30 centimetres from the top then had a mini freakout and came back down
    pull up practice – both kipping and dead hang. can get about 3 dead hangs now
    peg board – hahaha no go still
    sled drag – 75kg of plates plus 65kg of crazy naturopath plus sled/chain weight = roughly 1.5bw sled drag 50m
    sled push – 75kg… this was tough!

    think that’s about it. good to catch up with people over a relaxed couple of hours. luckily i’m not in trouble for going to my gym when my missus has just got back from brisbane and it’s our anniversay… what can i say, i’m an addict!

  4. Jane said

    Enjoyed the open gym session today my first attempt at kipping – pah I can kip really well, then straight into a dead hang pull up!! Also worked on cleans, OHS and did my pose running drills – thanks to Stef for the coaching help today

    Also found this new paleo blog that may be of interest

  5. michelle said

    Open gym was great fun – thanks guys!!

    I worked on:
    1. Kipping pull ups – got 3 with no band, still need to work on technique to make best use of the momentum. Thanks Pete for the tips!

    2. Overhead squats – 15kg x 10, 20kg x 5, 22.5kg x 5, 25kg x 5, 27.5kg x 5, 30kg x 3 (F on 4th), 30kg x 5 (PB) 🙂

    3. Cleans – really just technique. Thanks Stef for the coaching – the video really helped!

    4. A couple of other things I can’t really remember

    Fun!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Pete Yeates said

    Damon, great to see you are on board, looking forwards to reading your comments.

    AM = 1hr run with a 6kg backpack (from = 10.6k’s, all flat road)

    PM = Open Gym

    Dead Lift – worked up to doing singles with 115kg’s, finally figured out why I couldn’t go past 100kg without losing form. :mrgreen:

    Knees to elbows – Can now do these quickly. 😀

    Parallette Handstands – Held some.

    Parallette Front Levers – Managed to perform a few of these for the first time. 🙂

    Handstands about 1min 30 second hold, Peg board climb x 2, Skin the cat into Muscleup x 1, Hand stand Pushups (3 in a row).

    All up had a fun time socialising and working on lacking skills, even witnessed The GusMan demolish the rope climb.

  7. Calen said

    WOD as rx’d: 5 rnds. Double unders did not agree with me today.

  8. Biljana said

    Had a bad bad day all round yesterday so posting this WOD late. Got a few things to think about and get my head around hmmm…..

    Warm Up – 5 mins skipping, dislocates

    WOD: 15 mins AMRAP of

    50 kg deadlifts
    21 Double Unders

    9 rounds 16 Double Unders

  9. Damon said


    Thankyou guys for the welcome.

    Had a miniscus cartiliage operated on, been a big problem since May of last year where I tore it again after the first injury 15 years ago. Was working with it but knew through my training and yoga that this was a serious injury that needed an operation.

    Operation was about 10 weeks ago and just over the past couple of weeks started to work with squats/deadlifting again, abiet light weights. My rehabilitation sequence that I have been completing 3 times a week is the following triplet:

    10 sets of:
    10 smith machine squats
    7 Dips
    5 Pullups

    The smith machine gives me the capacity to bring the feet a forward that would be possible on a normal squat so that my knees don’t track forward or in, keeping my shins perpendicular to the floor. Not my prefered way of squatting but it has been effective and I have been able to squat deep with no pain in my knees. I started with a 50kg weight on the bar and now up to 75kg on the squat. The aim is body weight for the 10×10 by the end of the year but will agust that target of timing if any knee pain returns with the heavier weight.

    Lost a lot of conditioning and strength over the past year and half and looking forward to being on the path of strengthening again. Aim from here is to do The Cell WOD at least 2-3 times a week, and will be attending Crossfit Singapore soon for some instruction and technique drills

    Keep you guys updated,


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