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Wednesday 04 November 2009

Posted by The Coach on November 3rd, 2009

5 rounds for time of:
100kg Deadlift, 10 reps
16kg Kettlebell Push Press, 10 reps
Knees to Elbows, 10 reps

Post time to comments

Adam - Renegade Man-Makers


28 Responses to “Wednesday 04 November 2009”

  1. Vicki said

    But cant we do cardio, cardio, cardio and not breathe?

  2. andrew said

    WU – Row 250m, KB swing, back extensions, push ups – all x 3
    Mobility drills
    SDHP practice with broomstick (and coach needed practice on getting his message across… :))

    WOD – As RX’ed 7:51

  3. gus said

    warm up – rowing, kb swings, back extensions, push ups
    SDHP practice, counting practice 😛

    5 rft –
    10 x 80kg dead lift (glad i didn’t go rx’d weight in the end)
    10 x 16kg push press
    10 x knees to as far as i can get them

    = 9:35

  4. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Mobility drills, 3 rounds of 250m Row – 10 x KB swing 16kg – 10 x Back extension – 10 x Push up, SDHP practice.

    WOD = Scaled to 85kg DL, the rest as Rx’d.
    Time = 8:08

  5. michelle said

    Warm up: 20km cycle to the Cell, 3 rounds of 250mg row, 10 x 12kg KB American Swing, 10 x pushup, 10 x back extensions
    Mobility exercises
    SDHP practice, 10 burpees for not counting 🙂

    WOD: As Rx’d (70kg deads, 12kg PP)

    Time = 9:32

    Deadlift and push press were fine. I really tried to focus on good form with the K2Es, which meant lots of breaks to slow me down. They seem to be coming along though – I can manage about 3 consecutive now and I’m sure that figure was only 1 a couple of weeks ago.

    Then cycled part of the way to work – 12km.

  6. michelle said

    Ooops, I’m already in work mode – make that ‘250m’ row for the warm up.

  7. The Cell said

    Warm up
    mobility + specific mobility work

    Lots of single leg squat practice – also with KB’s

    5sec on / 20sec off

    Then: As Rx’d
    100kg dead lift, 10 reps
    16kg KB push press, 10 reps
    K2E, 10 reps
    = 7.30min

    24kg KB single arm overhead carry, 50m / switch arms every 50m
    X 300m

    Stretch / foam roller


  8. The Cell said

    I will let you handle Andrew’s comment Gus…



  9. andrew said

    Hey all Im trying to do is teach the teacher!! We can all improve and some constructive criticism is always welcome..

  10. Pete Yeates said

    Um I’m in work mode now, it’s the 4th today.

  11. andrew said

    watch it pete – these guys dont appreciate comments like that..

    Chuck Norris wasn’t born 2 weeks early, the world wasn’t ready yet.

  12. gusman said

    i would respond to andrew’s comment, stef, but he’s already made it clear he doesn’t like to listen 😛

    i had a breakfast meeting this morning.. this morning’s wod put me off my handshake game.. “i don’t have a weak handshake, i was just doing deads and k2e!”

  13. The Cell said

    I thought you would be capable and well equipped to handle Captain Smash! Hello Andrew!



  14. The Cell said

    Sorry all, date has been changed.

    Andrew, criticism is always welcome, especially if it’s directed at Stef and not me!! 😛

  15. andrew said

    ok – I thought his WOD time was a bit average today..

    stef – you’re too slow!!

  16. The Cell said

    Andrew you are mint! In fact everybody is really mint today! Especially you Storm! Hey Adam, are you going to finish today’s WOD or are you going to pull out after 2 rounds???



  17. The Cell said

    Stef, you’re slow! 😛

    Andrew, you’re awesome!!

    Storm, you’re mint 😛

    I wonder how many more meaningless comments we can add to here. It’s starting to resemble the comments where people jump on and say, jeez, that WOD looks hard. No shit, it’s supposed to be!! hahahahaha 🙂

  18. gusman said

    i’m waiting for the cell’s official “Mintox” wod

  19. Anthony said

    you all crack me up, an entertaining read during lunch.
    WOD: As Rx’d but 50kg deadlift ( coach said to work on form ) and 8kg KB
    K2E’s heaps better than last time. ( knees to chest really )



  20. The Cell said

    Hmmm, there’s a thought Gusman. It’s gotta involve doing something with minties!! hahaha

    Pepper steak pie and sauce and a big serving of spicy lamb casserole. Mmmmm

    Hey has anyone seen the Paleo wagon, I just fell off!!!! 😛


  21. gusman said

    ergh, i fell off too. time to get back on.

  22. The Cell said

    Hello Andrew…



  23. andrew said

    jason – no room for a wa-fer thin MINT??

  24. Jane said

    Can’t keep up with you guys – your postings make no sense to me 🙂

    Anyway, ran a 5km race tonight, the PWC Cool Night Classic, my intention was to not race, just to run “pose” – it sort of worked, I started off fairly conservative, but the competitor in me could not hold the steady, let’s just run scenario and I slowly picked it up during the race, I did feel that I ran “pose” fairly well, all I kept thinking about was “pull, pull, pull (like running with the metronome) and lean” I felt that my form was pretty good and I didn’t feel like I was racing until about the last km – managed 21.35 – a minute slower than last year but happy with how I ran and looking forward to more pose running 🙂

  25. graeme said

    great workout 10.06 !
    welcome back chanel ….

  26. Biljana said

    Warm Up – 3 rounds of:
    250m row
    10 x 8kg KB American Swings
    10 x Back Extensions
    10 x Push Ups (chest to abmat – on toes)

    Practise – SDHP with broomstick -my little dino hands were mint!! 🙂

    WOD – 5 rounds for time of:
    10 x 70kg Deadlifts
    10 x 12kg KB Push Press
    10 x Knees to Chest


  27. Chanel said

    Warm Up – 3 rounds of:
    250m row
    10 x 8kg seated KB snatch
    10 x Back Extensions
    10 x Push Ups

    WOD – 5 rounds for time of:
    10 x 25kg HPC rd 1-2, 15kg rd 3-5
    10 x 8kg KB Push Press
    20 x 5kg wall ball twist throw


  28. The Cell said

    Welcome back Chanel. I love the programming challenge!! 🙂

    Biljana – Dino hands, hmmm……… Elbows lead people!! 😛


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