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Wednesday 28 October 2009

Posted by The Coach on October 27th, 2009

1. Double Unders
Max reps in 10 minutes
2. Tabata Rowing
Use the least amount of Tabata rounds as you can to row a total of 2km.

This WOD courtesy of CFX

Post total double unders and Tabata rounds to comments

We’re all done and dusted on the 30-day Paleo Challenge. Tell us in comments how you went and if the 30-days changed your eating habits for life.

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37 Responses to “Wednesday 28 October 2009”

  1. andrew said

    For the first part pick any number between zero and zero…

  2. michelle said

    This looks awesome!!!

    You’ll smash us in the row, Captain Smash πŸ™‚

  3. andrew said

    I rowed today as part of WOD so am in deficit of row kudos..

  4. gus said

    ouch. wod looks brutal. i’m at home tomorrow but will at least give the rowing a crack.

    captain smash only needs one round πŸ˜›

    on the paleo:
    i ended up going about 27 (i think) days of strict paleo, probably about 98% or better, then caved obviously with wine tour booked in prior.

    loved it! i’d done about 2 weeks straight paleo before, but the long stretch was awesome, made me feel great. dropped a little bit of weight.

    still following it now, although have reintroduced whey protein just because i’m going low carb for a bit to mix it up for fat loss, but i can definitely see paleo (with the occasional cheat) being in for the long term. meat and veggies is how i roll!

  5. The Cell said

    BARTENDAZ is how we roll Gus! Tomorrow’s WOD – 20 – 30 tabatas to achieve the 2km’s BAM!!!


  6. The Cell said

    Change of mind – Under 20 rounds to reach 2km’s!


  7. gus said

    i’m gonna do it in FIVE, homedizzle, because that’s how i roll

  8. andrew said

    fo’ schizzle

  9. andrew said

    Death by tabata!!!

  10. Steve said

    I got on the paleo bandwagon after messing around with the zone. Paleo made more sense to me. I was not looking for weight loss or anything specific. The area it has helped me with the most is recovery. The volume of training I can now handle has increased dramatically. I sleep better, have more energy and generally “feel better”. It has also helped me do my part to help cull our kangaroo population.

    BTW if anyone hits 2km in less than 20 rounds they are not human. I did this for 8 rounds the other week for about 850m and could not move for 15 minutes. Heart rate monitors would be interesting.

  11. andrew said

    20 rounds = 5m/s

    5m/s = 1:40 per 500m split

    given you are resting for 10 secs after every 20 secs would have thought this should be achievable

    famous last words…fly & die!!

  12. Will said

    Didn’t lose any weight through the paleo eating plan, which doesn’t bother me what-so-ever. It made me feel healther, my energy lasted longer and unlike some other diet’s I’ve done there was a good variety of recepies and provided healthly eating awareness.

    Something which slightly turned me off was I felt I needed to add some grains (maybe a sandwich for lunch, pasta or some rice with a curry a few times a week). Having said this, with what I’ve learnt, this style of eating will stay with me for a long time to come.

  13. Steve said

    Remember that every 20 seconds you have to start from stationary… Those first pulls are very tough… you really need to get it down to about 1:30 for the last 10 second of each round..

  14. Jason said

    Best effort at CFX was about 560 dble unders followed by the 2km in 16 Tabata’s!! Anyone gonna give that little effort a shake? πŸ™‚

  15. Jason said

    Oh and my tip. At the start, don’t try and rip off one big pull. Pull 1/3 of a stroke, 2/3 of a stroke and then a full stroke. Otherwise it’s like trying to take off in 5th! You’ll get up and going far more efficiently.

  16. andrew said

    Double unders – 6

    Rowing – 16

  17. Pete Yeates said

    Single skips 719
    Tabata rows 22

    YUK. Just yuk.

  18. Vicki said

    Oh, damn, that above was me. SORRY PETE yes I know, change the name OOPS.

  19. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Skipping, Mobility drills.

    10 Minutes of Double unders = 473 (including a PB of 56 in a row)

    Tabata 2K Row = 17

  20. Jane said

    Debrief on the paleo eating challenge for me, I was virtually paleo but with dairy (my big weakness) I am really surprised and impressed with how easy it actually was to give up yoghurt (which I love) I have since had 1 x yoghurt and really felt I could take it or leave it and haven’t wanted it since.

    For me the biggest thing is to eat more and I have been doing that by having breakfast – snack – lunch – snack – dinner and this has been much better for me, no weight loss but I didn’t really expect this.

    The fact that I want to eat this way makes it much much easier, Lara has had 2 x large bags of crisps and a bar of chocolate in the cupboard for over a week and normally I would eat these because they are there, I haven’t touched them, because I don’t want to eat them – huge progress for me.

    Just need to get Lara to stop bringing stuff home from Brumby’s for her and Phil to eat now πŸ™‚

  21. michelle said

    Warm up: Cycle to the Cell (20km), skipping, mobility

    WOD 1:
    302 double unders in 10min. Best string 31, which is a PB πŸ™‚

    WOD 2:
    2km row in 18 tabata rounds.

    Then cycled to work – 24km into the wind.

    Paleo report:
    The biggest differences I noticed during the 30-day Paleo challenge were that I had more energy during the day. Usually, I suffer from a huge post-lunch slump, but this hasn’t been a problem at all since the change in diet. I haven’t even been craving dairy or bread, which is surprising, and I’ve lost about 5kg.

    To be honest, I hadn’t even noticed that the 30 days was up. Eating paleo has become a habit pretty easily, and one that I will keep following. πŸ™‚

  22. Will said

    Your a machine Michelle, good work!

    Skipping 3 minutes, mobility work.
    884 Single Skips
    2km row, 20/10 – 20 rnds

    The tabata rowing was full on, I loathe these.

  23. The Cell said

    Warm up
    Airdyne – 12 mins
    Mobility and glute activation work

    Max Double unders in 10mins:

    use the least amount of tabatas to reach 2km’s:
    17 (these were all from a dead stop position and absolutely no rowing in the 10sec break)

    1-6 partnered pull up ladder


    *I was slightly off my game this morning with those double unders, should of got to 500, not sure if I could of made 560 though, that is a monster effort! Happy with everything else! BAM!


  24. andrew said

    so when you up for a rowing tabata face-off (dead stop)?? double or quits on the 1600m flying burpees?? πŸ™‚

  25. The Cell said

    Dead stop rowing???

    They’re Tabata’s guys. You row for 20 secs and then STOP and rest for 10 secs. Then you start up again for another 20 secs. They’re all from a dead stop! Nobody should be rowing in the 10 sec period. That is called cheating.

    This workout can be scored by dividing your double unders by your number of Tabata’s. Whoever has the highest number is the better performer.
    EG: 500 Double Unders and 16 Tabata rounds = 31.25
    100 Double Unders and 20 Tabata Rounds = 5
    600 Double unders and 18 Tabata rounds = 33
    So as you can see, someone with more double unders but a slightly worse rowing performance has still performed better than the first person.


  26. gus said

    so i tried to give the rowing wod a crack..

    turns out on the older C2 when you do tabata it resets the metres each round. so did 3 rounds before realising that. tried the tabata timer on my phone but it was too quiet, i think i managed about 6 rounds before realising i’d rowed through a rest without hearing the buzzer

    so to call it a day i finished off with a stock standard 8 round rowing tabata

  27. gus said

    oh, also, when you dudes did it, did the rower stop counting when it entered into rest?

    i noticed a huge difference between the metres i could get when it stopped at 20sec compared to when i was using my phone timer and the thing kept drifting when i stopped

  28. Will said

    Rower kept counting for me, Stef advised we may of needed to pull slowly to keep it activated but a didn’t have a problem. Can you download a software update for the C2? Assuming it’s your own…

  29. Will said

  30. Will said

    Checkout known issues for version 61 (pm3). Looks like your gotcha.

  31. gus said

    nah, mine’s an earlier model than that – has different buttons and everything!

    it’s all good though, it does most things fine

  32. graeme said

    not many double-unders (10)
    2km row – 17

  33. Biljana said

    Warm Up – 3 mins skipping, mobility work, Prac 5kg Med Ball Cleans

    WOD 1: AMRAP Double Unders in 10 mins = 271
    Started really well and gassed quickly but happy with best string of 38 DU’s.

    WOD 2: Tabata row 2km C2 rower – 20 secs row, 10 secs rest
    (10:06 min) = 21 Tabatas

  34. Jason said

    If you set the pm3 up properly, you can run Tabata’s no problems. We didn’t have any issues with the lunchtime crew.


  35. andrew said

    I assume now everyone os down the learning curve there should be no argument next time on the method

    and then for the wattage challenge??

  36. The Cell said

    Thats because you are fukin mint Jas!

  37. Paleo was great for me – have been 90% or better with the strictness of diet. Have added a few squares of dark chocolate now and then and 1/2 a glass of wine infrequently but doing well to stay away from dairy, rice, pasta and bread.

    Have lost (fat) weight ~4kg and would like to keep on that trend although not the only priority. Feel clearer in my head, have more energy and don’t often get the afternoon slump!

    PB’ed my Deadlift to more than my body weight. Very cool! Feeling stronger and stronger as the days go on so Paleo is here to stay!

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