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Friday 23 October 2009

Posted by The Coach on October 22nd, 2009

For time:
25kg Sandbag Carry, 800m
Then 7 rounds of:
60kg Overhead Squat, 7 reps
21″ Box Jump, 7 reps
Pull Up, 7 reps
25kg Sandbag Carry, 800m

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The Cell's Commando Steve!


13 Responses to “Friday 23 October 2009”

  1. andrew said

    more pullups!! 😦

  2. The Cell said

    We heard you can now do them without a band Andrew so we have programmed e sh*tload to celebrate!

    Yay, pull ups!!!! 😛


  3. The Cell said

    You are fukin mint Jas! I can’t wait to see Andrew do 49 pull ups with perfectly executable form! BAM!!!


  4. andrew said

    tell you what stef lets see you do 49 with 30kg strapped to yr waist (my 110kg less yr 80kg) – OK?? I would even let you off with a 24kg KB..since I like you so much…:)

  5. The Cell said

    This will be you Pete, protecting your little girl, I can play the part of Will Smith! HAHAHA! Quality! Andrew I actually weight about 77 – 78kgs, remember though you are Capt Smash, chances of me doing that are quite minimal. HAHA!


  6. Pete Yeates said

    HahAhaHa that’s funny, but scary real at the same time.

    I can’t wait for this stage, seems like heaps of fun.

  7. andrew said

    WU – ikm row, mobility

    WOD – 25 kg sandbag x 800m
    7 x rounds
    – 7 x 20kg OHS
    – 7 x big tyre box jumps
    – 7 x pull ups (no band)
    25kg snad bag x 800m


    Had not really done OHS ina WOD before and certainly not my strong pount.

    49 PU’s = 5.39 tonne

    When you get those XXL Cell tshirts in make sure they have wide arm holes!! Or even better get a Serge Nubret style tank top line going..

  8. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Row 1km, Shoulder mobility, CFWU, Glute activation, OHS x 5 @ 20kg, 30kg.

    WOD 35kg OHS the rest as Rx’d. (The last time OHS was at 30kg but for 15 reps, even so I am happy with the 5kg increase)

    Time = Didn’t look at it.

  9. michelle said

    Warm up: 1km row, mobility, CFWU x 1

    800m 15kg Sandbag carry
    7 rounds of
    25kg OHS x 7
    Large tyre jump x 7
    Pull ups, orange band x 7
    800m 15kg Sandbag carry

    Time = 23:04

    I love Overhead Squats 🙂
    And I was happy with the pull ups this morning – all sets unbroken.

  10. gusman said

    bah, missed this morning… felt like sh*t when i woke up.. i think it’s a combination of hayfever and detoxing from caffeine

  11. Vicki said

    Firstly I am getting scared for our daughter … Especially because I CAN see Pete with Pom-Poms 🙂
    Stef, you must be the short ass scholarly/gentlemanly type of Will Smith … Too Funny!

    WUP as Above

    Wod as above except 18″ step ups and 400mt and 16.5kg OHS.
    Forgot to look at time, too busy being social.
    Fun tho.

  12. Storm said

    Pete Vicki Pete

    That Bad Boys clip is one of my favourites and Vicki you dont have to be male to pull that sort of fun on young males.

    If my daughters (and she is at that age) young male friends are scared off me then my work is done, gives me whole lot of giggles.

    I can see it know tho, Pom Pom Pete

  13. Will said

    I like the new mobile website! Very la-di-da!

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