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Friday 16 October 2009

Posted by The Coach on October 15th, 2009

For time:
10 rounds for time of:
B/W Back Squat, 5 reps
Hand Stand Push Up, 10 reps
Burpee, 15 reps

Post time to comments

Hollie and Jane - Pull Ups CrossFit WOD


17 Responses to “Friday 16 October 2009”

  1. The Cell said

    Thought for the day:

    DO NOT attempt to reach to be someone else, being someone you are not! Fore doing this would entail you ARE someone else and not yourself… SS

    Something to ponder…

  2. Pete Yeates said

    Warm- up = Row 1km, mobility drills, CFWU, Back squats, KB swings& goblet squats& OH lunges.

    WOD = The Grinder

    Purple and blue bands for Assisted Parallette Handstand Pushups, the rest as Rx’d.

    Time = 35:19

    Who am I ?, what is the meaning of this all ?, is there a secret to life the universe and training ?

    Answer = 52 πŸ™‚

  3. Pete Yeates said

    Freakin 52 Peter. Lordy.

    7 rounds,
    21.5kg bsq
    modified burpees and pike thingies.

    Felt rather ill on arrival, felt great on departure. Go figure…
    Awesome effort by all this morning, plus I got to PERVE on my shirtless hubby πŸ™‚
    Now that’s the meaning of life, a sweaty Australia Adonis (Stef that’s going to stick!). I think they ALL need to nude up a bit. πŸ™‚

  4. andrew said

    Dont think can make the CFT now (we’ll see) so did WOD

    10 x RFT of

    BS (90kg) x 5
    Pike PU x 10
    Burpees x 15


  5. The Cell said

    10mins skipping and mobility work to warm up.

    Then Work up to B/W back squats with mobility drills and Pike push ups to further warm up.

    WOD – AS Rx’d

    B/W back squats (80kg), 5reps
    HSPU, 10reps
    Burpee, 15reps
    TIME = 46.10min

    60sec on / 60sec off of 25m Jingle Jangles
    9 reps every time – was only going medium to hardish pace for these

    Foam roll and stretch

    *Those HSPU’s really let me down, they slowed me down incredibly!!! My left should could not handle it, I had to break them up a lot, with a lot of rest between also! Totally, I felt fine, not taxed and and the mind felt strong also, it was just having to break them up which was very disheartening and off putting! Nevertheless, happy to finish, Back squats and burpees were finr

  6. Pete Yeates said

    Stef, brilliant effort on the HSPU’s mate, I don’t think there would be too many people who could do 100 in one workout.

  7. Anthony said

    If any of you do the CFT tonight after this mornings WOD,
    I will have to start putting SUPER in front of your first names.
    Stef, thank you for stopping me at 5 rounds cause I am really sore already!
    5 x RFT
    B/Sq (25kg?)x 5
    Pike PU x 10
    Burpee (1st time – what a treat they are) x 15
    Forgot to write time down damn it.

    Then did 10 minutes on the bike whilst everyone finished their rounds – I hate not doing all the rounds. Makes me feel like I am letting the team down. Enthusiasm is well in front of the ability at this point.

  8. gusman said

    far out, that wod looks epic! props to stef for so many hspu! (though chuck norris could do 100 easy πŸ˜› )

    anthony – don’t stress too much on others just strive to keep improving… i might not be as fast a runner as pete, for instance, but i’m a sh*tload faster than when i started!

    looking forward to CFT this arvo, beautiful day, can we lift outside?
    currently getting in lots of paleo fuel to help me lift more

  9. Adam Piller said

    shoulders mcgee could do 100 HSPU in each round. BOOM!

  10. michelle said

    Looks like great work all round! I’m kind of bummed I missed this one, but am looking forward to CFT tonight – bring it on!!!

  11. Biljana said

    Go Michelle – Doing it for the girls!! πŸ™‚

  12. Graeme said

    anthony, dont stress, that work out at 10 was killer – but great!
    its not about what the guy next to you is doing, its about what the guy in the mirror is prepared to do, how hard he is prepared to work, to improve, push yourself and you will break thru. next time do 6, then 7, then (to quote a great) … BAM!

  13. The Cell said

    You are excellent Graeme!



  14. Biljana said

    Paleo Diary

    Breakfast – chilli jerky, paleo pikelets with banana & honey πŸ™‚ yummy
    Morning Tea – chilli jerky, almonds
    Lunch – Bacon & Eggs, almonds, blueberries
    Afternoon Tea – orange
    Dinner – Tuna, almonds & sultanas

    Out of sorts with the food today – nothing was appetising and really had to force myself to eat. Off the vegetables & cooked meat at the moment for some reason.

  15. WOD

    25kg back squat x5
    Pike pushups x5
    burpees x5
    10 rounds = 17.09min

    Paleo diary
    breakfast: scrambled eggs, salsa, kiwi, apple and berries
    lunch: snapper and salad
    dinner: butter chicken, dahl(not paleo) and papadams (not paleo)..a glass of wine (as a test…)

    Sat. morning update:
    feel fuzzy mentally, hard to wake up this morning (could be lack of sleep and could be the wine?) Paleo rocks!
    Found some new muscles in my shoulders!!!

    Go Michelle go for CFT πŸ™‚

  16. Anthony said

    cheers Gus and Graeme. will do. I am keen as. Like Michelle said – Bring It On!!!!!!

  17. Jane said

    Late posting as not been near a computer since Friday lunchtime!

    7.30am Breakfast
    130g egg white incl. 1 yolk cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, chicken, avocado + 1 x pear & 9 x almonds

    10.30am Snack
    apple & almonds

    1.30pm Lunch
    paleo shepherds pie, tuna, spinach, tomato, avocado – apple & almonds

    6pm Dinner
    fish cooked in herbs & spices with stirfry veg + raisins & almonds

    5.30am – 90min cycle

    Again really enjoyed the ride today and felt pretty strong on the bike πŸ™‚

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