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Friday 09 October 2009

Posted by The Coach on October 8th, 2009

5 rounds for time of:
140kg Deadlift, 7 reps
Knees to Elbows, 21 reps

Post time to comments

Before the WOD, spend some time practicing Skin the Cats.

Happy Birthday Nikkolas!!!

Happy Birthday Nikkolas!!!


21 Responses to “Friday 09 October 2009”

  1. Jason said

    Happy birthday Nikk!!


  2. Biljana said

    Happy 14th Birthday Nikkolas!! I’m so very proud of you! Hope you have a great day!! 🙂

  3. Adam Piller said

    Happy birthday Nikk!

  4. gus said

    happy birthday, nikk! have an awesome day

    today = rest day.

  5. Vicki said

    Happy Birthday Nikk!

    26.5kg DL
    21 K2E
    5 rft

    Bit of a fizzer for me today. Hands are so soft that any work on the pull up bar tears them so couldn’t get the most out of it. Might have to get gloves. UGH!
    Forgot to record time.

  6. andrew said

    Happy b’day Nikkolas!!

    WU – Swings, Bear Crawls Lunges x 5
    Listening to Stef recounting his dream x 1

    Skin the cats were a bit better but couldnt get my feet under the bar (but getting closer)

    125kg DL
    K2Chest rather than elbows (well sort of)

  7. michelle said

    Warm up: 5 rounds of 15 x american swing (12kg), bear crawl, walking lunge

    Skin the Cat practice – these are fun!

    WOD: 5 rounds for time of
    80kg Deadlift x 7
    K2E/K2C* x 21

    Time = 10:34

    *First few reps in each round were Knees to Elbows, but I still lose strength quickly with these

    Then some pull up practice.

    Happy Birthday Nikk!

  8. Pete Yeates said

    Have a fantastic B’Day Nikk.

    Warm-up = 5 rounds of 16kg KB American swings + 15m Bear crawl + 15m Walking Lunge; Skin the cats, Dead lift x 5 @ 20kg, 40, 60.

    Last day of my Back off week, yippee 🙂

    WOD scaled DL to 60kg, rest as Rx’d.
    Time = 10:17

  9. Pete Yeates said

    Has anyone else booked into the Trigger Point Workshop at Southern CrossFit.

    I am familiar with trigger points, but thought it would be interesting to see how they apply the use of their special tools / kit to the release of muscular knots.

  10. gusman said

    hey pete – i’m thinking about going, haven’t booked in as yet though

  11. Vicki said

    GUSMAN – would your future children do this for bacon?

  12. Pete Yeates said

    Here is some info taken from the Trigger Point Therapy website about the founder and products, seems very interesting.

    The association of the leavers and fulcrums of the body–like hips, knees and ankles–are heavily influenced by the muscular structure that supports and surrounds them. Realizing that muscular structure and biomechanics play a roll in daily life, Phillips began analyzing athletes’ sport specific movement patterns. After identifying muscular restrictions he recognizing the biomechanical needs to achieve a fluid motion. His theory is that most injuries developed by athletes don’t happen while they’re training, and that the traditional aches and pains of aging can be minimized by addressing everyday biomechanical and muscular structure.

    Phillips believes that addressing the muscles in a synergistic manner allows the body to move freely, without restriction, due to the decrease in tension and the removal of dysfunctional fascia and trigger points.

    Phillips gained a solid foundation on Myofascial Release Techniques a form of massage to address the muscle spindle and the associated dysfunction such as trigger points, adhesions, and other muscular challenges. This process also retrains the pattern of movement by opening up the neurological pathway allowing greater muscular proprioception.

    After a long process of trial and error, he married his newly found education to his biomechanical background. The result is a line of patented products–called Trigger Point Technologies (TPT)–that mirror the feeling of the human hand.

  13. The Cell said

    Always keen to learn more. Wasn’t aware of the TP workshop (I don’t check other affiliates websites) but know the value of the therapy. I have regular sessions with a massage therapist trained in this area and it hurts like hell but I find it effective.

    Gotta check the diary, but I might try and get aloing to this workshop. Thanks for pointing it out guys.


  14. Graeme said

    happy birthday nikk!

  15. Chanel said

    Happy birthday nik!

    bfast: egg ‘salad’, coconut milk/raspberry smoothie
    lunch: egg ‘salad’, almond flour quiche – egg, almond flour, asparagus, smoked ham, mushrooms, coconut milk/raspberry smoothie
    after work: wine n cheese/crackers

  16. The Cell said

    10mins Airdyne
    Mobility specific and general
    Bergener Warm up wit Tech Bar
    Snatch and OHS practice

    every 30sec for 10mins perform one snatch triplet being: Power snatch + OHS + Hang Snatch
    Execute this with a 40kg load

    Practice 2 rope ascents / one hand on each rope (I find this easier than standard rope climbs, mind you I was not pushing the clock here, just practice)

    Fat Bar Dead lifts

    3 x muscle ups
    7 x Doughnut jumps
    15 x GHD situps
    5 x Renegade Man makers @ 17.5kg in each hand
    TIME = 13.09min

    21-15-9 reps of:
    25kg Sandbag Step ups on 21″ Box
    25kg Sandbag Zercher lunges
    TIME = 6.32min


    *Felt great after all of this, tired now (a couple of hours later)


  17. michelle said

    Paleo diary:

    Pre-workout snack (5am): Half a Cinnamon Roll Larabar (woke up hungry)

    Breakfast (7am): Two eggs scrambled with broccoli, mushroom and capsicum, the other half of that Larabar

    Snack (10am): a boiled egg, some dried fruit, seeds and nuts

    Lunch (1pm): Meatballs with Baba Ganouj, fresh fruit salad

    Dinner (6.30pm): Fish with Baba Ganoun and a salad, a glass of champagne 🙂

    Snack (sometime this evening): some Paleo custard if I can be bothered making it, fruit if I can’t

  18. gus said

    bfast: banana omelette
    snack: banana nut bite, apple
    lunch: chicken drumsticks
    snack: banana nut bite, apple, pistachios
    dinner: went out to kailis bros – managed to keep pretty paleo with scallops, octopus and snapper. i think the sauce may have had some dairy and i ate some potatoes

  19. Jane said

    Happy birthday Nikk!

    7.30am Breakfast
    130g egg white incl. 1 yolk cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, chicken, avocado

    12noon Lunch
    vegetable bake : kangaroo mince, eggplant, onion, tomatos, zucchini, tin tomatos – Salad : spinach, tomatos, avocado, sardines + 1 x pear 9 x almonds

    3pm Snack
    1 x apple & 9 x almonds

    7.30pm Dinner
    Chicken & prawn stirfry

    8.30pm Snack
    blueberries, almonds, walnuts, lsa, linseed, coconut + 2 x peach patties

    6.30am – CFE Run Session w/up then 9mins hard record distance then cool down, ran 4.15kph pace which was ok considering how I am currently feeling

    Felt a bit better today, but still not 100% & not able to get up early for swimming, did this run session instead, definitely not running as hard as I needed to, but still felt that I made a pretty decent effort. Thought I was ok, but started to go downhill again in the afternoon – I do know why I am feeling this way, just not ready to post why yet!

  20. Happy birthday Nikkolas!

    Vikki, where in the world did you find that video! What a kid..he’s like a man-boy have a temper tantrum… “she can’t catch me in those high heels” hahahaha. Bacon is good for me! I couldn’t believe the backgrounds shot of the overflowing “junk” bin…seriously what have we done in our society? In our endeavors to find clever ways to use petroleum and keep our chemists busy, we’re managing to slowly poison ourselves….or maybe not that slowly!

    Go natural!
    Go organic!
    Go fair trade!
    Go slow food!

    10am Breakfast: scrambled eggs, organic salsa, avocado, apple, kiwi
    3pm late lunch/early dinner: chicken breast, salsa, avocado, nuts (craving savory today)
    *cheat* – I had some Green and Blacks organic chocolate today – 1st serious cheat so I’m bike riding tomorrow….I think I didn’t eat enough overall yesterday – was a busy day!

  21. Shawn said

    Happy Birthday Nikkolas!

    Friday 9th October
    The warm up felt like the WOD!

    WOD: As Px’d
    Pain in the hand and forearms….ouch!

    Good Luck with today’s WOD, Looks like its gonna hurt!

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