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Wednesday 07 October 2009

Posted by The Coach on October 6th, 2009

For time:
25kg Sandbag Carry, 800m
4 rounds of:
Muscle Up, 5 reps
Box Jump, 25 Reps
25kg Sandbag Carry, 800m

Post time to comments

Affiliate Gathering - Andrea contemplates some more reps!


30 Responses to “Wednesday 07 October 2009”

  1. andrew said

    Interesting article here if you have not seen(not a dig at anyone – for info only)

  2. Vicki said

    Great WOD this morning – fun!

    400mt 15kg SB carry

    5x MU prog
    25 x 21″ step up
    4 Round

    400mt 15kg SB carry

    I actually ran – OMG!!!!
    Great to meet and train with Anthony this morning – he did a stellar effort for his second cell – rock on!

  3. gus said

    nice work on the running, vicki!

    andrew – interesting article… interesting that rippetoe quit also. it seems like crossfit is getting pretty out of control in the states. running 3+ certs a week at about US$60k a pop plus all the affiliate fees they get in, it’s big business!

    press 5-5-5 35-40-40

    then 10 x 125m row sprint with 60sec rest in between
    fastest 24.4, slowest 28

  4. gusman said

    i personally can’t handle what crossfit has become, i’m leaving the cell and just going to workout on one of these instead while i’m at work:

  5. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = 1km row, Glute activation, Shoulder Mobility, CFWU, 3 x Muscleups.

    Back off week for me.
    WOD = scaled to 18 inch box jumps & 15 kg sand bag, the rest as Rx’d.
    Time = 17:10

    Nice to see a new face with the 5:30 crew, awsome work this morning Anth.

    Stef = Hey Vicki you don’t usually run, why arn’t you on the rower?
    Vicki = With carrying the sand bag I Don’t run, so it will be ok.
    Vicki at the end of the WOD = I ran the last 200m.

    Methinks Vicki secretly LOVES to run. 🙂

  6. Vicki said

    Andrew, that’s a great article – I must admit to reading the crossfit site sometimes and thinking “…hmmmmm”, unfortunaltely also thinking “typical americans!”. I can’t see how having 20 plus people in a group can maximise efficiency and hone technique, for starters.

    We are so very lucky with The Cell. One only has to look a the quality of athlete that attends to see the quality of the establishment.:)

  7. Biljana said

    Re: The 30 Day Paleo Challenge

    Today is Day 29 of my original Paleo Challenge. I won’t have access to my computer tomorrow morning or scales so I’m posting my results 1 day early. I can’t speak enough about the numerous health benefits that eating a Paleo Diet has brought to me – including my quick recovery from Emergency Surgery a couple of weeks ago – suffice to say that I will be continuing with eating a Paleo Diet beyond this challenge. (and continuing to post along with everyone for the completion of The Cell’s 30 Day Challenge)

    Whilst my results are nothing short of amazing to me re. weight & cm loss I didn’t set out originally on the Paleo Challenge for weight loss. I have spent the past 12 months on a journey of gaining back my health – Pete has helped me sort out some of my health concerns (and I can’t thank you enough Pete – you’re awesome!) and Jason & Stef have helped me gain so much more strength and fitness through the outstanding quality of small group training and programming at The Cell. Despite having all these things in check – I had plateued for a few months with my training and even started to gain weight. It was then that I realised that my diet was the only thing left that needed to be addressed but having been on the Diet Merry Go Round for more years than I can remember – this had to be a lifestyle diet change and not a quick fix.

    My research led me to the Paleo Diet – so after lots of chats to Jase & Stef about it, reading Loren Cordain’s Paleo Diet Book (In the Cell’s Library) and then finding Melissa Urban’s Blog on the 30 Day Paleo Challenge (her words really connected with me) my journey began in earnest …. Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement and special thanks to Shannon who has journeyed with me and supported me all the way! I am really proud to share my results.

    Final results: 😯
    Weight – Lost 7.3kg!!!
    Bust – Lost 8cm
    Waist – lost 8cm
    Hips – Lost 5cm
    Left Upper Arm – Lost 2cm
    Right Thigh – Lost 6cm

    …and really excited that today is my first day back training at The Cell. 🙂

  8. The Cell said

    Great article Andrew and an experience that is being repeated far more than CrossFit HQ would like to acknowledge. My experience with CrossFit HQ and some of the HQ staff has been less than satisfactory. My experience with one of their specialty coaches, Tucker, was awesome.

    Do I agree with everything they do? Hell no! Do I love some of the stuff they do? Hell yes! This is the precise reason why The Cell is MORE than CrossFit. Stef and I are S & C coaches first, CrossFit trainers second. We borrow from many areas of S & C and will use whatever works. Except maybe the Ab King Pro!!!! 😛

    Hence, The Cell – Real Fitness. It is only our official affiliate name The Cell CrossFit that bares the name and this is a condition of affiliation. Do we prescribe to the fundamental principles of CrossFit? Yes. Why? Because they work. Are there a lot of shitty affiliates out there? Without doubt! Are we one of them? I’ll leave you guys to answer that.

    What I can say though is that Stef and I are constantly learning and constantly looking at how we can illicit adaptations in our athletes. Our programming is constantly evolving and we closely watch everyone to identify those areas we think need improving. Hence the strength bias. We are not focused on fat loss, muscle building or any of those external motivators. We focus on performance. Performance in life. That is key, everything else is window dressing.

    CrossFit changed my life about 5 years ago and for that I am eternally grateful, but as with everything, I take that which is useful and flick whatever isn’t.

    OK (stepping off soap box), get back to eating well and training you lot! 🙂


  9. The Cell said

    Very well said Jason… A few thoughts to ponder, I think I will save it for Sunday’s post…


    PS> Super proud of you Biljana and all of you who have chosen to change you lives for what you believe is the positive, and so far so good, you are all on that path… 🙂

  10. gusman said

    biljana – that’s awesome going! rad that you’re back at training already too!

    jase – word. the cell is definitely taking all the good bits and casting away a lot of the flaws that are starting to emerge within crossfit

  11. Adam Piller said

    here here

  12. Tracy said

    Biljana – so glad you are back training and feeling better! I can totally empathise with your 12 month journey as I’m in the middle of one at the moment, which also started off by seeing Dr. Pete Yeates for some health fine tuning (and obviously finding Jason and Stef last December)!

    Congratulations for your success in weight/inches lost! Whooo hooo! So proud of you!

    As we were talking about last night, you get to a point where feeling good outweighs the satisfaction of eating crap so I have no doubt that we’ll all continue on Paleo or thereabouts after the 30 days. I personally don’t want to go back to feeling tired and lethargic all the time!

  13. The Cell said

    16kg KB H2H practice 10 mins

    3 rft of:
    50kg Thruster, 15 reps
    15kg Ball Slam, 15 reps
    Burpee, 15 reps
    Double Under, 15 reps
    Time: 14.41mins

    Double unders, burpees and ball slams all unbroken. 1st set of Thrusters unbroken. 2nd set severely broken! 3rd set done in 5’s.

    Stoked with the dble unders. Haven’t practiced in ages
    Ball slams were heavy and i found the rear of my shoulders screaming from those and the thrusters.
    Burpees, as always, suck!
    Thrusters were heavy and I always find breathing tough when doing heavy thrusters.

    Awesome work on the transformation Biljana. I know these past 30-days are part of a much bigger picture. Your an inspiration and your efforts are always first rate. You show everyone what is possible. Keep it up mate 🙂

    I personally have a steady weight at the moment of 80kgs. I’ve leaned out and although I’m not training as much, my performances are better.

    Overall feeling is still a touch sluggish at times, digestion still causes issues, and hay fever is pretty bad. I put the first 2 down to still adjusting my diet, shift work (that’s a big one) and overall stress and the hay fever due to the time of year and again, still adjusting diet wise.

  14. Will said

    Warmup: 1000m Row, CFWU x1, Mobility Drills (Shoulder Dislocates)
    20kg Sandbag Carry, 800m
    4 rounds of:
    Muscle Up, 5 reps – Progressions
    Box Jump, 25 Reps – 21′
    20kg Sandbag Carry, 800m
    I think it was 19.14

  15. Vicki said

    Doing the happy dance for Biljana! What an effort 🙂
    Methinks Peter that you are deluded. I ran the first 200 as well… (well a bit there and a bit back).
    Doesn’t mean I like it …
    You just want me to. DREAM ON BOYFRIEND.

  16. Pete Yeates said

    Biljana, you are an inspiration 🙂

    I started to type my thoughts on the article, but found a thread on the crossfit boards which mirrored my views. Andy Petraneks comment is all class. (9th post).

  17. gus said

    today’s 2nd round of activity:

    15min walk/jog to park – no set intervals
    2min jog / 1 min walk x 10
    10 min walk / jog home – no set intervals
    10 min row keeping roughly 2:30 pace
    20 min crosstrainer (not functional, but back couldn’t handle any more rowing)

  18. andrew said

    pete – agreed. its inevitable that the message gets diluted as it gets commoditised but that doesnt mean to say that those who hanker for the early “pure” days cant still do it the good old way. setting up renegade splinter groups only builds walls when we should be building bridges to bring things back to the way they were meant to be (like the good old cell..) I would also see there is some selctive memory and anti-populist sentiment in what is being said.

    The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there LP Hartley

  19. The Cell said

    Good link Pete. Petranek is a mentor of mine (even if he doesn’t know it!) I’ve learnt a lot from seeing the way he does things. He doesn’t always agree with CrossFit, but as he says, you can be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. Greg Glassman is a legend, even if he can be a prickly character at times. That’s all part of the man. What he has done, in CrossFit and his business model, is amazing.

    CrossFit has grown, and we are a part of that enormous growth. As with all growth, quality control can be an issue. The Level 1 is purely an information only Certification. I’ve always thought calling it a Certification odd. You’re not actually getting certified in anything. Even the Level 2, as tough as it was, could be improved. I have made my thoughts on that known to HQ.

    In any event, I’ve lived and breathed CrossFit for over 5 years. It’s given me a great deal and as already mentioned, changed my life. I’m am well aware of its deficiencies, which are actually more to do with individual affiliates rather than the organisation itself, and am always looking at ways in which to improve The Cell.

    Love these discussions. Keep em coming and keep training hard!! 🙂


  20. gus said

    bfast: bacon and eggs
    snack: 2 x paleo cookie
    lunch: chicken salad
    snack: chicken and nuts
    dinner: steak and veggies

    dinner was really hard to stomach for some reason… i guess it was all that cardio? that’ll teach me to do stuff that isn’t for time or reps 😛

  21. gus said

    by the way, jase, i’ve found the next direction the cell needs to go in:

  22. Chanel said

    Warmup 800m row, cfwu, mobility

    hip flexor is retarded – modified wod for upper workout
    800m 15kg sandbag walk
    4 rounds
    5 x muscle up progressions
    25 x 15 kg push press
    800m 15kg sandbag walk


    bfast: mushrooms
    snack: fig n banana nut bites
    lunch: some kind of beef slow cooker mush with cauliflower carrot n other undiscernable ingredients
    snack: oj n fig n banana nut bite
    dinner: chicken sausages carrot cauli peas(not paleo) sweet potato pumpkin

    congrats biljana!!! That’s wonderful news!!!! 🙂 xxx

  23. michelle said

    Paleo diary:

    Breakfast: Boiled egg, almonds, avocado
    Snack: Dried pear
    Lunch: Bolognese (with beef and pork mince), celery and carrots
    Snack: fresh fruit salad
    Dinner: Same as lunch
    Snack: Some dried fruit, seeds and nuts.

    Amazing results, Biljana! And great that you’re back training 🙂

    Interesting article, and a great response from Petranek. Lucky for us that the Cell is to the far right of that bell shaped curve 🙂

  24. graeme said

    well done biljana – thats legendary !!!!

  25. graeme said

    diet today
    bfast: banana, 2 apples, nuts
    snack: apple nuts
    lunch: chicken salad
    snack: nuts & seeds
    dinner: nonna’s homemade pasta with beans and spinach (sorry couldnt resist!!!!!!… bloody good!)

  26. The Cell said

    The Cell is having a trampoline installed tomorrow Gusman!! We’ll put it under the pull up bar so we can do band-assisted trampoline pull ups!!! 😛 hahahaha


  27. The Cell said

    Paleo Tucker
    Brekky – Paleo Pancakes W/Berries, Long black
    Lunch – Chicken, Avocado and Egg W/Salad
    Snack – Larabar
    Snack (Kinda) – Long Black
    Dinner – Chilli beef and vegies
    Snack – Choc Nut Ball and Primal Peach Pattie

  28. Jane said

    Well done Biljana that’s a great result and glad to know you are back training.

    Late posting eating but this is what I had yesterday

    7.30am Breakfast
    130g egg white incl. 1 yolk cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, chicken, avocado + pear & 9 x almonds

    12noon Lunch
    Paleo shepherds pie + salad, spinach, tomato & avacado, sardines + 1 x apple & 9 x almonds

    3pm Snack
    15g egg whites 1/2tsp ooil sweet potato pumpkin 20g unsweetened apple sauce

    7pm Dinner
    fish & prawn stir fry

    8pm Snack
    blueberries, almonds shredded coconut, coconut milk

    5.30am – 40mins cycle in sweat chamber as 2nd part of sweat rate study at Curtin Uni

    4pm – 90mins bikram yoga

    Have tried eating breakfast earlier, so that lunch is earlier, and then I can eat the pre-workout snack before afternoon / evening training. I was really not hungry at 3pm, but ate the small snack anyway – again felt a good energy level for the yoga class so it seems to be working.

    I just need to try and eat something before the morning sessions, but I just can’t get up any earlier so may have to give this a miss for most of my morning sessions and stick with the accelerade drink -I should be able to eat something before cycling to The Cell on saturday for combat classes

  29. Biljana said

    Warm Up
    400m run
    CFWU x 1 round minus back extension

    WOD for time of:
    400m Farmers Walk with 8kg KB’s
    then 4 rounds of – Blue Band Bar Dips & 25 step ups on 18 inch box
    400m farmers Walk with 8kg KB’s

    Time – 15:06

    Hey – thanks everyone for the kind words of support and encouragement. The Cell Community is one of the reasons I love to train there!! Happy to be back and training and looking forward to catching up with all of you soon. 🙂

  30. Did a lot better for this workout than yesterdays!

    400m run 15kg sandbag
    4 rounds of
    muscle up progressions x5
    low tyre – low box jumps x25
    400m run 15kg sandbag


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