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Wednesday 30 September 2009

Posted by The Coach on September 29th, 2009

As many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:
30kg Thruster, 15 reps
Pull Up, 10 reps
Run 400m

Post rounds to comments

Sand Bag Get Up


16 Responses to “Wednesday 30 September 2009”

  1. Vicki said

    Skipping and KB Drills – some american style.

    As many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:
    11.5kg Thruster, 15 reps
    Pull Up, 10 reps
    Row 400m

    Just plugged along slowly today – had to!
    6 rounds+15+10+70m

    I really do not love thrusters – even at 11.5kg.

  2. gus said

    warmup: skipping + kb stuff

    amrap 30mins:
    15 x thrusters 20kg
    10 x pull ups red band
    400m run

    5 rounds + thrusters + 1 pull up

    triceps were fried from yesterday’s wod, which in a way was good because it made me focus on driving out of the bottom to get the bar overhead.

    pull ups and running i’m both happy with how they are progressing.

    i’ve run over 4ks this week!

  3. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Shoulder mobility, Skipping, Kettlebell 16kg x 15 swing, 15 snatch each arm, 15 C&J each arm, American style swing practice.

    WOD as Rx’d
    8 Rounds + 11 Thrusters

    Found it hard today, by the end I was quite light headed.

  4. Jane said

    Gus, if you haven’t ordered your rings yet, I would like a set – figure I need to work on these after yesterdays workout 🙂

  5. michelle said

    Warm up: Skipping practice, KB practice (Russian swing, snatch, C&J, American Swing)

    WOD: AMRAP in 30min of
    20kg thruster x 15
    Pull up (RB) x 10
    400m run

    6 rounds, 15 thrusters and 9 pull ups

    Still getting over a cold, and this hurt my lungs big time. Took the runs nice and easy.

    Didn’t find the thrusters that bad this morning. Only 2 out of the 7 sets were broken. My elbow’s a bit sore now, though – not sure if that’s from the thrusters or the pull ups

  6. The Cell said

    10mins skipping – practicing speed
    mobility drills

    AMRAP in 30mins of:
    30kg thruster, 15reps
    pull ups, 10 reps
    400m run
    ROUNDS = 8 full rounds + 15 Thrusters + 5 pull ups (All sets and reps unbroken, which is what I was aiming for)

    7 x 2 min rounds of bag work (light to medium) with 30sec rest in between rounds (sit ups in this 30sec break)

    10min continuous ab complex including K2E, GHD sit ups, russian twists, isometric holds and floor work.

    Cool down, foam roller and stretch

    *Found the WOD hard today, breathing was difficult, apart from the pain felt great! Felt fatigued after this one, it drained me, thats why I just went light to medium on bas, practiced technique and foot work.

    Great work by all this morning, well done to Vicki, Michelle for pushing through as you are not feeling the best and Bianca; only a couple sessions in and you are already firing!


  7. gusman said

    hey jane – yep, i’m still planning on ordering rings

    if you’re happy to go in i’ll order them over the next couple of days. i’ll have to wait and see what exchange rate i get but they’ll be around $100 (instead of around $120)

  8. Will said

    Warmup: row, skipping, mobility, kettlebell work
    AMRAP in 20mins of:
    15kg thruster, 15reps
    pull ups, 10 reps
    400m run
    5 rounds

    Cut it down to 20, my chest was very tight from the cold and could hardly breath on the 200m run back…bring on summer already!

  9. Biljana said

    Breakfast – scrambled eggs, bacon & freshly squeezed OJ
    Morning Tea – almonds, apricots
    Lunch – Chicken Soup, 2 Grilled Herring
    Afternoon Tea – Almonds
    Dinner – Mushroom & Egg Omelette
    Snack – Carrot Cake Caveman Cookie (cooking now :))

    Great to catch up with many of you at The Cell over the last few days. Looking forward to coming back to train soon. 🙂

  10. gus said

    bfast: carrot caveman cookie and some leftover beef
    lunch: salad + pulled pork
    snack: caveman cookie, nuts
    snack2: caveman cookie (i was really hungry this arvo!)
    dinner: probably ribeye and salad

  11. michelle said

    Paleo food:

    Breakfast (8am): One boiled egg and a banana

    Snack (10am): 2 carrot-cake caveman cookies

    Lunch (12.30pm): Roast lamb rack with tomato and cucumber salad

    Snack (3pm): Fruit salad, some nuts

    Dinner (7pm): Roasted salmon fillet with sweet potato and broccoli

    Dessert later on will be some dried fruit, if I’m hungry

    I’m going to have a play around with some of my own cookie ideas tomorrow – will let you know how I go!

  12. The Cell said

    Brekky (@ 4pm)
    Quick berry breakfast, long black
    Snack 1, long black
    Snack 2, long black
    Post Training: Paleo Recovery Brew
    Dinner: Yet to have

    I’ve got a vegie soup and a curry with Paleo Cauli rice and bunch of snacks to take to work. So I”l post the rest of my intake tomorrow.

    For time:
    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps for time of:
    1.5 pood (24kg) KB Swing (American)
    50m sprint between each rep round.
    Time: 4.15mins

    Should’ve gone sub 4 mins. My first 2 x 50’s, I looked like Usain Bolt. By the end I looked like Cliff Young!!! (if you don’t know Cliff, google him and the Sydney-Melb Ultra Marathon) 😛

    Love short sharp stuff. This is what attracted me to CrossFit. That and Nicole!! 🙂 hahahaha
    Seriously though, as a copper, this is what I need from an operational point of view. Fast and hard. Combine sprinting and something heavy in a short couplet or triplet and you can’t go wrong.

  13. Chanel said

    warmup skipping, kb practice

    AMRAP 30 mins
    15kg thrusters, 15
    pull ups PB, 10
    run 400m

    6 rounds, thrusters, pullups, 350m run.

    bfast: almond meal, coconut milk, raspberries, banana
    snack: nuts
    lunch: almond meal crumbed chicken, spinach, cucumber, avocado, rhubarb
    snack: jerky, peach patties
    dinner: crumbed chicken, fig n banana nut bites, jerky

  14. Jane said

    5.15am Snack
    750ml accelerade drink pre & during workout

    8am Breakfast
    140g egg white incl. 1 yolk cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, zuchini, onion, carrot, chicken, avocado + pear & 9 x almonds

    12.30pm Lunch
    vegetable bake : kangaroo mince, eggplant, onion, tomatos, zucchini, tin tomatos – 6 x cherry tomatos, avocado + 105g tuna + apple & 9 x almonds

    4.30pm Snack
    1 x egg + 1/2 apple + 6 x almonds

    8.15pm Dinner
    125g white fish 25g chicken stirfy – cabbage, cauliflower, brocolli, zuchini, tomato + pinenuts + dessert blueberries & blackberries, lsa, linseed, almonds, walnuts + slice banana pie

    5.30am cycle session 1hr 45mins including w/u & c/d did laps of Kings Park working on the uphill sections and pushing hard on the rest

    6pm 90mins bikram yoga

    Felt absolutely stuffed this morning after cycling, had to have a “nana” nap at lunchtime (or is that a powernap?) very nearly didn’t make yoga as I felt so not right, but made the effort and I’m glad I did – I had a great class and felt much better after

  15. Will said

    Breakfast – none
    Snack – none
    Lunch – Beef Salad
    Snack – Little red sausages (had a really bad craving for these)
    Dinner – Chicken Casserole
    Snack – none

    WOD and Netball

    Still recovering from some late working hours and my body is still our of whack.

  16. The Cell said


    Had a 2 servings of Curry and Paleo “Rice” last night, a few Paleo cookies, a Banana Walnut Paleo Muffin, another Muffin was involved in a muffin fight in the car whilst patrolling! (not sure if you count it as eaten if it was squashed into your head by your mate!! Although she’s still finding bits of muffin!! hahaha)

    Had a couple of kiwi fruit and a pear as well.

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