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Monday 28 September 2009

Posted by The Coach on September 27th, 2009

Back Squat
5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments

Run 800m, 4 reps
Rest 3 minutes between intervals

Post time for each interval to comments

Here is an article that highlights what we believe is an absolute disgrace. The young widow of an Australian soldier killed on acive duty in Afghanistan is left to live on a paltry $300 a week compensation payout. We applaud the Vetrans Affairs Minister for reviewing the case, but why should it come to that. It is about time our Warriors, at home and abroad, and their families were looked after.

Special Air Service Resources Trust
WA Police Legacy

In a similar vein, grab a copy of: “Paleolicious”
A Paleo Inspired Cookbook By Erica Saint Clair

Raising money for:
Athletes for a Cure – Prostate Cancer Research (US based charity)
Wounded Warriors – Honoring & Empowering Wounded Warriors (US based charity)


20 Responses to “Monday 28 September 2009”

  1. andrew said


    3 x set @ 100kg (still some issue with my r hip so not pushing it)


    ROW in lieu of running (more due to hip than knee…)

    All rows less than 3:00 happy with this)
    Best 2:40
    Worst 2:54

    Timekeeper was crap and have reported him to IOC. Expect his dismissal soon.

    Storm – how did you go??

  2. Vicki said


    Row 800 x 4

    Not too bad a wod…

  3. Bliss said

    My first comment…it’s a little deep and mostly a rant…for that I apologise in advance.

    Published article is, at the very least, incredibly disappointing. Having a father who is a vietnam vetern, I often wonder if legislators have learnt nothing.

    These men fight to preserve our freedom, their families pay the ultimate sacrifice and governing bodies can only ‘tip’ them for that self same sacrifice. How is that we as a country can ‘max out’ our national credit card on some f**king stimulus plan but can’t look after our diggers? How is that ok?

    ok…enough now…just makes me mad.

    Strength: back squats


    800m X 4

    -not great but that’s ok.

  4. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Skipping, Glute activation, CFWU, Back Squat x 5 @ 40kg, 50, 60.

    Back Squat 5,5,5 = 67.5, 70, 72.5 kg

    WOD 800m run x 4 with 3 mins recovery

    3:35 (the time keeper was a bit suspect this morning, as my pace didn’t drop and even managed to go faster than Will)
    3:01 (Will made up for the previous round by beating me by about 0.1 of a second)

  5. The Cell said

    The time keeper is f******g quality. Do not be deceived by appearances… They tend to create false perceptions of what situations truly are…

    Reality is in constant motion, and viewed via may different angles, which is right? Which is wrong? According to whom?

    Ponder this deeply young Andrew…


  6. gus said

    row, cfwu x 1

    back squat:
    5 x 65-75-90(pb)

    runs: i did 2 x 800m then 2 x 400m all with 3 min rest in between as i felt like death after the first 2 800s

    results: 800m – 4:17 ; 4:43 (previous recorded time was 4:45 so i’m happy with that)
    400m – 2:22 ; 2:04 (previous best is 1:56 but that was fresh, so i’m happy with this also)

    felt so rotten after the runs though! calves have been really sore lately

    while at training i had a piece of pork shoulder in the oven, it’s due to come out shortly for more pulled pork goodness.

    bfast: 2 eggs + bacon + paleo bbq sauce
    lunch: banana, coconut milk, berries, cocoa smoothie

    have been trying to keep dense carbs like bananas and sweet potato to post workout only as i’m still focusing on weight loss

  7. andrew said

    The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” Albert Einstein

  8. The Cell said

    Roll out those calves Gusman. I do mine and it just abut sends me through the roof. Find the sorest spot, then the sorest spot of the sorest spot and then the sorest spot of that spot and so on until you can’t take it. It’ll make a big difference.

    Running form has a lot to do with it as well. If you’re not already on board the CFE Cert, get in mate. It’ll be well worth it.

    Awesome first post Bliss. My father (a retired copper) and uncle are Vietnam Vet’s, late grandfather a WWII vet, late great grandfather a vet and former Australian Army PTI (maybe thats where I get it from) and great uncle KIA on the Kokoda. So those giving their lives for us is something very close to me. The most important days of the year for me are 25th April and 29th Sept (Police Rememberance Day)

    The lack of support for not only our soldiers, but our teachers, nurses, ambo’s and Police frustrates and annoys the hell out of me. A world where for instance, sports stars are paid millions and coveted for their talents, whilst Police officers and nurses, being paid maybe $25/hr, are assaulted daily (sometimes by those same sports stars) and treated like second rate citizens by their hierachy is a world turned upside down.

    Ok, back to normal programming. Been slack posting my food the last few days but rest assured, it’s been Paleo all the way.

    Trained yesterday as well. Did this little couplet
    AMRAP/15 mins
    40kg 1-hand Barbell Snatch, 5 reps
    Single Hand Double Rope Climb, 1 ascent
    (Not sure what else to call this but it involves holding a rope in each hand and ascending without legs.)
    Rounds: 5 + 3 snatches

    This was really tough on the grip. The snatches were ok but the rope climbs were total evil. First 2 rounds were ok, but the next 3, I’d get halfway up the ropes and my grip was fried. I had to grab on with my legs and just sit there for a bit resting each hand until I could continue again. Fun WOD though. I love single arm or leg stuff. Really shows up any weaknesses.

    I’ll get onto our timer 😛


  9. gus said

    yeah i did a quick roll out at the cell..

    can’t do it at home as my dog ate my foam roller!

    got my sister who does sports massage to attack them the other day… i’ve never been in so much pain!

    not sure if i can afford the CFE cert though 😦

    $300 a week… that’s not much more than the dole…

  10. Pete Yeates said

    Jase, it’s a Chuck Norris Style rope climb.

    Angdesj Rope Climb – Chuck Norris style from CrossFit Regina on Vimeo.

    I want the video of you touching the top beam :lol

  11. rory said

    i enjoyed todays workout

    some light squatting then my runs went something like

    3:1x – did i get a 3:0x ? i dont think so
    3:1x ?

  12. Ben said

    Government pays Police/Nurses/Carers/Teachers/Soliders like crap because they know they can get away with it. Those people do the job for the love of it, not for the pay check. Things must be really difficult for that young lady, my heart goes out to her.

    Onto another subject, apologies for not lodging my Paleo diet for the last two days 😛 Todays eating habits have been really delayed due to me getting up at half ten, so;

    Breakfast; 3 boiled eggs, banana
    Lunch; Pasta, quiche

    I’m in charge of dinner tonight and potatoes is the only thing I have in the house that I can prepare. So I’ll be balancing that with some steam vegies and a salad. Wish me luck. I’ll be responsible for dinner over the next few weeks, so I’ve started going through the Paleo recipies in the links. If I’ve gotta do dinner, I’ll be doing it the right way 😀

  13. Biljana said

    Food for today 🙂

    Breakfast – boiled egg, almonds, tangelo
    Morning Tea – green apple, pecans
    Lunch – chicken & radishes, almonds
    Afternoon Tea – banana, walnuts
    Dinner – Turkey & Vegie Stir Fry (broccoli, carrots)& some mixed berries & almonds for sweets

  14. Chanel said

    bfast: bacon eggs
    snacks: paleo peach patties, veal jerky (home made – would be great if i hadn’t of left the grill on at some point rather than turning onto the oven! a few burnt bits, but all good!) coffee
    lunch: i don’t think i had lunch?
    snacks: paleo peach patties, jerky
    dinner: paleo quiche (eggs, almond flour, canola oil, asparagus, mushroom, smoked rivergum ham, leek) and stewed rhubarb.

  15. The Cell said

    Ben, I can’t speak for nurses, teachers or soldiers but I know of no Police Officer that does it for the love of it! 🙂 We do it because no one else will and we fear the alternative.

    That is why we fight the Government every 3 years for a few % more in each pay packet.


  16. Jane said

    Late posting due to laptop not wanting to work properly yesterday!

    10am Snack
    Paleo recovery drink + raisins & walnuts

    11.30am Breakfast
    140g egg white incl. 1 yolk cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, zuchini, onion, carrot, chicken, avocado + pear & almonds

    2pm Snack
    Melon, + prunes + almonds

    6pm Dinner
    Kangaroo steak, roasted brocolli, zuchini, tomato, garlic + banana pie (paleo)+ nuts

    7.30pm Snack
    More banana pie!!!!

    6am – 30min run – no pain in my foot 🙂 followed by volume sets of situps / pull ups / dips followed by 8am bikram yoga 90mins

    Today was my day to overeat 😦 just couldn’t stop – it was all paleo, but it was still too much food! and still feel full this morning.

    However, the addition of coconut and the egg yolk in the morning, does seem to be making a difference to how satisfied I am feeling with the food I am eating

  17. Will said

    Food for today:
    Breakfast: Bacon + Eggs
    Snack: Apple
    Lunch: –
    Snack: Pear
    Dinner: Beef + Salad
    Snack: Assortment of Fruit, Bacon + Eggs

  18. michelle said

    Eating was sporadic Monday as I was unwell and in bed for most of the day:

    Late breakfast: boiled egg, some mince and vegies
    Snacks: Fruit, seeds and nuts
    Dinner: Beef and salad

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  20. Great story once again. I am looking forward for more updates!

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