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Saturday 26 September 2009

Posted by The Coach on September 25th, 2009

5-5-5 reps
10-7-4 reps

Post loads to comments

21-15-9 rep rounds for time of:
40kg Hang Power Clean
Pull Up
Between each round, perform 50 double unders

Post time to comments

Here is an interesting examination of the differences between the American Kettlebell Swing and the Russian Swing. We’ve always utilised the Russian Swing at The Cell but after reading this it has us thinking. As it quotes Bruce Lee in the article, “Absorb What Is Useful, Disregard That Is Useless”. That is exactly what your Cell coaches do, hence our knowledge and experience are in a constant state of evolution.

Affiliate Gathering WOD

Go Trace & Paul!!


21 Responses to “Saturday 26 September 2009”

  1. gus said

    combat conditioning:
    10 stations, minute per station x 3
    at end of each 10 was 2 minutes of burpees/jingle jangles/kb swings then 2 min rest

    was good this morning.. though was feeling pretty sore from yesterday

  2. gus said

    hey is anyone in the market for gymnastics rings?

    ringtraining have just released a new set of rings:

    i’m going to buy a pair but you get a 10% discount if you buy 3+ at one time plus i imagine overall shipping would be cheaper

  3. Biljana said

    Hey Gus – I’ll be in for a set.

  4. The Cell said

    Hey Gusman, do us a favour when you buy the rings. Go through the link to ringtraining on the Cell Shop.

    May have a deal for a bar and bumpers for you too. Gotta suss some things but stand by for more info.

  5. andrew said

    Combat Conditioning – found it quite tough

    5 x 65kg, 2 x 65kg, 5 x 57.5kg (my delts were fried fm Combat Conditioning)
    10,7,4 x 45 kg

    Then WOD (PU with Blue Band & skipping x 3 in lieu of DU’s)06:47

  6. gus said

    jase – will do

  7. gus said

    oh, also..

    i got my first double under today! it’s a long way from stringing multiples together, but i’m pretty stoked considering how bad my skipping started out

    paleo today has been:
    bfast: 2 eggs + pulled pork + bbq sauce
    lunch: a chicken breast and some olives (fridge foraging)

    breakfast was gigantic so only needed a small lunch and no snacks.

    fish oil and long blacks occur daily

  8. Pete Yeates said

    I missed the WOD today, may do it tomorrow if I get bored.

    Instead I had a run with the Hills Running Group in Darlington, now these people are some serious distance runners. They generally think 10k’s is just a warm-up and don’t put their running shoes on for anything less than 21k’s. Even the group that was injured or tapering did the “short route” of 24k’s through hilly bush trails. I joined the 34k group and had a great time, we mostly ran at about 6 minutes per K pace, with a few walks to allow the tail enders to catch up.

    Total time = 3hrs 39min.

    If anyone is interested, the Group meets every Saturday morning at 6am, just show up all welcome and are a great bunch of athletes. ( Owen Road Darlington )

  9. michelle said

    Sounds awesome, Pete! I may join in one weekend…..

    Paleo food so far:

    0630 Early morning snack: Some fruit
    1000 Breakfast – Omelette with fried banana, walnuts and cinnamon (These were AMAZING! Now I see why people have been raving about them!)
    1300 Snack 1 – a couple of paleo cookies
    1700 Snack 2 – Some dried fruit and nuts
    1800 Dinner – Just about to tuck into some stuffed (with mince and vegies) roasted capsicums.
    And I’ll have some fruit later on for dessert. Any maybe another cookie πŸ™‚

    No lunch today – wasn’t that hungry due to a late breakfast.

    Activity was Combat Conditioning this morning.
    Hung around to do some pull up practice afterwards and, with Rod’s encouragement, managed to do my first ever unassisted dead hang pullup! Very happy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Tried for two but couldn’t quite get there on the second rep. I’ll make my next goal 5 reps – keep you posted πŸ™‚

    And congrats to Gusman on his first double-under!

  10. Jane said

    Paleo today

    6am Snack
    750ml accelerade energy drink

    7.30am 1 x peach pattie, raisins & walnuts

    9am 1 x peach pattie prunes almonds 1 x accelerade gel

    11am Breakfast
    140g egg white incl. 1 yolk cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, zuchini, onion, carrot, chicken, avocado + pear & almonds

    1pm Snack
    dates & almonds

    6pm Dinner
    chicken (lots) cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, zuchini, carrot, onion, tomato, pinenuts, avocado followed by 1 x apple, blueberries, almonds, coconut milk

    615am cycle to The Cell 61mins,
    7.30am Combat Conditioning 3 x 1min rounds 10 stations followed by 2mins burpees / jingle jangles / kb swing 2min rest,
    9am cycle home 63mins (Mount Street!!)

    Very very hungry today after training, breakfast was much better with extra avocado and egg yolk – dinner was brill although a whole chicken will do that (although it was only a small chicken) – dessert was ok, not too keen on coconut milk, but it grew on me as I ate it. Be interested to see how this goes for the rest of the week.

  11. The Cell said

    Great work on the double under Gusman. You’ve come a long way from your first few jumps resembling skips at the Warehouse! πŸ™‚ Keep it up mate.

    Pete: Thanks for the offer mate, but I don’t have the need nor desire to run that far. That’s why I have a car…….and a gun πŸ˜› hahaha. I’m sure its fun for some and big props to those who can and do run that far for fun, but it just doesn’t gel with my goals and I’m a sprinter from way back πŸ™‚

    Michelle, awesome stuff on the pull up! There will be plenty more of those to come. Shows what training, goals and persistence do. And how about those Paleo Banana Omelettes!! I;lve been eating them since discovering them around a year ago and Shan used to gag and turn her nose up whenever I cooked it. Now she has it every morning. As I always say, don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it! Unless it involves organ meat and/or another bloke πŸ˜› hahahahaha

    My training
    CFWU x 1
    Heavy bag punch, kick combo’s for 5 mins
    WOD Specific Warm Up of:
    Push Press
    5-5-5 reps
    5 Ring Dips
    5 Burpees
    200m Row

    21-15-9 rep rnds for time of:
    50kg Push Press
    Ring Dips
    Row (Calories)
    Time: 19.10mins

    This sucked big time. To go from push press to ring dips hurts, but then to go to burpees!! That was mad.

    I dropped down for my first burpee and my arms couldn’t hold me so I did a kinda belly flopped followed by the breakdancing worm to get up!! The next 44 burpees resembled the same messed up movement! And I was down to single reps of ring dips about halfway through the 2nd round.

    Things like dips and push ups are my bitch. It’s just a lack of muscular endurance through my chest and tri’s. Maybe I need to do more pec dec and tricep kickbacks πŸ™‚


  12. gus said

    fairly sure i invented that flop to breakdancing worm move, jase πŸ˜›

    skipping has definitely improved from my special olympics efforts at the warehouse

    awesome work, michelle, on the pull up – i think you looked as surprised as i did after the double under. soon we’ll be doing 80 odd unassisted pull ups in a wod and laughing about how we once used bands (some day πŸ˜› )

    i had dinner at my parents house tonight – butterflied leg of lamb, broccoli and pumpkin. only non-paleo thing was the gravy which had some flour in it. resisted the barrage of dessert offers (how many times do you have to say no!)

  13. Biljana said

    Pretty good day today…though lots of little naps this afternoon.
    Lots of awesome things happening for many of you – spesh Gus, Michelle and Pete. Congrats on your achievements! Jase – good to hear you’re getting lots more training in. Can we get some video of your Breakdancing Worm Burpee?? hahahaha

    Food today
    Breakfast – boiled egg, almonds
    Morning Tea – tangelo, pecans
    Lunch – Chicken Soup with vegies, almonds
    Dinner – Grilled Chicken with bacon & tomato salsa and a variety of salad vegies. Then had some pineapple, rockmelon and watermelon. (Proud of myself cause we went to Sizzler for my niece’s Birthday Dinner and I was able to make good Paleo food choices) …and then had my first non Paleo treats in 17 days(I had been following the strictly anal version of the Paleo Diet πŸ™‚ – piece of Birthday cake and a black coffee. Strangely – it wan’t as enjoyable as I thought it might be – seems like the thought of eating the cake was far more enjoyable than the actual taste of it and even better – no further cravings for sweet things.

    Half way in to my original 30 day Paleo Challenge – despite the recent glitch of being sick and having surgery – I have never felt better physically or had so much mental clarity. In addition to that – 4kgs has just melted away from my body in that short period of time, whilst I have enjoyed eating more food than I normally would. The Paleo Diet has made that much difference to me in recent weeks and I am sure is helping me to continue to recover quickly. πŸ™‚

  14. andrew said

    jason – was it something like this??

    btw where is stefs thought for the day??

  15. Hi guys,

    Michelle, so great on the pull up and Gus, you’ll be doubling under in circles around everyone soon! Good for you guys! πŸ™‚

    Pete, here’s a question for you….would going on the Paleo diet cause changes in your intestinal system – I don’t feel sick – although my body seems to be in “cleansing” mode. Could be all the other fun things you have me on…I just wanted to inquire about Paleo and if anyone had had any similar reactions.

    I’m off to find an omelette, some fruit/NUTS! and water to stuff in my bag and hit the ground walking!

  16. BTW – I’m not putting the omelette in my bag…only the fruit/nuts/water! hehehe (yes I am awake);)

  17. Chanel said

    Trace: major changes (and sometimes not so major changes) in your diet will affect your intestinal system… Your body will generally settle in 2(-4) weeks, but having said that, I’ve been doing paleo for about 2.5 months now n it still hasn’t settled, so who knows! πŸ™‚

    had a migraine yesterday so didn’t train n basically spent all day in bed – wasn’t much in the mood for eating either…
    Snacks:Nuts,celery with vegemite or anchovy spread, banana, nuts, banana chips
    dinner: marinated occy, salad of roquette strawberries, pistachios, avocado, tiny bit of fetta, prawns, sweet potato chips. Creme caramel for dessert πŸ˜€

  18. Will said

    Breakfast: Eggs + Tomato
    Snack: Banana
    Lunch/Dinner: Steak + Lettuce
    Snack: Accidently ate a sandwich without realising.

    Activity: Warmup – Table to Mouth, WOD for time – 6x hoegarden (middy), 2x stella (middy), 2x white wine (glass) and 1x corona. About 5 hours…paced myself πŸ˜‰

    Looks like I lost track a bit yesterday, watching the grand final with the old man, but hoping to get back on it today.
    Need to add some psyllium husks to the diet.

  19. The Cell said

    Jacobs Ladder with Joe and Mac G

    10mins of warm up and dynamic movements


    5 rounds of: (UNTIMED)

    then get to the top and do:
    10 x sandbag halh moons with 25kg +
    10 x pushup to pass through on paralettes +
    10 x 24kg KB snatch

    2 of the ladders Joe and I piggy backed each other all the way up


    Bear crawl with strict form up Mount Street

    Cooldown and stretch

    Very happy to be in the sun!



  20. Pete Yeates said

    Tracy, any change in diet, especially one which eliminates common irritants to the GIT, allows an inflammatory enzymatic reserve to replenish.

    An example of this is – If someone eats wheat and is slightly sensitive to it, this causes an irritation upon the GIT lining. Usually there is a enzymatic reaction strong enough to stop you eating this food in large quantities, causing symptoms like bloating, flatulence, pain etc. Now if wheat was eaten daily to excess, (Breakfast = W/Bix, Lunch = Bread, Dinner = Pasta, Snacks = cake, biscuits) this depletes the enzymatic reaction and you are left with no warning symptoms. No warning inflammation allows for more over consumption.

    As you have eliminated wheat plus a whole host of other irritants, the body gradually repairs and builds the enzymatic reaction back up, which increases capacity for an acute inflammatory response, thus creating the easy bloating / discomfort. These symptoms will persist until the Gut has stopped repairing and / or the offending foods are recognised and eliminated. In some people there is also a stage of over reactivity and usually settles down after correct establishment of GIT flora.

    Hope this helps.

  21. Chanel said

    Hey Pete – any guidelines as to how long it takes? Or does it competely depend on the amount of depletion and the body’s ability to repair- which obviously differs with different bodies, so I think I just answered my question πŸ™‚

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