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Thursday 17 September 2009

Posted by The Coach on September 16th, 2009

Front Squat
5-5-5 reps
Back Squat
1 x 20 reps

Post loads to comments

1. Jingle Jangles
30 secs on, 30 secs rest
10 rounds

2. The Cell Agility Test

Andew - Combat Conditioning


13 Responses to “Thursday 17 September 2009”

  1. Davie said

    Jingle jangles?

  2. andrew said

    Check out the videos section on the Gallery page and you will be enlightened

  3. andrew said

    KB WU

    3 sets x 5 FS 65kg
    1 set x 20 BS 75kg

    discomfort in wrists for FS was limiting factor

    then the Big Boys Bi-athalon (me , Gus & Michael)

    – Jingle Jangles x 10 rds ( I was 11-13 rds at best same as Michael at worst a rd or 2 less)
    – The Cell Agility Test TM x 3 rds. 33 secs was my best time although timekeeping needs to be upgraded to 1/100’s of sec

    Michael smoked us all – well done you were on fire today.

    “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”.

  4. gus said

    front squat:
    55-65X-65 failed middle set on last rep due to it slipping from rack

    back squat: 20 x 65kg.. felt like better form than last week’s effort

    jingle jangles x 10 rounds.. worst was 10 best was 13

    cell agility test – 33 secs was fastest time

  5. The Cell said

    Hey Davie

    Check out the Jingle Jangles video in our Gallery page.


  6. Biljana said

    😯 Oh no!! Not that video again! Can you not make a new one Jase? – I’m tired of laughing at myself being a girly girl!!

  7. Will said

    Well done Michael, good running.

    KB WU (12kg)
    Front Squat 3×5(35-37.5-40kg)
    Back Squat 1×20 (40kg)
    Jingle Jangles x10 – Held 12, best 13
    Cell Agility Test – 27 seconds – Looking forward to seeing some more times for this one.

  8. gus said

    hey coaches, is there any way to improve on rack position for front squat? as that seems to be what lets me down…

    i mean, is there any benefit from doing holds in the rack position with a heavy weight or something?

  9. Chanel said

    Check it out…. 😀

  10. andrew said


    FWIW i had trolled around on this before and some info I got was

    1/ Don’t grip the bar. You only need 2 fingers resting on the bar. The tighter you grip the bar, the tighter you wrist flexors become and the harder it is to bend the wrist. The higher the elbows are raised, the less the wrist is required to bend. If you drop the elbows, the wrist will have to bend past 90 degrees. Also, build some deltoids to rest the bar on.

    2/ A good stretch to do at the end of a workout is grip the bar as you would for a front squat and have someone push your elbows up from the front. Have them hold it there a few seconds, then release, and repeat. The wrist and elbow flexibility will come with time and a lot of practice.

    3/ You can always go wider and work your grip in as your flexibility improves. When front squatting for reps, I like to use a grip slightly wider than what I would traditionally clean with.

    4/ try doing rack lockouts with a really heavy weight and hold the bar for 5 secs between reps…. or you could get a really heavy weight for you and hold it for as long as you can(in a rack of course) and do this for 3 sets.

    5/ Here is the two-step process to stronger wrists:
    a. Turn on your computer.
    b. Visit your favorite porn site.

    Perform this exercise several times a day and you will be well on your way to strong wrists. WARNING: performing this exercise may cause blindness or unusual hair growth on your palms.

    I find going wider is the better (but still hurts) suggestion 1 makes sense and I use that as well ie rest it in the groove of my delts, stretching in 2 sounds a bit iffy to me. Likewise 4. Maybe worth a try

    I am confident 5 works…


    Pain or damage don’t end the world. Or despair or f*cking beatings. The world ends when you’re dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man… and give some back. Al Swearengen (Deadwood)

  11. gus said

    thanks andrew, those all seem to make sense, will try and incorporate them a bit more at the gym (number 5 should finally get me kicked out of vic park gym haha)

    can someone build me some deltoids to rest the bar on?

  12. Chanel said

    3 rounds
    20x 12 kg kb swings
    10x 8kg kb snatch
    10x 8kg kb c&j
    10x goblet squat 8kg
    10x slasher to halo

    front squats 30/30/30 focussed on technique: hip flexor is shot this week

    1×10 bs @ 30kg

    1.jingle jangles : 8 all rounds
    2.cell agility test: 24.57

  13. gus said

    lol that pizza helen looks heinous

    i reckon we should do the 1 x beer / 10 x burpee AMRAP… bound to end up with pukie!

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