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Affiliate Gathering

Posted by The Coach on September 7th, 2009

Don’t miss W.A.’s first gathering of CrossFit affiliates.

Sunday 13th September
2pm to 5pm

Open to anyone who CrossFit’s, whether it be at a box, a Globo or in your garage. Come along and get some.

All the Perth affiliate’s will be there; CrossFit Perth, West Coast CrossFit, Southern CrossFit and the new kid on the block, CrossFit Fremantle.

We’ll be running a WOD and firing up the BBQ. Bring your friends and family and get them involved.

BYO food for the barbie and anything you want to quench your thirst.

RSVP to Jason at The Cell by Friday September 11th


25 Responses to “Affiliate Gathering”

  1. Hayden said

    any hint to the crazyness install for us mate??
    Haha, got to start training!!

  2. The Cell said

    No hints brother. Just roll out the hopper and smash whatever comes out 🙂

  3. Hayden said

    true true… looking forward to givin it a crack!
    would be sweet if you did have a hopper too and did it ’07 Games styles….

  4. The Cell said

    That would be cool! Hmmm, thinking, thinking……………….

  5. Adam Piller said

    spewin, cant make it!!

  6. Biljana said

    A trainer’s Hopper WOD would be great!! 🙂

  7. Storm said

    I’ll wash your mouth out with soap with that sort of crazy talk.
    tsk tsk:)

  8. Jamie said

    Yes!!! The more random the better. It’s going to be a top day. There should be a few of the harem coming. Looking forward to catching up with everyone.

  9. Jas P said

    Our humble CrossFit Perth crew will be there.

    Looken forward to catching up with everyone!

  10. The Cell said

    Biljana……………shut up! 🙂 hehehehehe

    Let’s get into it crew and make these things days to remember!


  11. gus said

    i’m in!

    i was going to cook a bacon explosion for the event, but i don’t think it’s feasible to cart my weber down there 😛

  12. Adam Piller said

    no reason we cant head to your place afterwards G-Star, have a lunch at the Duckstein Brewery so will be primed!!

  13. gus said

    if you decided to join me later there would be a catch up WOD required. programmed at my discretion.

  14. The Cell said

    I think that idea is very feasible Gusman. Actually, you bring the bacon explosion, I’ll bring the Weber 🙂


  15. gus said

    aight, i should be able to do that…

    it takes two hours to cook and our athletes WILL be inhaling a lot of hickory smoke 😛

  16. Vicki said

    Gusman, as long as you don’t get out the “pulled pork” 🙂
    We will be there…

  17. andrew said

    hey I LIKE pulled pork sandwiches so gus feel free to pull some my way

  18. michelle said

    Mmmmmmmm….. bacon explosion AND pulled pork….. Count me in! 😉

  19. gus said

    bloody hell, pulled pork takes even longer than bacon explosion!

    prepare “dry rub” (yes, that’s what it is called, vicki) the day before as well as sauce

    then slow cook for five hours before being able to pull it! 😛

    hey andrew, i don’t suppose you know what the difference is between boston butt and pork shoulder? i thought they were the same thing, but that video seems to refer to them as two separate things

  20. andrew said

    i am only a consumer not a manufacturer – you have whet everyones appetite so you need to deliver on sunday…

  21. Vicki said

    LOL see when heard about “american style pulled pork” I thought Gusman was just w*nking with an accent 🙂
    If that WAS the case, a dry rub would be none to comfortable now, would it????
    Oh dear I am spending toooooooo much time at work.

  22. gus said

    well, i did make jerky that weekend also…

  23. Vicki said

    Oh dear … So you had an “explosion” of “pulled jerky”???
    I better go find my lady manners – they seem to be somewhat lacking today (laughing hysterically).

  24. carter said


    can’t wait to catch up with you guys on sunday!!!! haven’t seen some of you since the gymnastic cert!!

    and for some bizarre reason, i’m looking forward to the bacon explosion more than the WOD… =P


  25. gus said

    nothing bizarre about that!

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