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Monday 31 August 2009

Posted by The Coach on August 30th, 2009

Back Squat
5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
Pull Up, 5 reps
Push Up, 10 reps
Squat, 15 reps

Post rounds to comments

What would you like to learn most about fitness? What is that one thing you’ve always wondered about or wanted to know? Is it a nutrition question, fat loss question, how to get stronger, more flexible? Post your question to comments.

Happy Birthday Mike!!

Happy Birthday Mike!!


27 Responses to “Monday 31 August 2009”

  1. The Cell said

    Hmmm, back squats and Cindy after a 1/2 marathon and a marathon.

    It’ll be interesting coaching the 5.30am crew tomorrow 🙂

    I’m super impressed Pete and Michelle even booked in!! Great enthusiasm guys


  2. Pete Yeates said

    I was thinking on 1/2 weight squats and subbing situps for the squats in Cindy. Gota nurture the quads!

  3. Adam Piller said

    hhhmmmmmm i hit the booze hard on Saturday night. lets see if i visit pukey at 6.30am!!

  4. The Cell said

    I was thinking you need to harden up Pete!!!

    Hahahahahaha, just joking mate 😛 I’m sure we can accommodate some scaling/subs


  5. Adam Piller said

    make him do it coach

  6. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = 1km row, Shoulder mobility, CFWU, Back Squat x 5 @ 20kg, 30.

    Back Squat 5,5,5 all at 35kg

    WOD = Modified Cindy (Subbed Sit ups for the air squats)

    = 19 rounds

  7. gus said

    warm up: row, cfwu

    back squat:
    5 x 75-80-82.5(pb)

    cindy: (red band)
    = 11 rounds + 3 pull ups. pb

    previous score was 10 rounds on blue band. and we didn’t do any back squats that day either 😛

  8. The Cell said

    Hey great stuff Gusman!! That’s 2 PB’s in 1 day. Awesome!! 🙂

    That shows the importance of keeping a journal people. It is vital. If you don’t have a journal or don’t record your training in some way, DO IT!!!

    If you turn up to a sesh and I ask you what your 5RM Back Squat/Press etc is and you don’t know, expect burpees 😛


  9. The Cell said

    Also well done to Michelle on a Back Squat 5RM PB and Adam on a Cindy PB despite carrying a big weekend into the WOD 🙂

  10. michelle said

    Warm up: 500m row, shoulder dislocates, CFWU x 1

    Strength: Back squat 5-5-5
    60kg-65kg-70kg PB 🙂

    WOD: Cindy with Red Band assistance
    17 rounds and 1 pull up

    Great workout this morning, the squats felt good and Cindy was tough fun! 🙂

  11. Adam Piller said

    One word!! “Hungover”

    Back squats – 100,110,120

    Cindy as rxd – 20 rounds. Put the clock on and went 1 round per minute. Pukey was lingering!!

    Props to all who ran yesterday and trained this morning!!

  12. gus said

    don’t forget there’s a search function on this site too..

    i just put “cindy” in the thing and up came my previous results

  13. The Cell said

    There is Gusman and the wise people such as yourself actually post their results. But unfortunately there are too few that actually post their performance. So they can search until the cows come home! 🙂


  14. Vicki said

    2 squats off 14 rounds 🙂
    Fun! Pete is in bed hehehehehehheheheheeeeee!
    Michelle looked so fresh this morning! Amazing!

  15. gus said

    haha yeah, michelle ran half a marathon yesterday and still showed up to kick my ass

  16. gus said

    oh, and to answer the question in today’s post… i could always learn more fat loss tips. however, i think i already know what needs to be done.. drink less beer, do more squats!

  17. The Cell said

    Paul N 40/50/60 -17 Rounds + 2 Pullups

    Hollie 40/45/50 – 10 Rounds + 5 pullups Blue Band

    Great Effort guys


    Great effort at the City to Surf guys, inspiring stuff.

  18. michelle said

    Here’s a question:

    As one of my goals is to be able to do at least one dead hang unassisted pull up, should I be doing any specific practice, etc. and, if so, how often? I know there’s lots of info about this on the CrossFit message board, but I’d be interested in you guys think.

    At the moment all I’m really doing is dead hang pullups with a red band during CFWUs (which is challenging for me), and whatever comes up during the WODs (during which I usually kip for speed and efficiency), using a red or blue band depending on the # of reps.

    Do you think there’s much value in me doing negatives a few times a week? Or something else that I haven’t thought of?


  19. The Cell said

    Woohoo, someone asked a question!! 🙂

    The key to increasing Pull Up numbers Michelle is volume.

    I’ve found kipping pull ups don’t increase the ability to do dead-hang pull ups. Kipping pull ups are used so we can do more work. Not to build max strength.

    Essentially, if your goal is to first do 1 dead-hang pull-up, what you’re looking for is max strength, not strength endurance or work capacity. Kipping will assist with those 2 things, but not max strength.

    So to increase your max strength with pull ups, go for more volume. Pull up ladders are great for this.

    The reps are like the rungs of a ladder;

    Do 1 rep, rest maybe 10 secs, do 2 reps, rest again, do 3 reps, rest, do 4, rest, do 5 rest. Then work your way back down the ladder 4 rest, 3 rest, 2 rest and 1. This way you’ve just completed 25 pull ups in 1 short session but it won’t feel as taxing as if you just jumped on the bar and tried to crank out 25 reps. You could even do this short session as part of our warm -up, as long as the WOD isn’t pull up centric, or after the WOD if you’ve still got some energy left.

    Once that rep scheme is getting easier, you can play with it a bit. Go up a rung on the ladder (go to 6 reps) or go in two’s; 2 reps, 4 reps, 6 reps, 8 reps and back down. There’s a stack of variations.
    You could also reduce a band.

    I would steer clear of negatives. They’re great for getting rhabdo and making you sore and wont make you as strong, as fast as increasing volume.


  20. inez said

    Hi !!!!
    sorry to jump in like this – I would like to contribute a little for Michelle’s question if thats okay :p .
    Last time when I used to ‘bodybuild’ , one of my ultimate goal was to be able to do dead hang pull up ( and back then ‘kipping’ is considered ‘cheating’) so I asked someone to ‘spot’ me by holding my legs and give me support as I lifted myself up.
    You don’t have to do many – as Jason said – just do a couple and do it often whenever you can before or after the WOD – after you recover. Do like 5 -10 reps or even less, just make sure you do it often … thats what I did at least :p I’m sorry if I’m wrong…!
    maybe its called ‘grease the groove’?
    Probably Jason already explained it better or his answer is probably more reliable hahaha, but I’m just trying to share and help 😛
    I’m doing the same thing with muscle up now – trying to practise every day ….
    Good luck and take care Michelle!

  21. andrew said

    michelle – far be it fm me to attempt to take over fm jason but google “recon ron pullup program” or “armstrong pull up program” people swear by these and am trying to do one now. its based on mutiple sets not to failure to build up strength. it assumes a certain strength level but you can poss do it with a band and then start it “properly” without. problem I have is that the pu sessions at the cell screw it around a bit ie they work the muscle groups to hard for the program but i do seem to be making some progress. I got these on the CF message board which is not bad with a reasonable signal to noise ratio. you soon recognise the duff advice. pu’s are something else you will kick my ass on I am sure

  22. Chanel said

    warmup 1 km row, cfwu

    warmup 15×5, 25×4, 35×3, 45×2
    55/45/45 – dropped the weight as my hip flexor was not cooperating

    amrap 20 mins
    pull ups x 5 PB
    pushups x 10
    situps x 15

    17 rounds + 5 pull ups

    question: converting body fat to muscle and decreasing body fat percentage – obviously good nutrition is key to achieving this, and have been doing basically strict paleo for 1 month and crossfitting for nearly 9 months (3-4 x per week consistently and now longer sessions on sats), but my body fat percentage is basically the same (am stronger and fitter tho so there has been fat to muscle conversion) – apart from training more frequently, how can we achieve this if our diets are good?

  23. Chanel said

    And thanks michelle for asking re: dead hang pullups 

  24. Biljana said

    Hey Jase – no questions from me tonight – I ask too many anyway!! 🙂

    No BS tonight – shoulder still a little sore – Just a nice hour long Yoga session for me instead.

  25. michelle said

    Wow! I should ask questions more often 🙂 Thanks Jase, Inez and Andrew for the tips!

    I’ve read about the ‘grease the groove’ method before, and my major issue with this is access to a pull up bar. I can’t install anything at home as I’m renting (although that hasn’t stopped me from doing similar things 😉 , so maybe I should consider it), which makes it hard to do them often enough to really ‘grease the groove’. I hadn’t heard of the recon ron or armstrong training programs – I’ll spend a bit of quality learning time with my friend google.

    For now I think I’ll incorporate a ladder into each of my training sessions at the Cell and any time I go down to the globo gym, and see how I go.

    Good luck with the muscle up, Inez! That’ll be my goal once I’ve got the pull ups nailed.

    And what are you talking about, Andrew? You’ve walked all over me plenty of times. I’ll race you to a dead hand pull up – last one there’s a rotten egg 😉

  26. Jon woods said

    Hey michelle, for dead hang pull ups you could get a door way bar. I can’t think what it is called, but if you googled it you should see a door pull up bar that locks in (because of how it is built as opposed to being screwed or bolted in). Then if it is there, on your house, just trying one every time you walk past should help. I am glad you didn’t ask any kipping questions as I am crap at those, but planning to work on during my trip. Hope you can find the pull up bar I am referring to. Anyway better go, have a 2am alarm.


  27. The Cell said

    Grease the groove; in short, say you can do 10 pull ups, you’ll do 8 every hour on the hour throughout the day. Or you could do a set in the morning, a set at lunchtime, a set after work and a set before bed. Really though, this isn’t practical for 99% of the population.

    What really is grease the groove? An increasing volume 🙂

    Increasing volume is the basis for pretty much every pull-up improvement program I’ve ever seen including Armstrong and Recon Ron.

    Your push ups are pretty good Michelle. From memory you said it’s because you did heaps of them in your boxing classes. There’s your answer. An increase in volume made you better at push ups. I’d put money on it doing the same for your pull ups.

    Nutrition and fat loss are huge and very individual topics. I’m currently working on taking everything I’ve learnt over the years and simplifying it as much as possible.
    Anyway, short answer.
    You’ll never convert fat to muscle. Different cells (as I;m sure you’re aware). Although you can reduce the size of your fat cells and increase the number of muscle cells. I’m guessing what your after is an overall decrease in body fat percentage.

    First thing I’d suggest is write down exactly what you eat/drink for 3 days. Diet is key. Generally those who think don’t eat much, typically women trying to lose fat, deat more than they think. Those that think they eat heaps, typically guys who are trying to put on muscle, aren’t eating enough. Put it on paper for evenb just 3 days and you’ll get a good idea of where your at nutrition wise. 1 month on Paleo isn’t long enough to have much of an impact. Once your diet is cleaned right up, ie strict Paleo for 60 days, then look at Zone proportions. Paleo will be the what, Zone will be the how much.

    Remember, these changes, physically and mentally take time. That’s why changes in nutrition have to be realistic and manageable in the long term. Short term changes don’t work.

    Step 1
    Write down what your consuming now, for 3 days minimum

    Step 2
    Investigate and implement Paleo (Your doing this already)

    More to follow. Night all

    Jase 🙂

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