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Sunday 30 August 2009

Posted by The Coach on August 29th, 2009

It has come to our attention that there are some individuals who wish to excel regarding performance levels and wish to do this with much haste. It must be known that the training we do at The Cell is developmental on many levels, physically and psychologically. Developmental processes require time, require patience, require not only slow physiological adaptions but psychological adaptation. These adaptive phases move through various stages of growth and self understanding.

It is really quite simple, metaphorically the human person moves through life, learning’s and newly adapted skills via baby steps, “crawl before walking; walk before running”. We wish not to hold anyone back, but through patience and careful adaptation, by working technique, form, and building a strong foundation slowly, the body and mind remember, it remembers what you learn! The body and mind adapt with purity and the effects are long lasting. In fact when you move slowly through these motions your body retains more and for longer; quick gains are often falsely laid gains, which do not last because no real time is allowed for these newly found skills to be truly understood, they are basically weak in foundation.

Trust in yourself and be patient in your intents; true growth within an individual requires an abundance of time, that is how the human person learns effectively. You avoid injury, sustain and increase performance across broad domains and learn at a deeper level of knowing… You will not be lead astray if you remain steady in progress, in fact constant evaluation of self and actions are essential and at times, what appears to you to be moving “backwards” in sustainability and progress in actuality you are striving forwards…



19 Responses to “Sunday 30 August 2009”

  1. andrew said

    Even the great get greater by doing more of it.—Colleen Wainwright

  2. The Cell said

    The great become greater by doing more of it; yes very true, they become great via means of performing great things, but time is key, greatness does not occur over night, it is incramental in nature and occurs steadily, built upon knowledge upon knowledge upon knowledge…


  3. gus said

    haha you’re full of quotes, andrew!

    definitely appreciate the cell not only pushing us but holding us back when appropriate

  4. Andy said

    I have come to this understanding as well, through the teachings of my grandmaster.
    I had become frustrated while learning double stick six count ( one hand butt striking and the other standard).
    The grandmaster seeing this came over and ask what was wrong.I replied ” i keep retuning back to standard striking.I don’t know why i keep doing it, but it is frustrating me, for i learn things fairly quickly.”
    Student give you mind time to digest the new movement.These movements take time and practise to be able to execute with out thought of the movement itself and only feeling the rhythm.
    Yeah, but i already am able to the double standard stick movements.So this should be an instant transition.
    The grandmaster laughed and told me that one dad i would have to teach this to my talented students as his grandmaster told him…..
    How am i different to you as a martial artist ?
    Well you are Better,more Knowledgeable and you flow/move like water (fluid in motion).
    No student, the difference is i have been training or practicing this art for longer, and once you have train for the same amount of time you shall be just as good,as knowledgeable and as fluid in motion.
    So yes there is no substitute for training/practise or time……

  5. andrew said

    full of quotes or full of sh*t – you be the judge..any news of how the city to surfers fm the 05:30 crew got on today??

  6. Yeah City to Surfers! I hope you did well!!!! I saw Peter Yeates at the esplanade train station and cheered! My partner and I did the 12km in under 2 hours. Not bad for being sick most of last week…

    Hope the rest of you reached your goals!

  7. Adam Piller said

    that is a serious tuck jump

  8. gus said

    i believe it’s actually an air squat

  9. The Cell said

    Great job Trace!!

  10. Pete Yeates said

    Active recovery = Run 42.2 km with lots of other people.

    Time = 3hrs 21 min

  11. michelle said

    Nice work Tracy and Pete (weren’t you aiming for 3hrs 40min? – You smashed it!)!

    City to Surf Half Marathon (21.1km)
    Time = Somewhere between 2hrs 10 and 2hrs 14, including a toilet break. Forgot to check my watch at the finish line.

    Now I want to run a Marathon 🙂

  12. Biljana said

    Awesome job Tracy, Pete & Michelle!! 🙂

  13. Pete Yeates said

    Brilliant effort Michelle and Tracy, and thanks for the cheering at the 1/2 way point.

    Now I want to run a UltraMarathon 🙂

    Race report to follow.

  14. gus said

    nice work, guys!

  15. Pete Yeates said

    Pete’s Marathon race report – The Cell way.


    8 wks ago I finished reading “Born To Run” and this inspired me to one day run a marathon. My running at this time was only 50m – 800 meter intervals incorporated into the WOD’s at the CELL once or twice a week, sometimes I even have to carry a 25kg sandbag or 2 x 32kg kettlebells for distance.

    Now because I already train 5 – 6 days per week at the Cell, Cross Country Mountain Bike or Road Cycle for 2 – 3 hrs, and Yoga for 1.5 hrs once weekly, there was only time to add 1 extra run.

    I decided on Saturday afternoons after work to be the time for the Long Slow Distance (LSD) Training. I know Crossfit goes against LSD training, instead preferring to add 2 x interval sessions and one time trial, but having trialled this type of training for a 100km MTB race earlier in the year, I know my body responds better to the LSD.

    Run Training Progress =

    Week 1 – 30 minutes
    2 – 45min
    3 – 1.5hrs
    4 – 2hrs
    5 – 3hrs
    6 – 2hrs
    7 – 1hr 10min
    8 – City 2 Surf Marathon 42.2 km = 3hrs 21min.

    I arrived early to watch the start of the ½ marathon and somehow managed to spot Michelle running past and cheer her on. I noticed the middle of the pack were having to walk for 100m or so after the start due to congestion, and the people starting at the front and back had a clear run. Since the timing chip only activates as you pass over the start line there is no reason to start as soon as the gun goes, so I decided my plan would be to start at the back of the pack.

    Just before the start I had a chat with a Guy who has Cerebral Palsy, who could hardly walk let alone run, he was hoping to finish the marathon in 5hrs 15 minutes, what an inspiration!!

    At 7am I started at the back of the pack and settled into a comfortable rhythm, by 6 k’s there were people already starting to struggle, but I was just cruising aiming to catch up to the next group of runners in front of me, a strategy which I used all race. The course was dead flat for the first ½ and I felt really fresh and had to hold myself back for the hillier 2nd half. All the hills to and through Kings Park felt fine and my energy level was brilliant all the way through. The last 5k’s my legs started to slow a little but I just treated it as a WOD and finished in fine form.

    Its about 8hrs after the event and my legs are already starting to feel fresh, I attribute this solely to training at the Cell.

    Happy training, Pete.

  16. Jon Woods said

    great efforts there people, excellent report as well Pete.

    I am going away for a holiday early Tuesday, heading to France and Spain for about 4.5 weeks. Already annoying my wife with comments about doing some crossfit training, even more cell type. hope to be able to fit in some workouts, even if in the hotel etc. But also try to work on some skills, HSPU, Kipping, pistol squats, burpees etc. There is plenty that should keep me occupied in between sight seeing and the rest.

    Hopefully catch up (not too unfit) in approx 5 weeks.


  17. Pete Yeates said

    Jon, have a fantastic holiday mate. Just incase you run out of ideas, here is a link to body weight training from the crossfit boards. Go straight to page 4, comment 33 for the attachment.

  18. Pete Yeates said
    woops here it is

  19. Jon woods said

    Cheers for that Pete. That is a good reference page that gives me plenty of ideas. The page is ony phone already!

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