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Wednesday 26 August 2009

Posted by The Coach on August 25th, 2009

For time:
400m Walking Lunge
24kg Kettlebell Swing, 150 reps
Burpee, 100 reps

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Press - The head moves back to accommodate the bar enabling a straight bar path.


15 Responses to “Wednesday 26 August 2009”

  1. Biljana said

    Looking good Michelle!! 🙂

  2. gus said

    row, cfwu

    400m walking lunge
    150 x 16kg swings
    50 x burpee (scaled these back when knee was hurting)


    i don’t know what was worse doing the lunges… sore glutes or listening to stef complain about how cold he was!

  3. michelle said

    Thanks, Biljana 🙂 I think they were actually thrusters, which is why I look so pained.

    Warm up: 1km row, CFWU x 1, shoulder dislocated

    WOD: As Rx’d – woo hoo!! (For a girl, anyway, which means a 16kg KB)
    Time = 23:57

    The lunges weren’t as bad as I thought they might be (although I might feel differently tomorrow).
    The burpees really hurt, as usual, and the last 10 or so were pure agony! I feel like I’m making progress with them, though. They don’t feel any more comfortable, but I can churn them out a lot quicker than I could a month ago.

    No cramps this morning, Andrew, so your positive thoughts must be doing the trick 😉

  4. michelle said

    Oops, my shoulder wasn’t dislocated. I meant ‘dislocates’

  5. Adam Piller said

    i got smashed this morning after last nights heavy deadlift session. back locked up bigtime!!

    wod as rxd 29.01mins i think.
    splits were something like this.
    lunges 9 mins approx
    swings 9 mins approx (back locked up on these big time,broke alot of them)
    burpees were a disgrace!! 11mins something.

    well done to the 5.30am crew, you smashed it. us sleepyhead 6.30am crew were trailing!!

  6. Jon woods said

    Did the wod as rx’d at home this morning.
    My lunges were pretty slow and I found these pretty darn hard (and I didn’t even do anything last night). I was just going back and forth in my driveway.
    Swings felt the easiest and the last 50 burpees really sucked big time.

    Time: 33:05

    cheers and great efforts by all

  7. Vicki said

    LOL adam – 5.30 crew is HARDCORE! (as in crazy MOFO’s)

    Did a sub 30 so I am fairly happy with it – 29.14.
    Pete and Michelle ripped thru like people posessed! All in all it wasn’t too bad – after it was over.
    Oh, Biljana – thanks for the lend of the book – looking at the pics was rather … gross! Ideal for what we want tho. Oh well, no escaping it 🙂

  8. Will said

    Man it was freezing this morning, I saw the temperature gauge going lower and lower on the drive in, got down to 6.

    Warmup – 1000m Row, CF Warmup
    400m Lunge – Have not done these in a while, legs still wobbling!
    12kg KB x 150
    60 burpees

  9. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = 1k row, shoulder mobility, CFWU.

    WOD as Rx’d = 23:07

    About 2 yrs ago I did the CrossFit workout “400m walking lunge” and remember thinking this was one of the tougher WOD’s, I even felt wobbly afterwards. This morning I just witnessed the 5:30 crew demolish the lunges plus 150 swings and 100 burpees, with some of the comments afterwards “that wasn’t too bad” “I didn’t mind that” “I feel fine”. What is the cell doing to us? 😆

  10. The Cell said

    Because of your trust in us (which we are extremely grateful for) and your will to succeed The Cell is helping create beasts! Individuals with drive and passion and you all feed off eachothers energy and explosive attitude! We are very proud of you! Remember, you are what you do, you become what you engage in constantly with intent and passion!

    Today I felt good, considering I did some heavy deads yesterday, I anticipated to be very sore, but I think that will kick in later today; I had to hold back the reigns otherwise I would lose focus of balance in my training…

    25.08.09 (Yesterday)

    The Cell KB Complex with 24kg KB
    5 rounds for time
    = 16.38min

    Warm up

    10-7-5-5-3-3-2-5-7-10 reps

    Team pull up ladder – 250 reps / 5 people
    I did about 55 reps

    Stretch and foam roller



    10mins airdyne
    Mobility work

    400m lunge +
    150 KB swings @ 24kg +
    100 burpees
    = 21.13min

    60m overhead walk with 24kg KB Right hand +
    GHD sit ups x 10 +
    60m overhead walk with 24kg Left hand +
    GHD sit ups x 10

    Stretch – foam roller


  11. Nikk said

    Warm Up 1000m row


    400m Walking Lunges
    8kg Kettlebell Swing, 150 reps
    Burpee, 100 reps

    Time=20.47 minutez 🙂

    Btw great time adam, and stef still witing 4 u 2 wake up from that dream of urs 🙂

  12. Nikk said

    Oops meant 2 say waiting 🙂

  13. Ben said


    400m lunge
    150kb swings @ 16kg
    100 burpees

    Time: 25.38

    Big thanks to Brad, was able to keep up until the burpees. What a machine! My legs feel like jelly so walking around uni tomorrow will be something to look forward to, great work out though 🙂

  14. Biljana said

    Back Off Week

    Warm Up – 1km row, Stretches

    100 lunges
    40 12kg KB swings
    25 Push Ups (toes)

    7:49 I think

  15. Chanel said

    Holy moly!! I still can’t walk properly!!

    warmup: 1 k row, cfwu

    400m walking lunges
    150 x 16kg kb swings
    100 x burpee grunts


    just checked out tomorrows wod, and all I can say is I’ll be lucky if I can walk on Friday…

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