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Sunday 16 August 2009

Posted by The Coach on August 15th, 2009

“The one who, being really on the Way, falls upon hard times in the world will not, as a consequence, turn to that friend who offers them refuge and comfort and encourages their old self to survive. Rather, one will seek out someone who will faithfully and inexorably help them to risk themselves, so that one may endure the suffering and pass courageously through it, thus making of it a “raft that leads to the far shore.” Only to the extent that one exposes themselves over and over again to annihilation, can that which is indestructible arise within. In this lies the dignity of daring. Thus, the aim of practice is not to develop an attitude which allows  one to acquire a state of harmony and peace wherein nothing can ever trouble oneself. On the contrary, practice should teach to let oneself be assaulted, perturbed, moved, insulted, broken and battered – that is to say, it should enable someone to dare to let go their futile hankering after harmony, surcease from pain, and a comfortable life in order that one may discover, in doing battle with the forces that oppose them, that which awaits beyond the world of opposites. The first necessity is that we should have the courage to face life, and to encounter all that is most perilous in the world. When this is possible, meditation itself becomes the means by which we accept and welcome the demons which arise from the unconscious — a process very different from the practice of concentration on some object as a protection against such forces. Only if we venture repeatedly through zones of annihilation, can our contact with Divine Being, which is beyond annihilation, become firm and stable. The more an individual learns whole-heatedly to confront the world that threatens them with isolation, the more are the depths of the Ground of Being revealed and the possibilities of new life and Becoming opened”.

Karlfried Graf von Durkheim. The Way of Transformation.



7 Responses to “Sunday 16 August 2009”

  1. andrew said

    “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” Mario Andretti

  2. The Cell said

    WTF! That’s some deep stuff there brother Stef. For my rest day activity, I’m going to read that post until I actually understand it. Lucky I’m going on a holiday, I’ll need the recovery! 😛

    My sort of philosophy from Mark Rippetoe, “I was driving home the other night, listening to the radio, and the guy filling in for Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM was talking to some other guy about Nazis, UFOs, the Kennedy Assassination, time travel, and George Bush, and how it all relates to OneWorldGovernment. This, of course, made me think about barbell training.” hahahahahahaha!!


  3. The Cell said

    Your f*#@%!g quality Jas! That’s excellent. Well, the post did it’s job then my friend! You are thinking about barbells and are in deep thought about improving your entire self via means of raising your own intensity through hard physical training! BABOOM!



  4. gus said

    i’m going to paraphrase that monster of a paragraph for you jase:

    1. ignore your mates telling you to go for a beer
    2. listen to the cell and do more burpees
    3. become some sort of indestructible transformer like optimus prime

    i would assume that world domination is the next logical step.

  5. gus said

    btw i liked your quote, andrew.

    and rippetoe has an endless supply of awesome quotes

    my favourite one is his response to a guy asking if he would get more gains if he went from the recommended gallon of milk a day to two gallons a day:

    “But you would be shitting primarily cheese. Are you ready for this? “

  6. Adam Piller said

    i just eat cheese instead, and shit milk!!!

    did jacobs ladder this morning.

    10 rounds for time (down and up is one round)
    time 31.27mins.

    see you all this week! except Jase, have an awesome trip!!

  7. The Cell said

    Cheers Gusman. That clarifies it for me. I’m a simple man. Some would say, just simple!

    I love that Rip quote Gusman. How about this one, “You could leg press, but that’s just gay” hahahahahaha

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